Kink Keep

Sometimes a trip through our imagined desires makes for a good relaxing break to take. That’s what this couple did at an unusual establishment.

I used to frequent a very old, yet surprisingly alive-and-well social-environment game popular with the Furry community called FurCadia, and the erotic destination to visit was known as Furrabian Nights, or FurN for short. A lot of the points to visit on the map allowed everyone with their own kinks to partner up with like minds and do what you probably expect goes on in them. This story was inspired by the concept.

Welcome to Kink Keep! The number one sexual tavern in all the land to fulfill your desires at any level.

Here at the Keep, we have a large romantic courtyard, spotted with lush greenery, fountains, and picturesque castle scenery just outside our main entrance. And in the back, we have an immaculate piece of the coastline, with only the purest sand and seawater for your shoreline moments. All of which is great for a romantic picnic, or the breath-taking kiss.

Inside is our castle-like tavern, where we provide our patrons with delectable cuisine, a variety of beverages from our stretch bar, and of course our signature service, the Dream Harem rooms, where you and your partner (or partners) can unleash your wildest inner desires any way you dream.

Want to get tied up and whipped? Don’t like the desert scenery? Perhaps you would like to do something that is normally shunned? Maybe it’s just the quality time you want to spend with your partner.

It can all happen here, at Kink Keep… You dream it, you do it!

Ramona and Jace have always wanted to visit the Kink Keep for everything it had to offer. Why the heck not, for two otherwise geeky lovers?

Jace is a mouse man of white fur and stocky build, with the unkempt appearance of a basement-dwelling nerd, sporting glasses, a black shirt of his favorite cartoon, and a raggy pair of shorts along with his hi-tops.

Ramona is a skunk woman, who is practically Jace’s female counterpart, physically and personally. Her hair is short in length, but poofy enough to tell she’s a girl. She wore the kind of clothing that totally stood her apart from her gender, like camouflage shorts and low-leg boots.

Walking through the front courtyard, they saw a few couples and groups enjoying their day in the nude, whether they’re enjoying a picnic or making out (nothing further than that on the courtyard grounds).

“I think I’m going to like it here.” Jace nodded approvingly.

Ramona nudged him and chuckled, “Oh hush, you.”

They walked up to the front door and walked in. A rather quiet and quaint interior, with only the mumbles of the naked customers and the dim lighting filling up the castle-like architecture of the place. All along the stretch bar were the couples, groups, even singles, all enjoying a drink of every kind, from beer and wine, to high-proof spirits and mixed drinks. The tavern patrons at the tables were eating peacefully with each other.

Clearly, this was a lover’s paradise.

Jace and Ramona turned face to the bar to start their visit. The bartender, a holy-white griffin woman with a purple toga, came to the couple.

With the warmest, heart-touching salutation, she greeted them, “Hello and welcome, to the Kink Keep. My name is Sera. How may I serve you?”

“Wallbanger.” Jace answered outright.

Ramona looked at him astonished and told him, “You could sound a little nicer than that…” Then she turned to the bartender and said in a much nicer tone, “Sorry about that. Yes please, a Wallbanger for him, and an Orgasm for me.”

Sera replied, “That’s quite alright. M’kay, a Wallbanger and an Orgasm coming up!” She went and prepared the drink.

Jace said to Ramona as he put the money on the bar, “Alright, I’ll give you that. I mean, look at how nice it is in here.”

Ramona nodded. “We can leave the nasty stuff outside, or later on, inside.” She winked.

Sera came back with the drinks. “Here you go.” She said to the couple.

Ramona asked, “Hey I have a question about the Dream Harem rooms… Like, how do those work? This is our first time here.”

Sera reached under the bar for a small brochure and put it in front of the couple. “Very simple. Down the halls this way, we have a whole bunch of rooms, which are those Dream Harems. In those rooms, anything you come up with in your mind is your entire sexual frontier; it happens right there in that room, in vivid detail. You can simply walk in and masturbate and that’s the end of it, or let your mind wander with endless possibilities, and those rooms will portray it. It’s like a very, very lucid hallucination, and whoever’s in the room with you is there with you, and anyone else you picture is purely imagination.”

Ramona pointed out, “So like, I can do exactly whatever I want, with whoever I want, however I want, in those rooms?”

Sera nodded. “Precisely. No holds barred. No sickness, no pregnancy, no torn relationships, no worries, no disgusts. It’s like a super-masturbation. Your fantasy feels like reality while you’re in the room imagining it.”

“I like the sound of that.” Jace said.

After they finished their drinks, Jace and Ramona made way to the hall of the Dream Harem rooms. They found one room vacant, and took it up for them to share.

They walked into an adequately-lit black room, with nothing more than a black bed with black tapestry surrounding it.

“Well, I think we just get in there and make love; see what happens.” Jace guessed.

Ramona already started undressing, throwing her top off to the side of the bed. She sat down on the bed to take off her shorts too, leaving her only in her undergarments.

Jace did the same. When he was down to his briefs, he rolled into bed and took Ramona with him, in his arms. The two lovers faced each other, and took a long, deep kiss.

“So we imagine where to be and we’re there, right? So where should we go? Let’s picture it, baby.” Jace whispered hotly into Ramona’s ear.

“Mmm… Just to experiment, let’s see what happened…” Ramona whispered back.

She brushed aside the tapestry of the bed, and what was once a plain black room is now a manicured and beautiful but desolate town park, complete with a pond, some benches, a picnic area, biking trails, bridges, and more.

“No way…” Jace said, amazed at what had happened. He thought to himself, “This could make for so many creative ideas to have a good lay.”

