FoxTail by Daneel Black

Tori looks around for an off-campus apartment, and buddies up with a current tenant, Kengar. As good as things were between them, things go downhill after Tori learns a secret.

When I first immersed myself in the broader end of the Furry community around 2002, I picked up on a lot of the culture. As time passed, my eyes glazed not only over Furry artwork, but also that of stories. And yes, of course, the erotic types too. From that, I was inspired to do my part and write some stories.

A little before I joined YiffStar in 2004, I read the following story from another website. While it may not have the kind of themes I’m interested in (gay, rape, etc.), and the writing was done off of a .txt file which made it hard to read at a glance, there was still such a level of detail and comprehension in the story itself that I absorbed from reading that immersed me in. It left such a lasting memory with me, and I can confidently say it is a masterpiece I cherish as a reader.

The original work of the story, called “FoxTail” by Daneel Black, is located here.

According to the author, now known as Hooves, this was a piece that he had written back around 1993-1994. This is very, very old Furry literature. Already, there is a bit of a historical charm; an artifact, if you will, that showed the erotic side of the Furry community in its much earlier, smaller days.

What you are about to read below is my extensive revision of this story, done in 2010. At first, I thought the author was gone and never to be seen again, and I felt it was time that I immortalized the story as an ancient piece of Furry literature before the proliferation of the Web 2.0 era (because let’s face it; without this work or others I have read, I could not be so inspired to write what I do). But sheer coincidences from InkBunny to FurAffinity to the Web Archive brought him to me from the masses, and I could not have been more amazed and thankful.

It was a tough and sweaty day I sat through in editing the heck out of it, but I’m more than happy I finished it, and got to meet the original author in the same span of time. It’s immortalized, and I feel I have done my duty as a writer with inspiration.

Having just transferred to a new university, I went about looking for an off-campus apartment to live in, when I stumbled upon a Roommate-Wanted ad that was posted to the Student Bulletin-Board System. The ad read along the lines of:

“Roommate wanted to share a 2-bedroom apartment with a cool stallion. Rent is such and such. Vulpine male preferred. Call Kengar at this number if interested.”

I decided to give it a try, and it turned out to be a good place for me, so I moved in. Kengar and I got along pretty well as roommates. He was a tall, strong, and very masculine zebra male; sleek and powerful. He looked like a football player, much bigger and stronger than me. Me, I’m a slender fox male, around five foot eight and and a hundred-sixty pounds, with a very smooth soft red coat.

Since the weather was still pretty hot around Fall, I often wear a T-Shirt or Tank-Top with a skimpy tennis shorts on. A few times, I caught Kengar staring at my long flowing tail when I turned around, but I didn’t think much of it at first. Since he had a lioness girlfriend who dropped by our place occasionally, I didn’t think he liked males or anything.

Then one day, something very much unexpected happened. It was one weekend and I had already finished my studies, so I relaxed in the living room and turned on the TV. I noticed a video tape, labeled “Foxy Rape #1”, lying on top of the TV. That really got my curiosity so I played it in the VCR. I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was a home-made video showing Kengar and a couple of other male equines (on occasion through the tape), raping his former vulpine roommates!

It was very graphic; how he forcibly bent the struggling victims over the kitchen table, how he tied them up with ropes, and how he forced his enormous black equine cock into their agonized asses. There were quite a few different victims that fell prey to his brutal assaults, including what looked like a gray fox, a magnificent snow fox, and a half-dozen red foxes.

Even a wolf had fallen prey! Howling and snapping, he had fought so hard it had taken Kengar and four of his massive equine buddies to subdue him! Some of them, like the wolf, were unfortunate enough to be gang-banged by his buddies after he was done! These victims were subjected to various forced oral and anal penetration, as well as other kinds of depravity.

I watched in horror through almost the entire tape, when suddenly the door opened.

Kengar was home!

When he saw me sitting in front of the TV in shock, he approached me menacingly with a evil grin on his long, striped face. This was not the nice guy I used to know as my roommate and friend!

