Lavish Ravish

Being rich has its perks; sometimes physically.

The whole wealthy-folk scene inspired me to bring up this one.

I also realized a fun coincidence with this one. I wanted to use a last name similar to “Diego”, and used “Digo”, which happens to be the currency used in Furcadia, for “Digital Gold.

Welcome to the immense baroque mansion home of Dietrich VonDigo. Dietrich is the richest youngest best-looking Dachshund this side of the European continent. He dresses in the finest tuxedo suits, uses the most exotic colognes, and rides in the most robustly designed limousines. He has it all.

One beautiful day, Dietrich seats himself at the massive table in the dining hall. His butler, an old beaver named Bogard, brings a gourmet meal of Veal and Seasoned Steak to his master.

With a low butler slur in his obedient response, Bogard said, “Your meal… Sir…”

He placed the platter on the table in front of Dietrich, bowed, and left the room. Dietrich picked up his napkin and used it for a bib. He grabbed his utensils, and began to eat.

Halfway through the meal, his maid, a wheat brown mouse girl named Helga, came in, dusting the decorative statues and paintings. She wore the famous skimpy maid suits, of black garments and a white lacy apron. She had a round juicy rump, a thin trunk, and the cutest mouse face, with one solid front tooth looking like it was two teeth.

She turned around and curtseyed to Dietrich. “Good afternoon, sir!”

Dietrich looked up at her as he almost took a bite. He lowered the fork, smiled and nodded at her.

“Good afternoon, Helga! How are you today?”

She lowered her eyelids and smiled. She said, “Just fine. Okay, back to work.” She turned around and went to a statue to dust and wax.

Dietrich continued to eat his meal, thinking to himself, “She works a bit too hard…”

Dietrich took another piece of the Veal. Helga bent over to clean the bottom end of a statue. As she bent, her black skirt rode up dangerously high, revealing her white lacy panties. Dietrich looked up and saw how her rump cheeks were showing as she bent.

At this luscious sight of her buttocks, he jokingly went, “Mmmmm!”

Helga stood up and looked at Dietrich. “I see you like the meal I cooked, sir! Thank you!” She smiled and bowed.

Dietrich shook a second and smiled, “Yes, it is good! Thank you for it.” Even though he meant her ass.

Dietrich took the last bite out of his meal. He dabbed his snout with the bib he made, cleaning his mouth. He got up from his seat and fixed up his suit.

He cleared his throat and snickered, “Hm, Ms. Helga. When you can, please clean the table too. Oh, and do meet me upstairs…”

“Yes, Mr. VonDigo.”

Dietrich left the room to his upstairs hallway, and Helga got straight to cleaning off his table.

In the upper floor, Dietrich leaned casually against the wall, next to a door. He heard the light footsteps of Helga on her way.

When she made it to the last step, she looked at him inquisitively and asked, “You called, sir?”

“Yes, come inside. I must speak to you.”

He beckoned her to come follow him into his bedroom. His bedroom was so ornately finished with gold, mirrors and lit candelabras; one could swear they’re back in an Eighteenth Century palace, with its fine details.

Helga followed Dietrich into his room, as he stepped over to the mirror on his dresser. He sat down on the chair in front and faced her. He put his leg on top of the other in a casual fashion, and looked into her lovely eyes.

“Helga, my dear beautiful maid. My delight.” He reached his hand out to her, and she grabbed on, and he lightly tugged her closer to him.


She looked at him still inquisitively, but flattered with his charismatic words of how lovely she is. He let his other hand caress her cute face and tap her snout.

“My love.”

That just surprised her, but she smiled, just so not to let down Dietrich.

“Will you kiss me?”

Her eyes opened wide in a peculiar shock. She did feel compelled to kiss such a polite, decent dog, but it felt so sudden for her.

He stood up and budged his face closer to hers. She did too, until both of their lips touched. Dietrich slowly hugged his arms around Helga, as she did back to him. They both closed their eyes warmly, as they kissed each other in a slow, soothing passion.