The two of them walked out of the bed and to the benches. Ramona was equally amazed from touching the benches. It felt like she was really there, holding on to the wooden texture of the bench.

“Jace…” Ramona started, taking off the last of her clothing. “Fuck me. Right here.”

Jace complied, and took off his briefs. The two were completely naked and horny, ready to give this dream a run.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck in a park like this, and now I can without shame! BANG ME, JACE!”

Ramona spread her legs apart and leaned over on the seat of the bench, ass in the air and ready for him to mount her. She put her fingers in her pussy and rubbed in and out of it.

“Ooh!” She moaned, picturing what’s to come.

She opened her pussy with her fingers, and Jace brought his hard-on to the lips of her vagina, rubbing around it before completely mounting into her. He grabbed her waist firmly and pushed in and out of her.

“Oh God, Jace! Yes! More!” She cried happily.

The thrill of living her fantasy, being this open in a public scene without anyone around, and getting poked by her lover, put her in such a healing state of mind that made her body succumb to the pleasure.

Jace got creative. He pictured one more of him in the park, also as nude as he is, standing in front of Ramona. His clone fed her his own dick, beginning an unforgettable three-way with two of Ramona’s mate and herself.

As she sucked off his clone, the real Jace grabbed her leg and held it upward to part her legs more. She felt much more vulnerable and savored every moment of this trip.

“You’re welcome, baby. I’ve always liked the picture of spitroasting.” Jace said to her, still thrusting into her.

She had no answer, as she was overwhelmed with the gripping might of her building orgasm taking over her body as their dicks penetrated her from both sides. She moaned for more like she was crying for it, even with the clone’s dick in her mouth. This had Jace aroused; to hear his mate urging for this.

“Alright, let’s finish this and it’ll be my turn…” Jace said to her.

With all he had held in since fucking her, he finally pushed in deep and unloaded deep into her flesh. His clone did the same, coming into her mouth. The two Jaces rested as the last of their cum dripped inside Ramona. She took in every minute of this, finishing off by swallowing the clone’s semen and then licking it clean.

“Alright, my turn.” Jace said warmly, and pulled out from her vagina, putting her leg down, then wiping his penis on her butt cheeks.

In a flash, the whole park scenery became a bondage dungeon, loaded with leather and chain gadgets and lit entirely by torches and candle light. Ramona was dressed in a dominatrix outfitting of tight leather, including a mask, corset, and boots, armed with a horsewhip. Jace, in the complete nude, was bound by handcuffs behind him and shackles to his ankles, sitting before her. He was as erect as he had been with her at the park, though even more aroused from this dream.

“Real creative.” Ramona snickered.

“Thanks, mistress.” Jace winked.

Ramona cracked her whip against the wall. “Kneel before your mistress!”

Jace wriggled his way up onto his knees, and she walked up to his face. He was staring straight at her cunt.

With her own imagination, Ramona put in her other hand a leash and collar, and put on a strap-on. She wrapped the collar around Jace’s neck and pushed him forward so his face was planted to the dungeon floor and his ass was up for the taking.

“Who’s my bitch!?” Ramona shouted.

“I’m your bitch!” Jace replied.

The constriction. The vulnerability. The trade of roles. The submission. These emotions hugged Jace tightly, the pleasure could be heard in his pained voice.

She fitted the strap-on just right before getting behind him. She pulled on the leash to hold his face away from the floor, and she got behind him to begin the pegging, sticking the dildo end slowly into his ass.

“Ah-ahh!” Jace whimpered, with each inch of her dildo digging deeper in his butt.

“Stop whining!” Ramona commanded, smacking the whip across his butt.

“OW! Yes, ma’am!” Jace tried to comply, but only reduced his painful pleasure to a loud, bullet-biting hum.

She went into him, up against his butt cheeks. She yanked on the leash until his head was arching backward as if any more would face her.

“Now the fun begins, my little slave.” Ramona said in a calm, devious voice.

Not too fast, and not too slow, she pushed into his butt and repeated. The dildo sliding in and out of his ass rubbed snugly through the inside. The dildo sloshing in and out and her waist hitting his ass were quite audible, even underneath his muffled moaning.

“Ohh, mistress… Claim me! Own me!” He cried, caving in to the emotion of his own submission to her dominance.

“Shut up and come for your mistress!” She said, and yanked the leash again.

He cried out a thankful moan. With the dildo pushing against his flesh, he felt his penis quaking as if he was already coming. As his orgasm was building up inside him, he leaked pre-cum.

“I’m coming, mistress! Ngh…” He shouted.

He parted his knees as far as his shackles allowed him and left the vulnerability to her bidding. With one final thrust, she stayed planted deep inside him, and she dropped her whip to reach around him and masturbate him to the end. Still, she tugged on the leash to show place.

“Ahh! Ah! Ngh-ahh!” Jace yelled, blowing hard glops of cum onto the dungeon floor. He whimpered some more as Ramona kept stroking him, and he leaked a lot more all over her hand until he was finished.

Quickly, she dismounted him and yanked the leash to stand him up. She walked in front of him and fed him the cum on her hand for him to lick up and swallow. After he did so, she took off her mask, and the two kissed passionately, ending the level of dominance and submission and staying true to their romance.

The dream was over. They were back in the same black room they were before their adventurous ride, right in the same bed they started in.

“That was… Amazing…” Jace said.

“No kidding… We’re totally coming back here.” Ramona agreed.

“What do you say we go to the back side and watch the sunset by the beach?” Jace asked Ramona.

“Alright, sounds good.” Ramona answered.

The two left their room for the beach, passing another couple on their way to what they have coming for them.


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