Above and Beyond the Call of Booty

Two men decide to get some action going with a stripper. But what little they know with the kind of girl they cross.

Admittedly this is one of my weaker stories. I was just thinking about urban style and Strip Clubs as a bridge to the action. And yes this story was one of my very early ones.

Meet Jake, a muscular, gray wolf with a tender heart, and his pal Vinnie, a young fox with defining tone in his physique, and the one who thinks he has all the wits between the two of them.

One Saturday afternoon, they went for a fresh stroll around their home city. It’s a clean homely place to live, somewhat close to the look of a mix between suburbia and a metropolis. As they walked to try and find a Strip Club to visit for the coming night, they were discussing about the one thing they hope to get… A sweet, loving, raunchy lay whenever they wish. The Strip Club is their first approach.

“Vinnie, ever been thinkin’ ’bout gettin’ laid some time?” Jake said with a small chuckle.

Vinnie smiled back and said, “Hey you know, maybe I’ll find someone at the Strip Club. I’m hopin’ for a fine feline, or some voluptuous vulpine, like I.”

Jake laughed in his head how Vinnie called himself ‘voluptuous’, but responded back with, “Heh, maybe we can share?”

Vinnie shoved Jake back playfully. “Whatever, Jake. Just get your own woman to screw.”

Not too much longer, and this happy duo approached the first Strip Club on their trek. Vinnie gestured for Jake to enter first, but Jake insisted. Vinnie shrugged and walked in. Jake followed. They saw a scantily clad white cat shifting herself up and down the metal pole in such an erotic way, while her skunk manager was grading her performance. Jake and Vinnie nodded to each other, and Jake walked to the manager.

“Excuse me? Sir?” Jake tapped the manager’s shoulder.

The manager turned around to see Jake. “Hello, can I help you?”

Jake asked, “Any room for reservations to here tonight?”

“No, but since you asked first, I suppose I can. For your friend there, too?”

Jake nodded. The cat looked at Jake with a sexy sneer. Jake smiled back, and as he turned around, he grew a boner.

Vinnie said sarcastically, “I saw you. You want her. Heh.” Jake nodded. “She gave me quite a look with her eyes. She’s mine tonight.” Vinnie said, “Okay. But yo, she like, works for here. We can both share her, like you joked for.”

“As long as we each have our own end of her, that’s cool.” Jake said assuring.

11:30 PM, at the Strip Club, Vinnie and Jake are by the catwalk, cheering for all of the babes doing their acts, turning on all the men around them. It was the cat’s turn. As she walked down, she caught her eye on Jake again.

Jake widened his eyes. “Yo Vinnie, I think she wants me.”

Vinnie said, “Yeah we’ll see…”

As the cat handled and fondled the metal pole, she arched backward over to Jake and Vinnie, and whispered with a grin, “Meet me upstairs in a little bit.”

She arched back and continued her act for all of the patrons. Jake and Vinnie were so turned on to hear that.

“Jake, the chick’s ours!” Vinnie whispered with excitement.

Jake smiled very gleefully. They were finally going to make out with her!

They went from their seats and followed the cat’s direction as she walked back to the stage set. They waited by the door, and the cat came out from it.

“Hey guys! I’m Ms. Meow.”

Jake and Vinnie waved back stupefied. They were inching closer to a good lay.

“Have I a treat for you. Come to my place.”

She led them up a staircase hidden behind the stage.

“This is where you strippers hang?” Vinnie asked Ms. Meow.

“Yup.” She replied.

Ms. Meow lets them into her room first. It was small and cheap, but not terribly unkempt.

“I know. It’s cheap. But hey, it’s not my real home.” Ms. Meow reasoned for Vinnie and Jake.

Jake nodded. He thought it looks quaint and comfy.

Vinnie just looked around. He turned to Ms. Meow and asked right to the point, “You had something for us, right?”

Ms. Meow nodded with the same smile she did for Jake to Vinnie. Now they both grew heavy boners. She glimpsed at their pants, seeing the ‘tents they pitched for the night’. She walked over to her cot and sat by the side. She smiled with a more sinister look at both crotches.

“Okay, boys. Ready for some TLC?”

Jake and Vinnie looked at her inquisitively. She said “Tender. Loving. Care.”

She started to undo her dress, bra first. The duo widened their eyes with excitement, and swiftly undid their clothes. They were naked before Ms. Meow was. She was about to take off her G-String, but hesitated.

