Hello and welcome to Smutt’s Spicy Stories! This is my erotica blog, where I post my one-handed literature for your amusement.

Why “Smutt”?

I originally wrote some of these stories under my real name and other aliases, together with some of my other material, but after some time, I decided to do a bit of total re-branding under a more matching and quirky pen-name, “Smutt”, to have an official one-stop archive of all my erotica work. Smutt is a portmanteau of “Smut” and “Mutt”, that just looks and sounds cool to read, so I went with that. It also makes finding this blog a lot easier.

Why Erotica?

I’ve written erotic stories since I was a teenager, and from time to time I’ve committed myself to keep writing them in between my pockets of free time. Specifically, I came from the world of Furry erotica (an increasingly popular niche especially in graphic artwork), and that is what I most enjoy doing; though I do make an effort to write beyond that theme, both for skill broadening, and to give something for everyone to enjoy.

I’ve always had a moderate interest in fictional erotica of all kinds, such as films, comics, literature, pictures, and more. There is something to be said about engaging in someone’s imaginations to get them horny in an otherwise very limited physical reality. And that it lends to having an on-the-side following of producers and an audience for many years proves its value as a cultural item. Just look up things like:

All of a sudden, something as silly as fictional sex has a rich history. And I like to try and be a part of that tradition.

Anything else to say?

I encourage anyone who is into fictional smut to pick up a pen and knock themselves out. It’s a great way to have fun and make people smile, whether it’s silly or it “does the job”. Give it your best shot and don’t be shy!