But the romance only began. Dietrich motioned Helga and himself closer to his massive bed that was covered with a valuable decorative cotton-stuffed silk comforter. Dietrich budged themselves onto his bed and continue the romantic kissing. It did get somewhat fiery between them.

Dietrich’s arms moved faster over Helga’s body, and she worked him faster, licking him all over, from his neck to his canine mouth. They both whimpered at the love they began to feel between them. They rolled over still making out, with Helga on top of Dietrich.

Dietrich then moved to sit up straight. Helga got up and pulled him up with her. Now she straddled on her haunches on top of Dietrich’s lap. They kissed even more, as their grunting got a little louder with the pleasure they were feeling. As Helga fidgeted her body to get a better kiss for Dietrich, her rump rubbed against his crotch. She then felt something hard she was sitting on… Dietrich’s doggy boner!

It felt miraculous for her to feel this riding up her crack through her undergarments. It also made her feel good to hear her new lover to groan at her rump moving along his cock. He even gave tiny waist thrusts to add to the feel of a dry hump. She started to grow aroused with this thrusting. It was like Dietrich was mating with her, the way his penis rode along closely to her pussy through their clothing. She slowly took off his suit blazer and undid his tie and shirt buttons.

Dietrich lowered his hands and slowly undid her maid outfit. It fell around her hips, leaving only a white brassiere left to hold her supple breasts. He undid her bra from her back, and he took it off to drop beside them. He lowered his snout and licked slowly from the round of her teat and over her nipple. She gave an aroused moan, now that she was pleasured by dry hump, and Dietrich licking her bosom.

Helga moved with his thrusting, and she felt even hornier. She reached to his fly and unzipped him. She fidgeted to grab his boner and take it out from his pants. She took it out with a startle: What a huge throbbing cock he had! No wonder it felt so good for her. She let it under her skirt and rubbed the tip against her clitoris through her panties. She gasped slowly as she made his dick rub her. This thrilled Dietrich, too.

He moved Helga backward on her back, as he fussed his belt buckle and unbuckled it to fully pull his pants down. He pulled it down to his knees and bent over to pull down her panties and maid garments. She was now completely naked, and all Dietrich had on him was his pants, only up to his knees, covering his shin. Dietrich moved closer to Helga, and grabbed his penis. He rubbed it along the rim of her pussy, and then he let go, lay down on top of her, and buried his bone into her.

Now their groans were much more audible. She felt so horny the way Dietrich’s huge dick took up all of her vagina, and Dietrich liked how hot she felt inside as he entered her.

Bogard the butler walked across the hall, overhearing the two lovers grunting their love over one another. He shrugged and walked off giggling, telling himself, “To be young again…”

Dietrich stuffed his dick deep into Helga with forceful pleasuring pushes into her. He liked how with each push, it made her breasts jump a little, and she liked how he was kissing with each thrust he gave into her. Suddenly, Dietrich’s tail perked up. He felt his orgasm coming.

He groaned louder and pushed faster and harder into her, as if he was trying to go any deeper into her. She rode her hand over her clitoris and fingered herself. To her, her finger and his penis felt like two penises urging to get in her. Her orgasm was coming stronger too. Hers came earlier, as she leaked her warm wet love juice all over his cock. He felt very soothed and slicked to feel that wet trail with each of his thrusts.

He felt it coming. He felt the semen on its way out into her. He gave his last push, then hesitated and moaned loudly, as he ejaculated his thick, rich, warm seed deep in her. He took a long breath and relaxed on top of her from the orgasmic climax, and Helga did so as well.

Dietrich took one more easy breath and rolled off of her. He put his legs over the bedside and shook off his pants, then moved back onto the bed, and hugged Helga on his side. Helga moved and cuddled closer to Dietrich, as she started to kiss him, and they both made out in their nude, in a romantic way, for the rest of the day ahead.


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