Cat & Koala Love

This was an experiment in writing my erotic work to make a much shorter detail of the eroticism than to have a drawn-out story. It was originally going to be even shorter and merely describe a picture, but I felt it still needed some level of life.

The toned koala man embraced his lean feline lover in his arms. She hugged him just as close, welcoming the warmth of his body, and his slow caressing of her back. The two looked at each other into their eyes, both soft as twilight, and brought their lips together for a deep kiss.

Through the kiss, her arms explored his back for a fulfilling hold as she brought her kiss to a lick upward his neck. He raised his head up to allow her licking further, and held her by her hips, to hold her waist closer to him, as his erection began to grow through his jeans. He felt the libido pushing him to keep pressing her closer and satisfy his building urges.

His penis going up against her mound perked the same response for her. She brought her hands to the upper part of his back, to hold his chest to her own. From licking his neck, she brought her face downward along with her hands, both roaming his body with pecking and caressing, until she knelt down, face-to-face with his bulge. She undid his jeans’ button and fly, and pulled his jeans down to his ankles. She then did the same for his boxers, exposing the fully-grown hard-on. Textured lightly of short bristly gray fur, both his penis and scrotum appeared ripe for the gratification it will soon get.

He looked down to her, smiling and putting his hand on top of her head. She grinned at him, biting her lower lip. She held his member in her hand, rolling it around in her grip and beginning to stroke it, up and down his length. Already, he started to huff breaths of delight.

For every stroke, she gently twisted his member, enough that the chilling sensation from rubbing his corona made him mildly gasp. Hearing this, she brought her lips closer and kissed along his shaft, and again he murmured for more. He held the back of her head, just by the nape of her neck, and moved her face to his scrotum to do more kissing. As she did, she resumed masturbating him as well.

She then licked upward from the base of his shaft to the tip of his head and opened her mouth to begin taking his length in. Taking his penis in, she let it ride on her tongue on its way in before stopping about halfway. She began to make way with gentle sucking, and then started bobbing her head up and down, little by little, taking more of him into her mouth.

He moaned and held her head tight, gripped with her mouth enveloping his shaft with slow sucking and sloshing motions. He leaned his head back and took a pleasured breath before looking back down at her as she blew him. The sensations going from his penis to all of his body were glowing, and thus began his growing orgasm, and his urge to come hard.

Little by little, she took his whole length in. With his hand, he kept guiding her head, as if to usher her lips to masturbate at his base like fingers. He got a little faster, just anxious to grow his urge as strongly as possible. Before long, his deepening and speeding breaths let her know of the surprise to come. He groaned to hold in his load as long as he could. She snickered with her eyes and took his length out of her mouth, but kept it open, the tip just over her mouth, and she stroked him to finish him off.

Before long, her eyes communicated the smile of her waiting. He took a deep breath and bit his bottom lip, seeping his breath out through his nose in an unleashed sigh, and the peak of his orgasm came through his cock, first spitting a large glop of his heated thick semen onto her tongue, and then unloading the rest onto her tongue. Some of the pulsation shot his cum onto her face, and some dribbled on her thumb, all from her stroking. His breathing slowed, and she closed her mouth, swallowing his load, and then rubbing his tip side to side along her lips, corner to corner. She cleaned her face with her other hand, licked both hands clean of his sperm, and cleaned his head with her mouth.


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