Good Moaning

A refreshing morning fling is great to pick up anyone’s day.

I always found something neat about a nice relaxed morning and chicks in jerseys. So I wrote this piece in my inspiration.

There is nothing as divine as a good morning on a day off. Nothing to rush, all the time to relax and make a hearty breakfast, and the pristine sight of the rising dawn starting the day. Add the purest air of the mountains and you have exactly the refreshing kind of morning that lovers Chance and Veronica woke up to.

Chance is a young beaver man of ordinary shape, blond hair, and a kind disposition. He currently works as a loan officer, but today he has an interview for a new job as a jewelry dealer at the nearby town.

Veronica is Chance’s longtime girlfriend. She is a mink woman, with petite figure, brown hair, and a relaxed personality. She does things to pass the free time, but usually she keeps their apartment up to snuff.

This morning, Veronica got up before Chance. Quietly, she got out of bed to go prepare breakfast. She threw on her large blue sports jersey to cover her nudity before she walked out of the room and to the kitchen. There, she went through the cabinet to get the coffee can and begin.

She filled the coffee pot with water, filled a part of the pot with the coffee powder, and boiled the pot on the stove. Next, she grabbed the bread and put a few slices in the toaster to prepare their toast. Then she took the butter from the refrigerator and put it on the table, as the first step to preparing the table.

“Now to get the utensils…” She muttered to herself.

In the middle of all of this, Chance woke up, quite groggy. He smiled to himself, as he smelled the aroma of fresh toast in this morning. “Mmm…” He hummed to himself, thinking delicious thoughts of his coming breakfast; the allure of the food his loved one is making right now.

He inched his naked self out of bed, recouping his energy. He took a deep breath of fresh air, stretching his body as far as his reach allowed him. “Ahh… Alright, let’s go.” He whispered to himself, eager for food like any typical man would think about.

By the time he was out of bed and going to the kitchen, the coffee was finished. Veronica poured a mug of coffee for herself, adding some cream and sugar. She leaned on the kitchen counter, looking out through the window, with her mug in her hand. She smiled warmly at the immaculate sight of the outdoors; the forests nearby, the mountainsides afar, and the blue skies sparse of clouds.

Grabbed! Chance surprised her from holding her shoulders in a sudden, making her jump a bit before looking at him.

“Hey love.” He pecked her a kiss on the cheek, feeling along her arms.

“Mmm, morning love.” She answered back with a similar kiss.

“So what are we having?” Chance asked, bringing his arms from her shoulders, down along the top of her back, under her arms, and along her sides to her hips. He gave her a long, very soft kiss at the base of her neck.

Veronica took a deep breath, feeling his hands caress along her. She hummed at the gentle sensation. “Bacon and toast… Ooh…”

Delighted, Chance chuckled lowly, “Just what I like. Thank you…”

He climbed his mouth upward from her neck to her muzzle, and wrapped his arms around to her front, hands on each thigh. She curled her head back slowly and locked lips with his own.

With her one free hand, she reached behind him and squeezed his butt cheek. As well, he brought his groin up against her own butt. Slow but sure, he was getting hard. His growing cock was pushing through her jersey shirt to her crack.

Veronica panted, “Ah… Frisky…” She parted her legs slightly, brushed her tail aside, slightly lifting her jersey up to reveal her holes, and leaned her elbows onto the kitchen counter to bend over enough.

Chance hummed a low happy laugh of approval. He moved his hands upward from Veronica’s thighs, around her ass, under her jersey, and to the small of her back. He rubbed the top of his hardened cock along her perineum. The base of his dick lay nestled into her crack, and he slowly moved his hips front and back, his cock going along her perineum the same way.

Veronica whimpered a long, hoarse groan at the sensation, taking in each tickling moment of Chance’s penis brushing along her. She paused a moment, chuckling to him with distraction, “But honey, I gotta cook!”

He slowed down his rubbing and assured her, “It’s alright babe, we got time… Besides, you’re hot in that shirt; don’t ruin it for me. Ngh…”

He held the base of his cock and reared back to mount her. He rubbed the tip of his penis along her pink before he slipped in.

“Ahh yes…” He grunted. From there, he began the copulation, rearing his waist back and pushing forward, each push going as deep as he could.

She cried yips of pleasure with his meat sliding inside and out of her. “Ahh! AH! Mngh… Oh, Chance! God…” She clenched her teeth, taking in his solid thick length.

Chance wasn’t listening, still groaning and grunting as he made her buck with each dive inward. He then roamed his arms out of her jersey and used a hand to lift her leg up by the thigh and open her up even more. The other hand held her puffy mink tail close along his chest. He said under his enduring breath, “Come on baby, make me come… Ahh… Ah…”

He sped up his thrusting, pressing and rubbing the base of his cock all around her lips with each push inward. Then he stood inside her, still keeping the in-out motion.

Him pushing into her, making her buck, a little bit of her coffee spilled onto the counter. She whimpered, mouth open and gasping.

“Oh, Chance! Fuck me! Ahhahh…” She winced with the overwhelming urge to have him finish his business inside her.

Chance cried out, “I’m comin’, baby! Come on… Mmh!”

Both moaned loudly as their orgasms mounted higher and higher in intensity. Her sopping wet vagina held to his penis tight, and his penis pulsed to spill out a lot of pre-cum.

“I’m comin’, baby… I’m comin’, I’m comin’, I-Ahhh! Ahhh-Hahhh!” Chance hollered, and clenched Veronica’s thigh tight and pulled her closer to him. He exploded his semen inside her, his penis quaking to push out more in hard spurts before slowing down. The cum dribbling out oozed down his shaft. He stood still as the last leaked into her.

“Ooh, yeah…” He sighed, relaxing from his ejaculating. She hummed the same way with the silliest grin for the aftermath, rolling her eyes up and her tongue hanging out.

Chance let go of Veronica’s leg and tail, and moved his arms to pull her body up and plant a kiss on the side behind her neck. She let go of her mug and reached both of her hands to grab his hips. Chance then pulled his love-coated dick out of her and turned her around to face her. The two brought their lips together passionately, holding each other’s head by the back.

Veronica let her hands drop down his body. Holding his back close to her with one hand, she let the other hand search for his cock and hold on to it to masturbate him slowly and firmly. With each stroke, the juices wiped into her hand, slicked through her palm, wetting his shaft evenly.

She whispered into his ear, “Thank you baby… Now let’s go wash up so I can make you some breakfast already.”

“Oh! Umm… Right… Let’s!” Chance said, startled silly.

Veronica snickered at him and pecked him a kiss. The two of them walked over to the bathroom to clean up, as suggested.


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