68 Plus One Night

Two good friends having a sleepover. And things get too comfortable!

This one is another of my original stories from when I was much younger. However, I made a serious level of editing as I got older. The characters were originally late in high school in their background, and I used sillier terms like “yiffy” all over the place without much cohesion to the sensual nature of the story. Truly the marks of a young amateur. Then with a few years in my writer’s mind, I re-engineered the entire story to read a lot better and fit the characters in a more appropriate background.

Our story begins with two close college friends, Randy and Jill. Randy is a handsome smoke-furred rabbit guy, and Jill is a cute cream-furred mouse girl. One night, they planned for a friendly sleepover, at Jill’s. Her parents were out for the night, and Randy wanted to hang out at her house.

Evening… Randy hurried to leave and see Jill at her house. He was still in his underwear getting his clothes on, and he was talking to Jill on the phone.

“Jill, I’ma go shower, I’ll be a little late.”

Jill insisted, “You can shower here, it’s alright.”

Randy thought so. He was in good terms with her family anyway.

“Alright then, see you there Jill!” He hung up and got dressed, then left the house to see Jill.

When he got there, Randy saw Jill’s parents at the front door, about to leave. He greeted them with friendly hugs.

Jill’s mom said, “Alright, Randy, you and Jill have fun now, while we go to this gala. Take care of each other; if there’s problems, the cell phone number’s on the kitchen counter…”

Jill’s dad said, “We’ll be back late.”

Jill came out and hugged Randy in welcome, and Randy nodded at Jill’s parents.

“Yes, will do… Have fun at the party!” He told her parents assuredly.

The parents waved and said goodbye, and Jill and Randy returned the same.

Jill and Randy walk in the house, upstairs to her room. Randy mentioned needing a fast shower to her.

“Jill, you said I can shower fast here? I don’t wanna stink the place.” He laughed.

Jill giggled and pointed to the bathroom. “There. I’ll get everything set for you…”

Randy nodded and went in the bathroom to shower up. He undressed himself, turned the water on, and stepped in to refresh and clean himself.

About fifteen minutes through, Randy turned off the water faucet and shook himself dry of loose water dripping down his body. He stepped out of the shower and wrapped his towel around him to dry up. Rubbing himself clean, he was whistling and humming, feeling refreshed and ready. He then wraps his towel around his waist and picks up his dirty clothes to hold aside for later.

He opens the door to exit, only to see a scantily clad Jill, smirking sexily at him. He widened his eyes at the precious sight, but shook his head, trying not to think of dirty thoughts of his best friend.

Embarrassed, he muttered, “Eh, haha yeah, I’m going to get in my clean pajamas now.” He gulped, as he felt his penis grow under his towel. He fidgeted to hide it from her.

She muttered back, “Forget that. You’re gonna get dirty again.” She licked her lips at him hungrily.

“Uh, but I thought you-”

“Never mind, just come with me.” She interrupted him as she dragged him out of the bathroom and to her bedroom.

Jill pushed Randy onto her bed. His towel was nearly falling off, and Jill saw his tail.

She chuckled, “Mmm, nice butt.”

Randy rolled over on his back, still embarrassed. “Wait, I thought-”

She interrupted again, “Oh hush Randy…”

She giggled and crawled onto the bed, looming over Randy. “Now how does a blowjob sound, huh Randy? Hm?” She winked at him.

He widened his eyes. He was speechless. He didn’t know what to say. Jill’s his best friend, and her parents would hate him if he said yes, but she looked so cute that he couldn’t refuse. His towel had a bulge coming through. He had grown a brick-hard erection, for all that has happened.

She looked at the bulge and moved the towel flap. “Oh wow! What a big dick you have!”

Randy is beyond weirded out, but he succumbed to the gripping feeling of wanting her to continue. She smirked at him, then looked at his rock-hard phallus, licked her lips, and kissed around the head.

Randy gasped! It felt so good feeling her soft lips touch his penis, but still, this was his close friend. The pleasurable feel was overwhelming; he just let her continue kissing. He relaxed, rolled his eyes up, and sighed, beginning to smile with this experience.

Along with her kissing his penis, Jill lapped her tongue up under Randy’s shaft lazily, breathing lightly on it as she licked upward to his tip.

