Balmy Beach

A romantic encounter on the beach. Relaxing and sensual.

I really wanted to write something romantic and sensual. And I absolutely adore the tropical beach setting for such an occasion. So I made this one.

In the corner of the world that is blessed with turquoise seas, sugar white beaches, lush green plant life, and heart-warming love in every part of it, two newlywed souls share and embrace their honeymoon together at a palacial beachfront resort.

Natalina, a tiger woman of Aphroditic beauty and form, dressed with only a bikini, and Santiago, a lion man with a handsome physique and complexion with a full thick mane, sporting regular swimming trunks, lay down facing a blood-red sunset next to each other on the pillowy sands of a hidden cove near Gossio, the immaculate, romantic beach of the resort. Santiago let his arm underneath Natalina’s head and over her shoulder, tenderly hugging her.

“Natalina, isn’t that the best sunset?” Santiago said with a passionate tone.

Natalina smiled at Santiago and replied, “Santi, this is beautiful.”

She moved her head to Santiago’s head to give him a kiss, and Santiago moved to face her too. They both gave each other a slow, light kiss to their lips. Santiago raised his other arm over to fully hug Natalina, and she snuggled closer into his larger body. The kissing started to get more pleasant for the lovers.

Their kisses shifted to a faster pace. Santiago started to kiss into her mouth, sticking his tongue in. Natalina lightly nibbled and suckled on his tongue, as he let his tongue in and out of her mouth. Her arms roved around Santiago’s shapely body, as she caressed up and down his back with both of her hands. This moved Santiago to do the same thing.

As Santiago was hugging and caressing Natalina, he slipped his hand under her bikini’s bra strap, and tugged on it. Natalina gave a pleasurable sigh as he tugged, so he slowly pulled it off for her. As he was removing her bra, Natalina’s caressing intensified, as she lowered her reach into his pants, rubbing his buttocks. Santiago grew erect with this, and motioned to take off her bra faster. He moaned silently to the feeling of his phallic growth as she rubbed him.

Santiago removed Natalina’s top piece. She gave another pleasurable whimper, and rolled over Santiago to be on top of him and pull down his trunks. As she pulled his trunks down, she breathed heavier and started to nuzzle Santiago’s neck. He breathed with sensual mood, as she nuzzled from his throat, past his firm chest, lifting with his every breath, down his softer stomach, and when she reached his waist, she pulled the trunks to his ankles, revealing a hard lion member. They both smiled warmly at each other, and she slowly lowered her head to his pole.

Santiago breathed heavier, and Natalina took a deep breath, as she grabbed his penis, opened her mouth, and took the whole member down into her throat. Santiago breathed heavier now, as Natalina’s suckle stiffened him even more. Her deepthroating gagged her slightly before her lips made it to the base. Her bottom lip touched his scrotum, adding all the more to Santiago’s pleasuring moment. Her lips making most of her suckling motion at his base tickled him into the start of his orgasm.

He groaned strongly of the orgasmic feel, and Natalina continued its growth, going back up his shaft, and as she reached the tip, she gave it a sweet kiss, getting his pre-cum on her lips. She masturbated it a little to add more to the pleasure, then opened her mouth to take in his shaft and start bobbing her head up and down lightly.

His penis, gripped by the growth of his coming climax, swelled with the delight of Natalina’s favoring, and Natalina knew this when he grabbed her head to follow her movement. It was getting stronger… Stronger… Santiago then let out a loud moan of relief, as his warm sperm spilled from his penis into her mouth.

Natalina lapped the sperm on her tongue, and stuck it out at Santiago to show him. Then she swallowed his seed and stuck out her tongue again to show him. Santiago rested his head back with a huge relaxed smile on his face.

After a second or so, he said, “Dear, stay where you are…” He got up and knelt behind her as she looked.

He grabbed both sides of her bikini and pulled it down to her knees. She smiled at the coming move, and in response, raised her tail, to reveal both of her holes. Santiago took no time to decide between either, and mounted on top of her from behind. He arched his back to move his penis into her vagina, and when he entered her, they both let out a sigh of acceptance.

Santiago started his pelvic movement and straightened out his body, resting his hands onto the sides of her rump. With his forward push, his body budged backward and his waist went all the way forward, as if he was isolating his phallus from his body and into her. She replied with a sweet desiring sigh. He then returned back to begin another thrust. For every thrust he made, she sighed more.

He started to build up his second orgasm doing this thrusting. To make it feel more natural to the lovers, he hunched over her back and arched, and thrust faster into her. She was audibly moaning in the excitement. Santiago followed suit and groaned along with her in loving passion.

He then reached both of his hands over to grab for her bosom, and moved his face to the back of her neck to hold her gently with his mouth, still penetrating her. He stretched his hands open to grab each of her breasts fully and hold them tightly in his coming urge.

He felt the sperm building up to escape him again, and he already felt Natalina leaking herself all over his length. He thrust faster and faster, and not a moment sooner let out his semen once again in her. He paused for one more second after the last push, for the sheer feel of her wetness, her warmth, and his penis finishing up.

Santiago then dismounted from Natalina and rolled over onto the sand beneath them. Natalina slowly descended and laid down front first into the sand, then rolled over to Santiago. She grabbed his head and turned it to her to give him the last kiss of this encounter.

Santiago gave her a close hug, and said to her, “Natalina, I love you…”

“I love you too, Santiago…” She replied warmly.

They both continued viewing the almost-gone blood-red sun setting on the horizon into the night.


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