In Love and War

Through the perils of war, the mind tries to find solace. And it did an exceptional job at that for this soldier.

This piece was inspired by an earlier strip of fiction I was writing, based on the game, RetroMUD. My character was a modern-era warrior that ended up in an alternate reality of high fantasy.

Being that I felt better about pursuing erotic fiction, this was a result…



The power of the grenade exploding forced Sergeant Felis to dive for safety, taking his battle buddy Corporal Mus with him. They slid across the ground into a small downtrodden dwelling away from the streets where machine guns are blazing between the Coalition for the Unification of Nations Treaty (CUNT) and the Benevolent Order of Organized-Borders Sovereignty (BOOBS).

These two CUNT soldiers, Sergeant Felis the gray tabby cat man bearing authority and the size to match, and Corporal Mus the brown-furred mouse man of smaller size though much more devoted to his tasks, are fighting in a small run-down town in the middle of the desert region. They have earlier began the invasion in the city to secure a point for CUNT forces to push out the BOOBS. Everywhere around them, the chilling sound of machine guns rip through the air, bullets drill into the walls around them, and explosions blasting so suddenly all around the engagement zone.

Felis rolled right off of Mus hastily and leaped to beneath a window where he planned to peer from.

“Mess! Search this area! I got your six!” Felis commanded to Mus. Felis saw BOOBS fighters, mostly of cats, camels, jackals and scorpions, honing in on their position. He broke the window open with the muzzle of his rifle, and opened fire at them. Not much sooner, and he ducked for cover as return fire came his way, hitting the wall.

“Hooah, Fella!” Mus responded. He clenched his rifle tight, aiming ahead of him to search the rest of the room. He found a small door, and pushed it open, still aiming ready to fire. It was a stairwell, with no one in it. He searched the room to double-check.

“I’ve located a stairwell, all clear!” Mus shouted back at Felis.

Swiftly, Felis crouch-walked backward, facing the door they slid through, and made it to the stairwell. The radios sounded with a message as they went up the stairs, but two loud explosions rocked the building from nearby, stumbling the two soldiers off of their feet. Rubble from the building across the street spilled all over the street in front of the building.

“Shit, what did they say?!” Felis asked hurriedly, getting back on his feet.

“Base, this is Foxtrot. Please say again. Over.” Mus spoke into his radio.

“Foxtrot, this is Base. Air support has been deployed to Zone Sierra, ETA three Mikes. All details in Sierra have been advised, locate shelter away from open-sky, no higher than 1 floor. Over.”

“SON OF A BITCH!” Felis screamed angrily, slamming his fist against the wall. “Come on, Mess! Follow me!”

The two soldiers were at the top of the stairs. They saw the door to the next room and busted it open, to find two BOOBS snipers. Felis and Mus shot at them before they managed to return fire.

“Eat that!” Mus yelled out at the gunned-down snipers.

Felis and Mus threw the bodies out of the window and took over the position to begin sniping for the CUNT forces. They saw two more enemies with rocket launchers on one rooftop.

“Light ’em up, Mess! We gotta clear ’em for the air fire.” Felis told him.

The two fired at the enemy, but only one of the enemy fell. The other one quickly turned the launcher in their direction and fired a rocket before getting caught in the spray of lead.

“AH SHIT!” Felis screamed at the sight of the approaching rocket.

The two dove for safety, away from the window. The rocket smashed into the wall outside and blew out a fiery burst into the room with its power. Rubble had blown forward to Felis’s direction, and clunked him very hard to the back of his head.


Not a sound. Nor a sight.

Absolutely nothing.

Slowly, Felis’s eyes cracked open to see light after what felt like ages.

With only his desert camouflage uniform on him, Felis calmly woke up, unknowing of anything prior, face down on a bed of grass in the middle of an unspoiled forest, shined upon by a beaming sun in the holiest blue sky. He rolled over and slowly gets up on his feet to study the place around him.

“… Wh… Where am I?” He asked himself.

Not a sense of negative feeling or emotion. He wasn’t even tired or exhausted. Only curious of what is around him. When he turned around to scope the area, all he saw was the forest going deep for miles.

He started to walk forward to explore the area more. A glance over the small hill, there was the most beautiful female he had ever laid his eyes upon, kneeling on the ground petting the grass, in front of a small pile of wood that formed a shelter.

She is a cheetah woman, with long white vibrant hair, a beautiful complexion, a heavenly slender and young healthful body, and dressed in nothing more than a silk skirt, from the waist to the thighs. Truly a woman of nature.

Without a thought to race through his head, not to even greet her or find out where he is, Felis walked to her. When he got close, she slowly turned to face him. She smiled, not uttering a word to him. The warmth of her smile ushered Felis to smile back.

The glowing feelings between the two brought them to hold each other in their arms; to feel their warmth, their bodies, their heartbeats, and their every breath. The drew their heads closer to each other, first to nuzzle their faces, then to bring a slow, soft kiss to their lips. Neither of the two uttered a voice; only the sound of the lips locking and pulling apart slowly.

Their tongues rolled against each other, Felis probing into her mouth and bringing his arms up to her shoulders to embrace her closer to him. Her hands crept lower down to just above his love handles to pull his lower body in closer to her own, and she probed her tongue into his mouth in return.

Absorbing the brief passionate moment between their lips, the two then pulled apart, slowly and softly, looking each other in the eyes with a stare that warmed their hearts, enough that they smiled. Just as slowly, the woman lowered her body, running her hands along his tough sides, downward until she knelt, facing his groin.