“Mmmmm…” Randy sighed to himself slowly while his penis got the good oral treatment. He stuttered quietly, “Ah, th-this feels good, Jill…”

Jill smirked at his remark, and opened her mouth wider. She budged her head up higher, and took his penis head in her mouth. Randy inhaled deeper, smiling wider, just being overcome with her mouth taking in his length. Jill nodded, grinning at him with his penis head in her mouth, and swallowed half his length into her mouth and hummed deeply.

He gasped in delight, “Ahhh yeeeaaah…” He couldn’t resist. He liked getting sucked by his own friend. He let her continue the blowjob.

Jill gently suckled on Randy’s member. She held onto it with one hand to stroke on lightly as she sucked. Randy was squirming his waist and whimpering in such pleasure, how he was getting such a sweet start of getting blown.

But this was only the start, and it warmed both him and Jill up. Jill grinned, the more she saw him squirming and gripping the bed. She began to masturbate him faster and bobbed her head up and down his penis in short movements, sucking on his cock.

Randy was breathing heavier and heavier with the exhilaration from getting sucked, moaning a tad louder the more Jill kept her mouth working on his pole.

It then clicked to Jill… She took his penis out of her mouth and gasped anxiously, “Oh, Randy! I’m hot! Eat me!”

Randy didn’t bother hearing what she said, he was so sensually taken over, but when Jill turned her body around, he helped hoist her waist up near his face. He was facing Jill’s cunt, he can smell the steamy sweet aroma of intimacy from her heat coming through. The pheromones meant to pick up her mates just worked his libido up even more. He then began to bury his snout between her legs.

Jill and Randy began a 69 together.

Randy wrapped his hands around her haunches and pulled her crotch closer to his face. He lapped his tongue along the groove of her vagina a few times, and already he was hearing Jill groan for more. He snickered to himself, and he thrust his tongue in and out of her pussy, tasting her wetness as he kept licking.

Jill was helping return the favor all the more from her own pleasure. Her moaning while his member was in her mouth enveloped his penis with such an invigorating feeling, he was moaning and barely squirming. Jill then took a deep breath through her nose and deep-throated, engorging his entire dick down to her throat. She gagged some, but she still held still and kept him in, and began to suck harder from there.

For both, the ecstasy was unbearable. The more Randy ate her away, the more Jill sucked him off. Both felt their orgasms firing up and shooting through every of their nerves. Randy was panting harder, feeling about ready to come.

He groaned, “Jill! Ngh! I, I-I’m…”

Through Randy’s huffing and puffing, trying to hold in his orgasm, Jill was grunting and sucking, readying herself for his surprise. She felt her vagina swelling in her own orgasm from his eating, and sensed her peak on the way as well.

Randy was pressing his crotch to her face, as if he was mating her skull with back-and-forth thrusting, urging to try and hold in his ejaculation.

He couldn’t bear to hold it in any longer and screamed, “Oh God, Jill! I’m feeling it; I, I, I’m gonna-”

He ejaculated hard into Jill’s mouth, spilling a thick load of his heated seed, some coming down from out of her mouth and all over his penis.

“AHHHHHHH!!! Oh!!! That felt great!!!” He shouted, relieved.

Randy gasped as he spewed more, and then smiled so brightly, panting as the pleasuring rush blew him away. He then relaxed, limp under Jill, still dribbling sperm from his dick, only fingering her to make her come too.

“Ohhhh yeah… That was… Incredible…” Randy sighed.

Jill just loved the taste of his cum, and cleaned off every last drop off his shaft with her tongue. She then slowed down to just masturbating him; in the meantime she was about to come.

She gripped his penis tighter, stroking harder, trying to hold on longer. She gave in to holding it in, and her nectar spilled all over Randy’s fingers. She screamed from her orgasm, and then panted, relaxing on Randy’s body. Randy grinned, looking at his fingers.

She was just dazed, whispering loudly, “Oh God… Ooh…”

After a moment they both relaxed, Jill rolled off of Randy and laid herself next to him. They both got under the covers and cuddled each other, Randy spooning Jill. They then rested where they were, just caressing each other through most of the night, beginning to sleep through…

Until late at night, when Jill’s parents came home…


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