“Looks like you figured out my kink, eh? Then you better be prepared for your fate, pal.” Kengar smirked, fueled with lust.

I was so scared. I tried to run away, but Kengar grabbed my arms and held me back. Being much bigger and stronger than I, he easily overpowered me.

“It’s useless to struggle! You know you can’t get away from me!” He barked loudly as I helplessly wrestled to break free from his vise-like grip.

“And you know I ‘will’ ravish you! You can make it easier on yourself and give me what I want… Or you can fight and I’m just gonna have fun hurting you while I take it…” He snickered in a much lower, still aggressive breath.

He twisted my arms roughly behind my back and tied my wrists together tightly, with the belt from his jeans. Then he tore off my shirt and tight shorts leaving me completely naked! I was so embarrassed. I had never imagined that all of this would happen.

“Stop! Please! You can’t do this to me! I’ll call for help! For the police!” I cried in fear, hoping to scare him from going any further.

He rolled his eyes and sighed with a rugged breath, and snarled to me, “I guess we’ll just have to do this the hard way then…”

He pulled my frightened and struggling body over to a kitchen chair and sat down on it. He picked up my sweaty undies and crammed them into my gasping mouth! He had me laying face-down across his lap, my exposed buttocks high up in the air.

“None of my prey ever got away without being violated like this. Not a single one. Ever!”

He then raised his strong right arm, pulling aside my tail with his left, and stamped his hand across my bare bottom. I squirmed in pain and humiliation over his knees while he relentlessly spanked my smooth furry ass cheeks.

“Gnoooo! Ppeez sssopp!” I heard myself screaming around my gag. I begged and yelped in anguish, but he wouldn’t listen. He continued to smack my fervent buns, inflicting more stinging pain on my poor backside, through what seemed like hours.

When he finally stopped my punishment, he began fondling my smooth soft furry body, all around the front, the back, and the sides. I was forced to endure the intimate touch of another male’s roaming hands, over my naked thighs and my well-bruised ass.

“Have you ever been fucked before, Tori?” Kengar snickered as he lecherously felt up my slender vulpine body.

“No!” I whimpered, at last spitting out my makeshift gag. “Please, I’m still a virgin! Please… Please let me go?” I whined, praying in my head for all of this to end. However inside I was already certain that he would not; that I would be fucked that moment and there was no way out of it!

Kengar pulled me up to stand directly in front of him. I felt extremely awkward, standing totally naked in front of the fully-clothed zebra; the one who was a friend and roommate until all of this happened. I noticed him sneering at my diminutive penis, which had betrayed me and my pain completely! Rock-hard and pointy, it was dripping slightly of pre-cum now.

“I just love fucking all you little foxy sissies! Especially ones with little soft dicks like yours!” Kengar teased, slapping and rubbing my oozing member. Sneering, he continued his verbal insults on me, saying that there’s no way a tiny little foxy cock like mine could please any female; that I should resign myself to my fate… Of being the sissy-ass boy toy for a real male like him!

He unzipped his fly and took out his huge, engorged cock. He showed its full length to me, holding it firm in his hand to show the size, and said to me sternly, “That’s what a ‘real’ cock looks like, you sissy little bitch!” Then he forcibly bent me over the kitchen table, the very same one we ate dinner on, every single day.

I just didn’t know how I could face my future dorm life after my rape. Would I be coerced to stay with him? Would anyone find out about all of this and put me at such shame? Many similar thoughts raced through my mind during all of this.

“Are you ready to give it up? Submit to me! Take in some cock like the bitch you know you are!”

“No! No Kengar, I won’t let you fuck me!” I screamed emphatically. I was determined to save my virginity, my ass cherry, from this brutal rapist.

Kengar let out a loud mocking sigh, as he went about preparing my tail hole for the ensuing penetration. Looking back over my shoulder, I watched him unscrew a tube of anal lube. He smeared a glob of it all over his immense shaft, then chuckled as he spread it around my sensitive anal opening.

