Easter Feaster

The Easter Bunny is in for a bizarre surprise when he crosses an old fan of his!

I figured it was only right I came up with holiday-themed erotic pieces, so I came up with this one; also an original work.

We go back many years, to see a baby-cute little raccoon girl named Zoe. Back then, her mother had first told her of the Easter Bunny, and his annual deed of hiding presents and eggs in secret places. Little Zoe had gotten oh so curious, and she always wanted to catch sight of this mystical rabbit. She wanted to see if it really did exist; and if it did, what did it really look like?

Twenty years later in her life, Zoe had grown to a beautiful raccoon woman. She had a flowing bushy tail, a cute smirk that looked like she was little again, and a shapely body to fit the hug of any lustful man. But she missed one thing; that this Easter Bunny character was just a myth. She still believes it as a possible reality.

The day before Easter, she bought all kinds of traps and security knick-knacks to try and capture this lapine legend. She felt so excited, now that she was finally able to at least try and catch this bunny that tantalized her imaginative wit for so many years. She started to hook them up around the house, from security cameras, to snare traps. She inspected all of the devices to make sure they would work.

She yawned, “Oh boy… I’m gonna hit the hay now. See the spoils I reap tomorrow.”

She got into her bedroom and got into her pajamas. She moved over the sheets and crawled into bed, anxious to see her catch. She tried to sleep, but she couldn’t. She was too excited. She tried to relax and breathe easier, which she then fatigued a little. She then drifted off to sleep…


Her eyes opened first in shock, then with greed.

“Oh! Lemme see what I got!” She snickered evilly to herself.

She rushed out of her bedroom to her living room, and found a body hanging upside-down, with long flaps dangling from its head.

“Help me! Help me!” It cried in a scared male voice.

She ran to the body and turned it around. The legend is true! She is standing half a foot away from, and facing, ‘the’ Easter Bunny!

He had white fur with a trace of brown for the nearing warm months, a cute face (especially now that he’s worried), and an average masculine build. Not too scrawny. Not too muscular. Just right. He was dressed in purple and yellow loose clothes. No zippers or buttons. Something similar to pajamas to throw over. He opened his eyes looking straight into her eyes.


She nodded, smiling without caring how he knew her name and said, “Yep. Wanted to see you all my life, you been droppin’ gifts. Here I am, looking straight at you. Who woulda thought you looked so hot?” She winked at him.

He stuttered, “Uh… Uh yeah… Uh, real hot… Hey can you get me out of this? I got places to hide gifts and stuff, as you can plainly see with that mess over there.” He pointed to a pile of children’s gifts.

She shook her head at him. “First, I wanna get a little something I wanted from men, especially my childhood hero.”

She walked slowly closer to him, and licked his snout. He winced at the lick.

He really wanted to go, so he lied to her shakily, “But don’t you see… Uh, uh… I’m homo. I don’t want you.”

She grinned at him. “Bullshit. I heard it in your voice. You’re probably frightened to have a little lovin’. Lemme help you down and show you how it’s done, lover boy.”

She untied him from the snare, but used the rope to tie his hands behind his back. She tried to walk him to her bedroom, but he resisted, trying to go back and out of the house. He wanted to leave, but Zoe had other plans.

She grabbed onto his collarbone and squeezed tightly. The excruciating pain from this neck pinch winded him out pretty bad as he screamed. She walked his weaker body to her bedroom, guiding him with the grip.

She threw him onto the bed and untied him, only to use the same rope to tie his wrists and ankles to the bedposts.

The Easter Bunny woke up from the pinch’s pain. “Ugh, where am I?”

First thing he saw was a top-naked Zoe. She licked her lips at him, grinned, and said, “Ready, sexy boy?”

“Oh, God! Zoe, you wouldn’t…”

She grabbed the waist of his pants and pulled down slowly, smiling at him.

She taunted, “Wanna bet, hunk?”

She then pulled his pants straight down, with a slightly hard rabbit member.

“See, you already getting hard on me…”

The Easter Bunny winced at this cute humiliation of hers. She grabbed his dick, and toyed around with it with her hand.

“I can feel it getting harder and harder!” She teased.

“Please, Zoe! Stop!” He cried.

She looked at his face emotionlessly, then to his cock with greed. She masturbated it a little bit, and it got hard as a rock.

“Ooh, you want me now!”

He sighed in forfeit.

She shook her head at him and said, “You know what? You work too hard. You need to get laid more often. Don’t be so scared! You’ll like it! Watch…”

She licked her lips, opened her mouth, and deep-throated the Easter Bunny. To her, this was magical. She was cock-sucking a legendary rabbit with a fur-coated dick that tasted like sugar. She was pretty much giving head to a bunny with a lollipop-sweet penis from her childhood lore. The rabbit gasped in anxiety one second, then slouched slowly into a dazed relief the next second.

She sucked hard onto his member, as he closed his eyes with a sleepy smile. She took his cock out of her mouth and caressed his scrotum.

She said to him, “See, I told you you would want it.”

He looked down back at her face and nodded slowly. “You win. Give it to me, a lil’ more.”

She nodded and began to suckle on his penis head. Then she drooped a little lower down his shaft about midway and began the up-down motion for a moment. Then she licked from his sweet-tasting balls, up his sugary-luscious shaft, back to the top to finish blowing.

She started to taste a little wet drip. His delicious candy-sweet pre-cum! Her eyes widened with joy! She had started the myth’s orgasm! She heard it as his breaths got heavier.

She masturbated it some more and he groaned heavier, wanting more of it.

“I’m gonna come, baby! I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come!” He whimpered to her.

She opened her mouth, awaiting the mythical cum to shoot out. He gasped one more breath, and then ejaculated a baby-blue puddle of sperm all over her face, some of which got on her tongue. “Oh my God Zoe! That felt great! Oh jeez!”

She has never tasted candy as sweet and delicious as his cum. It was like getting a glob of sugar in her mouth. She opened her mouth to show her sperm-soaked tongue at him, and then swallowed it all in one loud gulp. She wiped the rest of his magical semen off from her face with her hand and licked it off.

She felt very accomplished tonight. She had met her favorite childhood legend, gave him a blowjob akin to gobbling candy, and was probably the first in the universe to actually taste his mythical sweet-tasting puddle of never-before-unleashed love.

“Oh jeez, Zoe! I want you bad, now!”

She looked at him lovingly and said, “So, give up your job of giving candy to kids, for my… Job!” She licked her lips suggestively, emphasizing what she meant by ‘job’.

He nodded to her and said, “This will be the last Easter I work. Baby girl… I’m moving in. They’re gonna need another bunny to serve the kids now.”

She untied him, and he got under the covers with her. He turned her over, and spooned her, licking her neck and she moaned silently.


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