Mediterranean Embrace

Two women lovers have their special moment together, hidden from their peers.

I absolutely crave the Mediterranean environment. Marble buildings, togas, balmy coastlines, exotic music; the works!

Blend it with the awesomeness of anthropomorphic animal lesbians and my hands, and this was the result.

It was originally going to be two mammalian species, and with not even a hint of back-story, but that would have been way too plain and short. So I worked with it some to breathe a bit of life into it.

In an ancient civilization of the Mediterranean, there was once a tiny village. This island village had the graces of aquatic design in its culture, with turquoise, marble, and gold colors strewn across the town environment. The citizens lived their daily lives in routine. Fishers fished, potters made pots, children played, families ate. Within this quaint village, reside two women: Madena the wolf, and Lyssa the dolphin.

Friends since childhood, Madena and Lyssa are of the few women across the region who have not been mated yet, even at their ripe adult age. In a matriarchal village such as theirs, their own family and friends speak of encouraging them to have the right men, but for all the years passed, there was no avail. However, with everyone pushing the prospect of them finding the right men, despite living in a matriarchal society where the women take stake on the men, they haven’t had any fortune for themselves.

In light of this, they still continue to live their lives as they always have, by doing things together as the friends they are. What their peers do not know, however, is that their lifelong bond had explored in new horizons about themselves, not only as closest friends, but as lovers, to cover the void of their need of a mate to trust their life to.

It all began a long time ago, just as the girls had blossomed into adults. Once upon a time, the girls camped in the wilderness not too far outside of the village together. When evening fell upon them, they were sitting on the hillside next to each other, looking over the village. The two looked at each other. The solitude of the wilderness, the trust they shared, their bodies being close, and looking each other in the eye, brought forth the door to their new-found secret.

The two felt they were at no chance to get the males they were pressed to get since their childhood. Their hearts had glowed with the love they shared for each other, but it was much stronger. From there, they brought their faces together and locked lips, sealing their fate as the secret lovers they have come to be.

Not too much longer after that time, and they had brought themselves to discover further what they truly felt for each other. One evening during sunset, Madena and Lyssa vacated from their peers to be with each other went to the village beachfront and relax with each other.

The soft blue waters graced along the tide line with rich sea foam left behind. The girls stepped into this foam walking along the front where the water had swept. The water rushed again and it washed over their feet. They lifted both of their loose togas from getting wet.

They both held their hands as they walked along. Madena kissed Lyssa’s cheek and grinned at her. She returned the favor with a kiss to Madena’s lips, and let go of her hand to rub the small of her back. Madena glowed a little more, and reached for Lyssa’s rump and squeezed lightly. Lyssa’s tail slightly lifted with arousal and she smiled sexily at Madena.

Madena stopped their trek, and turned Lyssa around to face her, to begin a passionate kiss on her lips. Lyssa started to hug her back and let her hands caress all of Madena’s back. This worked up both of their arousal. Madena slid her tongue into Lyssa’s mouth and Lyssa grabbed the back of Madena’s head and made out with exhilaration.

Madena slowly pulled down from Lyssa’s grip, and slid down to her bosom. She lifted a fold in her toga and it fell to the sand below, before she undid her own. She snuggled her snout between Lyssa’s breasts, then licked along the round of her teat until she reached her nipple. Madena started to teethe softly on Lyssa’s nipple. A moment later, she teethed on the other nipple. This sent a flaring tingle along Lyssa’s chest, making her groan happily as her breasts glowed with the pleasing feel.

Madena crept lower down to Lyssa’s navel. She started licking around her petite belly button, then went even lower past her mound, to lick her thighs, then inched back up to her pussy.

With both of her lips, she squeezed on Lyssa’s clitoris. Then she neared her snout to her pussy and licked the lips with her warm wet wolf tongue. Lyssa’s cunt opened up, as she let out another orgasmic breath from Madena’s cunnilingus.

Clenched in the pleasure, Lyssa wanted to return the favor. She eyed Madena and motioned for her to lay down.

Madena did just that. Lyssa then crouched down to Madena, and turned around. She got on top of Madena, facing her pussy, and opened her mouth to suck Madena. Madena did the same. They were in the 69 position, with Lyssa on top.

Madena tightly grabbed Lyssa’s dolphin rump near her tail, and Lyssa grabbed the wolf’s thighs, sprawling both of her hands around it.

Lyssa’s dripping saliva started to fall from her lips from sucking all over Madena’s cunt. Madena felt the pressure from Lyssa’s hard-sucking pull on her clit, and this sent a fresh rush between her legs. She let her tongue play with Lyssa’s clit, moving it back and forth and left and right. Lyssa liked how the little clit was being tickled so playfully with Madena’s wolf tongue, flowing an invigorating orgasm through her.

Lyssa budged and Madena stopped licking. Lyssa then moved over to sit down so that her snatch touched Madena’s, and Madena picked herself up. She wrapped her right leg over Lyssa’s left, and Lyssa did the same with Madena. Both of their lips touched, and they made rhythmic waist motions, rubbing their red-flushed pussies together.

As they rubbed, their vaginas had it the most intense. Their clits touched and rubbed each other, and this made both of the girls cry as their climax built its way. With each grind around their lips, their love juices made loud sloshing between their flaps.

Before they hit their point, Lyssa grabbed Madena and held her close and tight. They planted their tongues into each other’s mouths, while still pushing their pussies against each other, clenching their legs tight to hug the same. The gripping feel of their climax brought forth their intense, pleasurable conclusion. They gasped, and relaxed back on the sands beneath them, with their love holes still touching, and now leaking from their feel.

Madena shifted away and over next to the relieved and resting Lyssa. She gave her a peck to her cheek, and snuggled next to her closely. She turned over the dolphin and spooned her.

Madena let her arm over Lyssa and touched her dolphin teat, fondling with her nipple. Lyssa’s hand reached back and stroked Madena’s rump, then brushed her hand over her wolf tail.


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