A Heated Egyptian Conniption

An Egyptian queen summons her guard to perform a truly royal duty!

Another one of my first pieces; you might be able to see the campy nature of the work just from the way it’s written. Even then, I got a complimentary note from the YiffStar staff about this one being funny, albeit a bit short. To me, that was a pretty good sign of my beginning this Erotica stuff.

Thousands of years ago, The Ancient Egyptians had thrived in their civilization from the Nile and abroad. They lived for some centuries long before the Romans came about. However, we don’t come to this period of time. Rather, we go into an alternate history, when the human race is non-existent, and the animals began the primitive of the world’s society. It started all over again, with animal peoples in place.

We go to the deserts of Ancient Egypt, ruled by a black cat, named Cleocatra. She ruled all of Egypt, and she was rather benevolent with her people. But one day, she was in kitty heat. She just got annoyed too easily, even for a slight question.

A servant cat walked up to her throne to ask about a new proposal for the civilization. She screamed at him to leave her alone. He ran in fear out of her palace.

By the gate were two jackal guards. One was muscular and masculine, but is loyal to the throne in fear, and the other is less built but more confident in his work.

One of the jackal guards stopped him from running and asked, “What are you leaving for? We allowed you in.”

“The Queen screamed at me to leave, so I am!”

The guard nodded and said, “Don’t take it personally. She seems to be in heat now. You may take your leave.”

The servant relaxed one second, and the guard let him leave.

He looked to the other guard and said, “Poor Queen. All she needs is a little sex. I would mate with her, but I fear beheading if she doesn’t want me…”

“I know the feeling. She’s so beautiful, but she has the power to kill even us, her own palace guards. Let’s just hope she finally relaxes.”

Two palace officials, a short-statured hawk, and a gawky crocodile came to the guards with their scrolls.

The hawk looked to the guard who stopped the servant earlier and said, “You, muscular one. The Queen wants to see you at once.”

His eyes widened in shock. “But I’m afraid she kills me! Well, royal orders. I bid you farewell, all.”

He walked from his post and entered the palace. He walked through a majestic vestibule, encrusted with so much gold, turquoise and hieroglyphics all over. He was in awe with the beauty of this palace, but he gulped, scared to find out what the Queen wanted from him.

He entered her throne hall. From the other end, he saw the jewelry-coated Cleocatra lying down sideways on her throne, moaning.

Before he took one step closer, he asked, “Your orders, majesty?”

Cleocatra looked at him, and her frown turned to a sly smile. “Ah, my dear guard… You have come. Yes. First order. Lock the door to the throne.”

“Yes, my Queen.” He turned to move the large doors closed and locked it with a stone bar.

“The deed is done, your majesty.”

She beckoned him to come closer to her throne. He nodded once, and walked closer to her throne. He walked up the stairs and genuflected to her royal self.

“Yes, my Queen?”

She lowered her eyes at him and said, “I appoint you today to relieve me of my instinctive heat. Will you take the order?”

The guard broke into a sweat. Right here, he could mate with the beautiful feline Queen of Egypt. But he feared of any possible results, like the dreaded beheading.

He bowed his head in loyal acceptance, and said, “Yes, your majesty. I shall serve you to your every whim.”

Cleocatra straightened herself out in the throne. She looked at him and said, “I want you to lick up my clitoris. Play with it, if you will.”

She lifted her jeweled skirt to reveal her pussy. It was already dripping slightly. She really was in heat.

The guard knelt down, and began to give her head. He rubbed his lips against her clit, trying to be at his most obedient, then thrust his tongue into her hole, and sucked her pussy hard, engorging even her whole camel toe. He was starting to feel more relaxed about serving her, and began to pick up on it.

He saw her eyes closed as she smiled with her mouth open, breathing to his warm wet mouth caressing her heated pussy. She grabbed his head with both hands and held on tight, moaning loudly in delight. He was happy for one thing. He was having sex with the beautiful Queen! On her command! Being this close to an almost-naked sexy Queen turned him on.

She hummed in pleasure as he licked her tenderly. She opened her eyes and looked down at him.

She asked, “Are you erect? I have one more step for you…”

He stood up and she saw his humongous phallic masterpiece. “Oh my!” She said lustfully, licking her lips with a smirk.

She snickered to herself at the sight of his erect penis and said to the guard, “Do lay down and wait for me…”

He laid down on the floor space in front of the throne, and he saw the Queen get up from her seat to take off her royal garments. She was now completely naked, except for two silver rings, a jeweled tiara, and a gold bracelet.

She knelt closer to him, and she lifted his body up, that he was sitting up straight. She then straddled onto his lap and let his penis enter her. He was now fucking the Queen! He was turned on so much from this!

Cleocatra then commanded him, “Kiss me! Penetrate me! Fuck me!”

She fingered her clitoris and he thrust into her hard from his seat on the floor. He was making out with her passionately. He felt so aroused. A hot sensation burned throughout every nerve of his body, as the Queen was kissing him too, and accepting his dick into her, as if it was his orders to be her sex toy and relieve her heat.

Although this sudden feel turned him on so far, he began to feel his orgasm climax. He was about to come. “Queen, I’m about to leak. I-”

She interrupted, “Keep it in me, lovely! Oh! Come on! Ah!”

His climax felt stronger and stronger, until he felt his dick explode his goopy jackal cum deep inside her. He felt it trail down his cock from her pussy.

“OOOOOH! Oh, Cleocatra!” He gasped as he came in her.

“Keep it going, my guard! I’m going to come, too!” She kissed him harder and harder, planting her lips tight to his own as if to drain him of all his love energy.

She reached her climax. She felt exhilaration pulse through her body, and knocked him over, still kissing and with his already-exploded cock still in her. She reached the orgasm, and screamed so excitedly from the feel. She breathed deeper and heavier, then began to relax. She then rolled off of him and closed her eyes to rest. She was finally relieved from her heat. And as for the guard, it was magical. He mated and pleasured the Queen as orders.

“You, my guard, have now finished the appointment. You may take your leave. On the next sunrise, I shall see you again for another more special appointment.” She motioned with her hand, not even facing him.

His eyes widened in confusion. He wanted to maybe get to mate her again, and hoped it wasn’t a punishment. He hoped to himself that she knew she wanted to mate him in the first place.

He got up from the floor and saluted her. “Yes, your majesty!”

He walked down the stairs and unlocked the door. He left through the vestibule and out back to his post.

The other guard asked him, “What did she want from you?”

He replied, “Simply put, she thanked me for relieving her heat.”

The next day, the guard came back to the palace to see Cleocatra again, as asked. When he approached to her throne again, she sat in the throne straight and glared at him.

“You’re late… I was going to thank you properly for helping me in my time of need. I was going to have a marriage ceremony with you. For being late… OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!!”

The guard screamed and ran down the throne hall for his life. Another pair of guards blocked his way. She shouted from her throne for his attention.

“I was only joking… Welcome to the royalty… My new King!”


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