She looked at the ever-horny boys, with their rock-hards ready for action. Even Jake dripped the tiniest amount of pre-cum, but it even showed how aroused he was.

She asked the boys, “You really wanna get laid good, fellas?”

Vinnie said “Yeah. Especially for a first-timer? Damn right”

Jake continued, “Indeed.”

“Would you like to turn me on, too? I’ll turn you both on all the way.” She snickered.

They both nodded to each other, then her.

She said, “If you make your cocks touch, all of me is all of yours.”

They both repulsed.

Ms. Meow just shook her head and said with a tantalizing tone, “Fine. Can’t turn me on, I won’t be turned on enough to fuck youse hard.”

Vinnie shot out desperately for it, “Wait wait wait… How about a hug instead? We down wit’ dat!”

Jake said just as desperately, “Yeah, and a kiss on the cheek?”

Ms. Meow said, “… Okay… But so long as the penises touch.”

They repulsed again. Jake gestured at her to hold on one second. He began to whisper to Vinnie.

“Vinnie, at this rate, we won’t get laid. We touch there; she blows, strokes, and fucks us all we want. What do you say?”

Vinnie was disgusted, but reasoned, “I don’t want my first encounter to be with the dick. I wanted a woman doing me.”

Jake said, “But look at the end result. She’ll do us all the way.”

Vinnie paused, then sighed in defeat. He then said, “Okay, Jake, but remember, none of this ever happened, think of her, not us, and when she does us, that’s our first.”

They both nodded, then looked at her.

In unison, they said, “Okay. We’ll do that.”

As Ms. Meow promised, she took off her G-String. It turned them on, but when they gave her what she wanted, it wasn’t as pleasing. Vinnie and Jake kissed each other on the cheek, hugged each other, and both of their poles touched by their sides. They both winced in the process. Ms. Meow stroked herself as she watched.

“See boys? You already turning me on. Want to do one more move for me, before I go all the way on you?”

“Eh? What is it?” They both asked.

Ms. Meow said, “Now you, foxy, touch his penis, first step.”

Vinnie winced even more, but looked to Jake and said, “No hard feelings?”

Jake said, “I understand. I’m only feeling hard looking at her, not you. Remember that.”

Vinnie nodded stoically. He bent down and tapped Jake’s member. They both winced. Ms. Meow was stroking real pleasurably to herself. They were happy to turn her on, but sickened at their current contact, especially for their ‘first time’.

“Second step. Kneel and HANDLE his cock.” She smiled so much, awaiting this next action.

Vinnie got up and said “No!”

Ms. Meow shrugged and went to put on her outfit again.

“Okay, okay! I’ll do it!” Vinnie conceded.

Jake reminded Vinnie that it is Ms. Meow that is turning them on, not the orders. Ms. Meow dropped her cloth as promised. Vinnie knelt and grabbed Jake’s cock, both still disgusted. Ms. Meow started fondling with her supple breasts now. This really turned her on.

“Now, jack him.”

Jake and Vinnie stared at each other for a second. Vinnie took a steady breath, and stroked Jake slowly. Jake still had his mind on Ms. Meow, but was suddenly getting a pleasurable sense from Vinnie’s stroking. He tried to imagine that it was the cat doing this, but he knew it was his pal. Ms. Meow now stroked both, her breasts and her clit. At least this turned on our brave duo.

“Ready for the last step, boys?”

Vinnie stopped stroking. He and Jake both looked at her, awaiting the next repulsive command.

She said slowly, “Now suck him until he comes all in your mouth.”

Vinnie grew angry and said, “No! That’s too far!”

Jake said, “Besides, what about the energy to do you?!”

Ms. Meow said, “You know what, wolfy? You’re right… Okay foxy, suck him just enough. No cum needed.”

Vinnie still refused.

Jake said, “Dude we made it this far; this is the last one. Then she’s ours. I won’t come. I promise.”

Vinnie stood there for a long minute reconsidering. He then nodded in shame. “Okay… I’ll do it…”

He slowly knelt back down to Jake’s erection. He grabbed the member and took a deep breath. He then let Jake’s penis in his mouth, as she said for him to do, to suck him. He started to try like a straw, then a lollipop, then the traditional up-down head motion.

This gave Jake a weird feeling. It felt good, because of the warm saliva and the suck motion, but it was his pal doing this. He tried to keep thinking of Ms. Meow. Vinnie tasted the salty pre-cum Jake had before the encounter with the cat. He lifted his eyebrow over the taste.