She looked up at Felis, and from her unknowing expression, Felis got the idea. He undid his belt buckle and opened up his uniform trousers. He let his pants drop around his ankles, exposing everything below his waist, from the crotch to the legs. His cock had already started getting erect and grew underneath the bottom of his shirt.

The woman put her hands to the ground next to her knees. She nuzzled her snout in a ring around his penis, then rubbing the front of his sack with her nose. She moved herself back to bring one hand to his member and stroke him gently, close to her face so he can feel her breathing.

“Ahh…” Felis sighed, pleased with her masturbating him.

Fully erect, he took a deep breath as her hands glided over the texture of his stiffened penis with each stroke. She brought her lips to the tip of his head, pecking a delicate kiss on it, before taking in just the head. She lapped her tongue all around the head inside her mouth, over and under. Afterward, she started taking in his length to halfway down, and looked up at him with a visibly happy smile through her face, with his dick in her mouth.

Felis nudged up closer to her face, and with his hands cradled under the back of her head. “Ohh, yeah…” He murmured to himself, enjoying the treatment.

With lazy-slow sucking motion, the woman reared her head back a little, with him still in her mouth, and he rolled his fingers to usher her face back down his shaft, and continue blowing him like so. The wet of her saliva glazed along his shaft as she kept sucking him.

For Felis, the underside of his shaft began to pulse tight with the pleasuring. His orgasm began, and his loud groaning showed it building, step by step. He held on as long as he could, intensifying the pulse shooting through his every nerve in his member. The strength from holding back wasn’t enough, as he cried out louder and leaked a lot of pre-cum onto her tongue already.

She kept sucking, and he kept guiding her and holding in his ejaculate with all the strength he could muster. Not much longer, and he had to let go, blowing his semen into her mouth, glop after glop before spilling in lesser amounts.

“Ahh! God! Nnngh…” Felis cried out, wrenching his face in the overwhelming contentment from ejaculating, before huffing breaths to relax.

In finishing up, she took in the cum he spilled out to the last pulsation. Audibly, she swallowed what he had, and with her lips as she pulled him out, cleaned up along his shaft. She brought herself close to his legs to give him a hug; her hands grasping his butt cheeks and her muzzle between his genitals and his legs.

Felis moved himself lower to meet her face. He held her shoulders and moved to roll both of them over to lay on the ground together, her on top of him.

The two planted lightly rigorous kisses to their lips, and the passion between the two began to heighten. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and he moved his penis with his hand to insert it into her pussy, hiding underneath her skirt.

He wasted no time in slipping the head past the lips and getting his shaft as far in her as he could. After locking place inside her, he brought his hands back up to press her closer to his lovemaking, making small thrusts with his hips to start humping her.

Felis mumbled delighted with the kissing action. She then put her hands on the ground on each side and lifted her head, arching as he kept fucking her. He brought his arms back down to the small of her back, just above her rump, and pushed faster in and out of her. She looked like she was enjoying it, eyes closed and mouth open as if gasping, but not a sound came from her still.

It was only a matter of time before his second ejaculation mounted way from this. He rolled his bust upward to hold tight to her as he kept going to ready up his next load.

“Come on baby. I’m feelin’ it. Mmh!” He grunted under his stress to keep up the pace and finish up inside her. He pressed his face into her shoulder, holding tight to his urges.

The climax made its way through. “Come on, here it comes, baby… Here we go…”

He clenched his teeth tighter and held her body closer to him, flexing back so she would be flat with him too. When he came, he made slow, but hard thrusts going inside her, grunting loudly. He did not spill as much as he did when she blew him, but the pleasure the two faced felt equally favorable.

“Ahh… Ah…” He huffed, relaxing for good, cradling her body on top of his own.

She was noticeably exhilarated herself. After he came, she slumped onto his body, obviously pleasured, and still catching her breath slowly to relax too. She rested her head just next to his head.

A moment later, they faced each other. After the engaging stare into their eyes, they again brought their lips together, but not in hasty fashion as earlier. This time, they took in every entity of the moment: the feeling, the love, the passion, the warmth, the texture, the mood.

Slowly, they parted lips, and again looked at each other, deep in their glowing love, for a long while.

“Darling, I love you.” He said to her, in his calmest voice, sincere of the feelings inside him from what has happened.

“Beep! Beep! Beep!” She said.

Felis looked at her, weirded out by her sudden ability to speak, let alone what she said.

“What?” He asked her, wondering what’s going on.

“Beep! Beep! Beep! Yes, he’s conscious!”

Slowly, everything he saw began to fade into a whole new image. The cheetah woman melted away in place of a medical technician with a mask on, waving a finger in front of his face.

“Eyes are moving. He’s almost stable. Get the records.” The technician said to another one in the same room. The technician asked Felis, “Can you hear me?”

“Wh… Huh, where am I?” Felis asked tiredly.

“Are you alright, Mr. Felis?”

“Huh? I- I guess…” Felis responded, beginning to wake up.

“Alright then. Right now you’re back home from the battle, here under our care at the infirmary. Your buddy, Mus… Right?”

“Right.” Mus replied from out of Felis’s view.

“Right. Mus pulled you out of the mess two days ago. You suffered a blow to the back of the head. Went through a coma for as long.”

“Mess… Where is he?” Felis asked groggily.

“I’m here, buddy.” Mus said, walking up to Felis. He had a cast that held up his arm.

“Mess, what happened to you?”

“I tripped down the stairs carrying you out before the air strike; fucked up my arm catching you. But it’s healing now. Otherwise, thank God we’re alive, right?”

“Yeah…” Felis answered, only recalling what he had gone through in his coma as a mirthful preference.


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