He placed his big hands on both sides of my slender furry hips to steady my bent-over body, and he spread both of my ass cheeks apart. His breaths became loud and ragged with excitement! I felt his throbbing head being positioned right at my tiny virgin anus. I immediately tightened my sphincter muscles as much as I could, to close my rectum against his obscene intruder.

At first it succeeded. Kengar’s long, springy stallion length was not able to perforate my defense. Yet, he just laughed, taking his time and slowly increasing the pressure. Then he backed off for a second before hammering my barred gates again. I began to sense he was actually enjoying my defiance!

“That’s it, baby! Resist!” He grunted lustfully. “Makes it all the better when I win and slide into you!” He then chuckled with a tormenting tone. “I love it! Come on sissy boy, challenge me! When your ‘pussy’ fights back, I’ll feel great when I overwhelm it! Haha!”

I gritted my teeth tight, concentrating on tightening my rectal muscles! But Kengar just pressed on harder and harder, fingering and caressing my tightly drawn orifice. I was at the brink of surrender, my thighs and buttocks quivering with exhaustion. With my wrists tied behind my back, and my body bent-over the table, I barely squirmed around a little under him, to try to avoid the sinister organ pounding at my backdoor! Kengar’s strong massive hands grasped my hips quickly rendered them immobile!

Suddenly, my strength gave out! And I was open… Open, and instantly entered!

In one swift, eager, and very forceful thrust, my ravager had buried half of his tremendous cock into me! A good eleven inches worth of massive equine penis briskly drove up my virgin hole.

“AAAIII-YYYOOO!!!” I screamed in thorough agony as he dove his member into me. I had never experienced such pain in my life. It felt as if his organ was a solid wooden pole that was somehow set ablaze inside of me! Unbearable waves of torment rushed through me, wrenching me tight in pain. For an instant, I couldn’t catch my breath, as if he had punched all the air out of my lungs through jamming into my behind.

Kengar mercilessly continued his anal insertion, pushing his monstrous cock in to my uttermost limits, until it could go no further up my unexplored virgin territory. At that moment, I had been overpowered, and had no choice but to surrender to his way. My sphincter muscles relaxed almost on they’re own, as my will broke under his lecherous invasion.

“Stop! Take it out! Please Kengar, it’s too big!” I cried helplessly.

He ignored me completely.

“AAAIII-YYYAAA!!!” I squealed again as he dealt another hard push into me.

“Oh ho! Yeah bitch, tell me how good it is! Tell me you how much you love it, you little slut!”

My ass was now completely sheathing the zebra’s massive equine cock! I couldn’t believe his huge monster would actually fit in my tight little tail hole. I imagined my violated anus was wide-stretched now, as it wrapped tightly around the base of Kengar’s mighty rod.

He held me motionless like that, his huge organ buried deep in my rump. As I gasp for breath whimpering in torment, he must be savoring every single moment of the abuse. It also gave my body a chance to conform to the mammoth alien object inside of me, as the excruciating pain of initial entry finally subsided to a dull spasm. I began to feel the captivating sensations of having a raging-hard male organ pulsating inside my body, twitching and flexing, throbbing inside the previously unexplored interior of my rectal passage.

“How does it feel?” He breathed hotly in my ear. “To have my big dick up your tight foxy tail hole?”

“Ohhooooo!” I whined, half in pleasure and half in pain. “It… It feels so… So full!!!”

“I told you, I was gonna fuck you!” He gloated, humping slowly in and out of me now. “Didn’t I?” He laughed.

When I failed to answer, he thrusted deep and hard. Forcing another shriek out of my parched throat.

“Didn’t I!? Answer me, you fucking sissy slut!”

“Yes!” I mewled meekly in response.

“I’m raping you now, and you know there’s nothing you can do to stop it!”

“Yes…” I admitted compliantly.

With that, he began pulling out of my agonized butt hole, stopping just before his hulking head would slip out. Then reversing everything, slamming right back home, deep inside of me again. This repeated again and again as he swiftly picked up the pace. Until he’s fucking my virgin hole raw with his furious in-and-out piston-like thrusts.