Ms. Meow said to Vinnie, “A lick up the shaft is good too.”

Vinnie took Jake’s member out and took another breath. He started from the bottom of the shaft up, and let it back in his mouth.

Ms. Meow interrupted and exclaimed, “LOVELY! God guys, I’m horny… Okay, you can stop now. Now as promised, I’m all yours.”

She opened her legs for them to enter. Jake and Vinnie rushed over to her and grew even harder dicks.

“Okay, girl. Suck me good!” Vinnie told her in delight.

Ms. Meow did as asked. She rolled over to the crawling position, and sucked Vinnie off, with such graceful work of her mouth working along his shaft, licking and enveloping it. Jake got behind her and stuffed her ass with his cock, first real slow, for the pleasurable sense, and then a little faster, as he inched in his whole pole deeper into her hole.

Ms. Meow hummed aroused at her ass feeling full of wolf dick, and in turn, Vinnie’s dick being hummed on with her mouth forced a small moan from him. Vinnie put his hand on top of her head and patted her, rubbing his hand around her ears, her cheeks, and under her chin to hold her face up as she sucked him. Jake grabbed just atop her butt cheeks and started fucking her, picking up speed on each push.

The two men had claim on her at this point, spitroasting her. Vinnie ushered her to blow him as dirty as she could go, even going for the deepthroat, pressing her lips all around the base of his cock. Jake parted his and her legs before getting onto one knee and driving more of his weight onto her to get as much of his length deep into her.

As they went getting their dicks wet of the rough sex through going inside her, they felt their orgasms coming. Climbing to the top in overwhelming strength, the grip of the orgasms wrenched Jake and Vinnie’s faces, holding on as long as they could for the maximum tensity in their coming. The two were grunting loud with each swish in and out of her, still holding on to the building ejaculation.

They of course couldn’t hold any longer, as the spasms forced them to let go. They puffed a pleased scream, blowing out all of their sperm, in her mouth by Vinnie, and in her ass by Jake. They have never felt so good in their lives. While their first part was not very good, the results paid off with a second, more arousing encounter. They at least had their first ejaculation on such a hot-looking cat girl.

She then offered to masturbate them, as all the more bonus she promised them. They rushed her hands to their dicks.

“Heh, pushy guys. I like that.” She snickered.

She then began to masturbate them. They felt all the better. She was doing it rougher to both of them than Vinnie had done to Jake.

Standing side by side, Vinnie and Jake were sighing, pleased as her hands rolled each of their dicks with her masturbating. She held firmly and still went faster, focusing on Jake, then over to Vinnie, then stroking the both of them slowly and strongly together before speeding up on them again.

They both felt their second orgasms coming. To add to the rush, she lipped their penis tips softly, urging the men to come some more, even as they held in. She then opened her mouth, looking hungry for the men to do their bidding into it.

The two were gasping with each stroke to their penises, pressing more and more for them to come. At their peak, they cried out pleasured, and released their urges onto her complexion and into her mouth. As they spilled, she stopped stroking and directed their slowing ejaculation to her mouth. She swallowed what fell in, and stuck out her tongue in display.

“All gone!” She laughed.

Vinnie and Jake had an excellent night with this girl they just met. However they complained of a busy workday tomorrow, even though they wanted to continue. They all said their good-byes, hopefully to see each other again.

As our duo walked back to their houses, they talked about their night.

“Well, Vinnie. I kinda hafta admit. Though she was excellent screwing with us, I also kind of liked when you fondled and sucked me. It felt as if she would have done it. Nothing personal.”

Vinnie said, “It’s okay. I actually kind of liked it too. Who’da thought pre-cum tasted not too bad?”

Jake said “Oh, and like we agreed… No one will ever know, we won’t call it our first, and we at least tried to think of her.”

They both nodded on that. They both walked to their homes giving themselves a goodnight shake of hands before they parted ways.

Back at the apartment, Ms. Meow was all head over heels in love. As she cleaned off their warm jizz from her face with a cloth, she cutely grinned and said, “Those two were the best fucks. Ever! I’m glad I caught it all with them…”

She went to her vanity, and uncovered a camera. She ejected a cassette and sinisterly exclaimed, “ON TAPE! Even better, they’re both men and that was their first time. Now to show the girls…” She snickered to herself and left the room.


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