A trip to the supermarket sparked this lady’s imagination for the day!

I wrote a male masturbation story with “Wander Lust”, so I felt why not complement it with a female masturbation story?

Life in the big city. No life like any other. With the hustle and bustle of the routine commuters and the rest of everyday social life. Horns blaring all over just to rush the traffic. People of all kinds simply living within this crowded jungle of concrete.

We stop over to a wolf chick named Jenny. She had the ditzy slut-type attitude and personality, and the shapely body to stupefy any horny man that just wants to plant it in her round tight rump. She is shopping in the grocery market to buy some food for the week ahead. She goes to the vegetable bin, and grabs a few heads of lettuce, a bundle of tomatoes, and some cucumbers.

After she got what left she needed to fill her refrigerator, she gets on line for the cashier. The line lulled at first, but midway, it sped up. When Jenny got to the end, she caught an exuberant sight of a really young and cute skunk man, the cashier.

He had a cut build, a clean tuft of fur on his head like hair, and he smiled at her with a welcoming sight. She felt like this is the one boy she felt a crush to see. A tingly strain of pleasure went through her insides.

She caught a glimpse of his nametag. Carl. She lowered her eyelids and looked at Carl with a sexy smirk.

“Hello… Carl.”

He stuttered for a split second and said, “H-Hello.”

He reached for her purchases and moved them under the scanner. “That’ll be $39.95 please.”

She pulled out a $50 bill from under her breast. She gave it to him, still smirking at him and winked. “The extra is my gift… Sexy.”

Carl perked up and smiled back at her. She licked her lips at him, and he took in a deep breath of astonishment.

To conclude her purchase, and first time meet, he smiled and said to her shakily, “Thank you. P-Please come again!”

As she walked nearer to the exit, she turned fast in response, and said, “Oh you bet I will! Buh-bye!”

She blew him a kiss, and he blushed. The next customer came, and he shook off the blush to continue his job.

She walked back to her apartment, excited with glee.

“Oh my gosh! He was… SOOOOO… Cute!”

She walked to her dining table to put down the groceries, but on the way, a cucumber fell out. She picked it up to put it back in the bag, but she hesitated and thought one second… About Carl…

She thought of seeing Carl all naked and horny over her. She gripped the cucumber tighter with this pleasant image. She then felt how stiff it was in her hand… Just like his cock would!

She daydreamed of giving him a good blowjob, and when she shook out from the daydream, half of the cucumber was already in her mouth. Her eyes widened with an excellent idea!

She ran to her room with the cucumber still in her hand. She jumped onto the bed, facing down and leaning with her elbows, and stood the cucumber up in front of her face. She licked her lips in desire, and began to suck on the cucumber, as she imagined it was Carl’s cock. She imagined him being right there in bed, holding her head tight and moving it with an orgasm unlike any other rushing through him.

To add to her exhilarating fantasy, she made pretend to undress for him, as she undid her shirt, leaving her top naked. She then rolled over and took the cucumber to rub between her breasts, as if Carl was thrusting his rock between both boobs. Her boobs flared with excitement, and they grew slightly with her starting orgasm.

The next thing she fantasized was his backing up to enter her. She took off her pants and thong, and took the cucumber from her bosom and brought it lower to her pussy. She used the tip of the cucumber and rubbed her clit, as if Carl would do that with his skunk pole. While rubbing, she slipped it into her vagina. Her eyes opened up and she gasped for more of that good feel; the cucumber filling up every space of her.

She let the cucumber sit in there for a few seconds, and then began the in-and-out rhythm with the cucumber, as if Carl was fucking her harder and harder.

She moaned, “Oh Carl! Do me harder! Harder! Ugh! Ohhh!”

One of the thrusts moved into her G-Spot. A powerful sensual grip of overwhelming strength. This felt so pleasant for her, her orgasm shot through every nerve of her body, clenching tight to her own masturbating.

“OH GOD!” She screamed with a huge smile. She let the cucumber thrust the G-Spot more and more. She felt it coming!

She rubbed her clit to send the orgasm to climax. She groaned once… Twice…


She leaked love all over the cucumber, and she screamed, excited from this female coming, “OH MY GOD! CARL! AGH!!!”

She gasped for air from the immense pleasure. She took a breath and relaxed for a moment. She took out the cucumber and saw it dripping from the results of her masturbated love. She got out of bed to go throw it in the kitchen garbage, and when she walked back, she saw the groceries.

“Carl, I’m gonna getcha!” She grinned to herself.


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