“Oh yeah…” He groaned. “You’re sooo fucking tight!” He mumbled as cold drops of his equine sweat
rained down from his head, onto my subdued body.

Tears of shame rolled down my cheeks through this experience. I clenched my teeth and silently endured his relentless violation.

Where I come from in my small town, sodomy was considered an inconceivable taboo. Now here I was, being brutally sodomized by another male! It crumbled my dignity to dust, considering everything before this was supposed to be a way to dorm through school. None of this should have ever happened; but it did.

The sensation of his love pole sliding so swiftly in and out of my rectum was both, very bewildering, and outright disconcerting! Strangely, I realized it was beginning to feel oddly engaging. Still, the humiliation of being subjected to forced anal intrusion; of becoming the female-like receptacle of another male’s sexual organ, for his lustful
pleasure! It was something I would never forget for the rest of my life.

“How do you like it? Feels good, huh?” Kengar prompted smugly, fondling my pulsing little penis under the table. “Feels good to be rump-fucked by a real male like me… This is getting your rocks off, isn’t it?”

“Nooo!!! It’s sooo humiliating! You’ve taken away my virginity!” I winced, answering him.

“Ooh, yeah!” He quivered at my words. “By fucking your petite ass with my big, throbbing cock.”

“I… I can’t bear the shame.” I gasped, even as my loins vibrated passionately.

“Of becoming my little sissy fuck boy? Of getting sodomized by real males? Of having your tight, tiny fox hole raped by strong, virile males?” Kengar teased bluntly.

“Yes.” I whimpered.

I think my admittance of shame finally got him off. I heard his breaths getting louder and louder as he hammered away at my ass.

Suddenly, he held on to my body tightly and shoved his length all the way into me, rearing his head with a loud inhale. His massive penis head flared, and he exploded!

Load after load of hot, steamy equine cum blasted deep into my vitiated hole. I could feel it puddling inside me with each glop ejaculated.

My subjugation was now complete.

I was quite thoroughly and utterly fucked!

A stronger male had taken me, and left his seed deep inside of me.

He had taken away my anal virginity, and turned me into his sissy-fuck toy, just like all other the other roommates he raped before…

Afterward, he lifted my weakened body up over his broad shoulders. He carried me back to my bedroom, laying me face-down on the bed. With my arms still tied behind my back, he stuffed a couple of my pillows under me. Raising my red, bruised, and well-fucked ass high in the air.

“Sleep tight, Tori… ‘Cause ya know I like it good and tight! Hahaha!”

Then he left the room, still snickering derisively. Alone and exhausted by my violent anal rape, I sobbed quietly on my bed, reflecting on the pain and humiliation of what I was forced to endure, moments ago.

I finally fell into a disturbed sleep, as intermittent images of the violent sordid episode interrupted my slumber. In the darkness of the night, I was suddenly awakened, by a hefty fleshy weight on top of my smooth, soft furry body.

It was Kengar once again!

“Really for round two, pussy boy?” He whispered in my ear.

Before I knew it, my inflamed and extensively mistreated rump hole was fully impaled by his aroused and lustfully eager member once again. He just laid on top of me for a long moment, moaning his pleasure at my taut depths.

He then lustfully began fucking away into my upturned buttocks he carefully prepared, my rump providing the perfect target for his strong, tireless stallion pole. Amidst my distressed groans, I heard Kengar’s animal-like grunts as he filled me repeatedly!

Slowly, the strange tingling erogenous sensation began building in my tiny genitals. Weakly, it began to lengthen, slipping like an ashamed fugitive from its sheath. It rubbed against the pillows underneath me, leaving a slimy wet trail of arousal on my clean white pillows!

I’m being taken from behind, raped once again. But once more, that oddly pleasurable feeling built up inside of me.

Each hard thrust into my tail hole was more persistent and powerful, firing up the continuous building tension that was doggedly pushing through me, higher and higher. Incredibly, Kengar ejaculated
inside me for the second time that night; his powerful body writhing in sexual bliss, pounding me hard onto the bed.

I felt my throbbing cock spasm repeatedly, jetting out a thick puddle of warm sticky cum onto the pillows underneath me! I was dumbfounded unequivocally! I couldn’t believe it! I had an orgasm from being fucked! Just like a female. Just like the little bitch he claimed I was.

I was so mortified and ashamed of myself for becoming what Kengar knew I was! For an instant, I prayed that he hadn’t noticed. But his hands swept down my body, teasing my distended nipples, before sliding down my lean, hard stomach. As his questing fingers slipped under my loins, I heard him snicker.

I felt his cum-slicked fingers knead and massage my quickly shriveling cock; tugging playfully at my weakly pulsing knot and tightly drawn-up testicles.

“Who’s my slut boy?” He asked me ferociously.

I was so surprised to find myself answering, “I am.”

“That’s right.” He exulted.

He just fell asleep then, right on top of me like that, with his extensive and pernicious member still buried snugly inside my worn-out butt hole.

The next morning, I woke up first from my uneasy sleep. I squirmed around uncomfortably under his brawny muscular body. This movement must have stirred up his morning erection. As he grew harder and harder inside my rump hole, once again it stretched my abused orifice wide open. Sleepily, his powerful lustful body began to respond by humping unconsciously.

The moment he was fully awake, his motions changed in an instant, from a soft and drowsy, almost innocuous ride, into a pounding, punishing fuck.

“How convenient!” He giggled sleepily. “We’re going to wake every morning like this!”

It was a flat statement of fact… I knew then that we would.

Afterward, he had finished up and pulled out of my sore anus. He pushed me to turn around and forced me to lick his massive maleness clean. He untied me and left for his early morning classes.

I immediately went to the bathroom and sat over the toilet, dripping my hole dry of as much of his seed as would ooze out of me. Then I took a long hot shower, trying to wash away my filthy victimization.

That was of course impossible, after taking a good look in the mirror. I saw my bruised butt cheeks with the prints from his powerful hands still on them. My anal opening was red, swollen, and distended after the multiple fucks. I rubbed some ointment onto my sore, puffed nether-lips, wincing at the sting, but knowing it would help them heal.

“Oh what’s the point?” I wondered out loud, knowing I’d be subjected to more forced fucks.

I was right of course. Every night, I slept under him after he’d had his fun, only to awake in the mornings to a new onslaught.

A week passed, and Kengar came home with two of his enormous equine buddies. Jerome was a smaller, cream-colored stallion, while Frank was a larger, black draft. All of them were ready to gang-bang me!

I had been trying to avoid Kengar as much as I could, ever since the first night he raped me. I’d stay in my room most of the time. But now I wasn’t able to hide away, because as soon as they came in, Frank had grabbed me and pulled me back to the living room. A big, tough-looking stallion, he held me down effortlessly.

I was so scared. I was helpless to resist, even when he set me down in front of them and released me. Then I saw Jerome turning on a camcorder he had been carrying with him.

“Oh… Oh no! Please, no.” I trembled, knowing they’re going to record me getting raped, just like the other victims I had watched on the tape.

Kengar’s one-word command to me: “Strip!”

I tried to resist willfully; to not obey. But I found that I was already unconsciously undressing myself obediently anyway. They all laughed and jeered, calling me bitch boy, fuck slut, and other perverse names.

After all my clothes were off, so were theirs. I was ordered to kneel down in front of Jerome. He rubbed his hefty sheath, and out came this long, thick, monstrous pink stud muscle.

“Suck!” Again, a one-word order Kengar stated to me.

I shook my head, refusing at first, but Frank dropped down behind me, grasping my tiny nuts in his massive hand. After a couple of painful squeezes to them, I opened my mouth meekly and took the cock in.

It felt very unusual doing this. It was quite repulsive at first. The head itself was soft and tasted of sweat and male equine flesh. It was not a particularly unpleasant taste. Just the thought; the idea of another male’s cock in my mouth was repulsive.

Jerome grabbed my head and forced more of his thick pink meat down my throat, until it gagged me. Then he began a humping rhythm.

“That’s right.” He grunted. “Have a taste of my nice big dick, you pansy cocksucker!”

His derogatory comments, which before would have shamed me into tears, now only excited me. I felt wicked indeed.

Behind me, Frank’s throbbing organ slowly slid from its sheath and slithered the underside of his member up my crack, head just to the side of the base of my tail. He lightly squeezed my cheeks to envelop his dick between them, and slowly moved himself up and down along my crack.

My tongue and lips became fawning and obsequious as I licked and sucked Jerome, deepthroating as much of his magnificent muscle as I could, while Kengar and Frank watched in open amusement, all the while as they taped my degrading, and worse yet, my submission.

After a few minutes of oral servicing, Jerome came in my mouth. I swallowed what seemed like a gallon of cum, without having to be told.

“Oh ho, my… What a good little slut!” Kengar mocked.

Then they let go of me and carried me to the kitchen, laying me on top of the table on my back. My weak legs were lifted up in the air, over Kengar’s shoulders. He was standing at the edge with his rock-hard penis pointing at my puckered tail hole.

I felt so vunerable with my legs up like that, and my ass hanging over the edge of the table, open to any and all impending abuse. I knew I was going to be fucked like a female again. Worse, I knew I would enjoy it, and that they would see!

Kengar, with his massive shaft slicked and glistening of gel, stepped closer. Leaning forward, he
pushed the head against my tiny male pussy. Humiliatingly, it almost eagerly began opening up for him.

I squealed in pain as he relentlessly slid into me. Frank and Jerome were standing over each side of me, camcorder in hand and enjoying an excellent view of my ravishment.

“Look at that tiny thing!” Frank derided.

“Oh so hard and just begging…” Jerome mocked.

“Ha ha ha!” Kengar laughed in agreement with the two.

They made fun of my tiny but fully aroused penis, which was now jerking and squirming around lasciviously in another growing orgasm, each time Kengar slammed into my quivering anus. He laughed and jeered all the more when I exploded, spraying cum all over my chest and stomach!

The sight of my helpless vulpine body being brutally sodomized seemed to arouse Frank and Jerome all the more. Both of their long equine boners grew rock solid, and they both beat their chests to show their alpha-male dominance over me. Grinning wickedly, they wrapped each of my hands around their erect cocks, forcing me to jerk them off while I was being ass-fucked by Kengar at the same time.

All three of them managed to climax around the same time. Frank and Jerome covered my muzzle with their lust, while Kengar filled me to the brim in my rump!

After only the briefest of rests, they carried me back to the living room. They bent me over the sofa arm on my back. I was facing them upside down with my head leaning back. From there, they ordered
me to lick and nibble on all three of their enormous poles until they were excited again.

After that, Jerome moved onto the sofa, getting behind me and ravished my rump hole without another thought. He told me, “I just love to fuck tight foxy asses like yours.”

By the time he was done, Frank was erect again! I couldn’t believe how virile they all were! He made me get on my hands and knees on the floor. Then he knelt behind me, up on one leg, poking my abused tail hole with his equine stiff. Even after being sodomized by two of them, my rump hole was still barely loose enough to accommodate his own length.

It was unbearably painful as he forced it up my sore ass. Jerome pointed his camcorder right at my face, capturing unforgettable close-ups of my agonized facial expressions as my rear-end was being torn apart by Frank’s enormous invader. He also got a lot of close-up footage, of Frank’s charcoal black cock sliding in and out of my pink, widely-stretched ass lips.

After all three studs were completely satisfied, they left me on my bed, sticky and dripping of my and their semen, and went out to have a beer. And I knew they would have a long laugh about it!

I lay there on my bed, panting and wheezing for breath, too tired to even roll over, even if my rape-scorched rump hole urged me to. Idly, I wondered when they would be coming back.

I found myself hoping it would be soon…


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