Mine Shaft

Two miners deep in a mine go deep in each other.

Just the word “shaft” made me think this one up. Mines being a rough and dirty place where men work added some matching flair for this one.

Deep in a coal mine, the miners are hard at work. Thwacking into the walls repeatedly and breaking the coal out of the walls was the name of the game. It’s a dirty, unforgiving sort of job, but someone’s gotta do it, and for good pay.

Thus was the motive for Rick, an enormous, heavily-built, brown-furred mole man. Natural to his species, this meant easy money, let alone his raw muscle power adding to it.

Today was going to be different. He was scheduled to be the one helping train a new guy on the job. Being that he’s familiar with the work and is praised for his quality, he was chosen to do the part in teaching fresh blood what he acquired in years.

His supervisor, a short stocky ant man, approached Rick, with the new trainee beside him.

“Rick. I would like for you to meet our new employee, Andrew. You know what to do. Show him the ropes.”

“You got it boss.” Rick responded in his gruff-sounding voice.

Both Rick and Andrew faced each other, extending hands to shake in greeting.

Andrew is a gopher man, much smaller than Rick, but still made for the job’s heavy labor. Where Rick is in it for the money, Andrew’s in it for the pure interest of the industry.

Rick asked, “Say, uh, Andrew… So tell me, is this your first mining gig or what? It helps to know what you know already.”

“Actually, no. This is my first time doing this sort of thing.” Andrew answered.

“You know what you’re getting into, right?”

“Of course I do! I seen this stuff on like, TV, since I was a kid. I love the whole mining thing.” Andrew smiled.

“Sure, the TV. Like all the kids do these days… Anyway, just do as I say. Right now, we’re breaking out some coal here inside the wall…” Rick snickered sarcastically, knowing what more Andrew has to learn.

Rick took a deep breath and swung his pick-axe backward to prepare for the hit into the wall. Already, his muscles were swelling from the energy built up for the swing. With a loud grunt, he swung the pick-axe from overhead and into the cavern wall, breaking out a handful of coal chunks.

“See that?” Rick pointed at the chunks of coal to Andrew. “That black stuff is the coal we need. After enough piled up, you just throw it all into the cart over there, and we bring it back to the surface. So, now let me see you hack away.”

Rick backed up for Andrew to take his first swing at the wall. Andrew straightened up and took a look at the wall, then brandishing his pick-axe with both hands. He readied for a swing into the wall with a deep breath.

Rick looked at this fresh blood prepare in the meantime. So young, virile, small in comparison but built rugged for his age, and already sweating through his fur and clothing. Just looking at his firm rump forming through his jeans broke Rick into a sweat.

THWACK! Andrew planted the pick-axe into the wall, and more coal fell to the floor.

Rick woke from his moment and looked at Andrew’s results. “Perfect. Now you know what you have to do for about eight hours of your time, give or take. Until we get a large pile, we’re gonna keep goin’.” Rick told Andrew.

And so it went. Rick and Andrew hacked away at the wall, Rick teaching Andrew more about what happens and who is who. After some time, the break bell went off all over the mine.

“Break time. We got an hour to rest, boy.” Rick stated. He put his pick-axe down and sat on the floor. Andrew did the same alongside him.

“Wow, this is tough stuff.” Andrew chuckled, wiping the sweat off of his brow.

“No kidding. Now do it for as long as I have.” Rick chuckled back.

Rick put his arm around Andrew’s shoulder. He brought his face closer to Andrew’s, looked him square in the eyes, and said to him, “Whether or not it gets better over time, you’ll only get crazier… The dust, the dark, the noises, the supervisors, all the men you see… Sometimes, the other guys forget they have wives if you know what I mean.”

“Uh, uh… I don’t, actually.” Andrew replied, unsure.

“Oh believe me, you will…” Rick said.

From there, Rick brought his face even closer to Andrew’s, beginning a kiss on his lips. This startled Andrew for a moment, before he took it in and kissed back; the two frenching slowly.

As they kissed, Rick held Andrew’s wrist, and brought the hand to his cock. Andrew felt Rick’s hardening urge through the thick jeans. Rick moved Andrew’s hand to grope him, and hummed relaxed at the sensation.

“Hmm…” Rick thought to himself. He stopped kissing Andrew and undid his fly to pull out his erection through his jeans. He stroked it a little bit before nudging Andrew to do so for him.

Andrew wrapped his fingers around Rick’s cock, and began stroking it for him, eying the shaft as it went in and out of his grip before looking at Rick for another kiss. Andrew then looked down at the member again, and opened his mouth, ringing the head around his lips before enveloping the head in his mouth. He crept his head lower, and began to suck on it.

“Ooh… Yeah…” Rick panted. He closed his eyes and leaned against the cavern wall, resting one hand on the back of Andrew’s head, rubbing as if petting him.

Andrew stroked Rick’s dick between his lips and the base before letting go and taking a deeper go. He held underneath Rick’s thighs to hold close while he blew him. He hummed approving of the taste with the thick of Ricks’ meat inside his mouth with each sucking motion.

Then, Andrew released Rick’s penis from his mouth to lick upward the shaft to the tip, flicking smaller feathery strokes with the tip of his tongue, then swallowing the penis again to continue blowing. Rick gasped, ravenous of the sensation of his head tickled by Andrew. He held to Andrew’s head tighter, and motioned him to begin bobbing up and down.

“Come on, boy. Don’t let me down. Ah…” Rick whispered loudly. His breathing grew heavy with each move building his climax.

“Ngh… Mmm…” Andrew murmured submissively in response, mouth still stuffed with mole cock.

Andrew brought his free hand to cradle Rick’s scrotum, very lightly moving his testes around with his fingers, still sucking him off. He stopped a moment to take a deep breath through his nose, and inched to take Rick’s entire length down his throat until his lips hit the base of his cock. He stood for a few seconds, taking in the moment, before gagging and climbing back up to finish.

“Oh man, kid… You’re too good at this.” Rick cried out quietly to him.

Andrew took Rick’s cock out of his mouth to respond, “Heh… Thanks, I, I guess.”

“Allow me to finish.” Rick stated with a wink.

Rick stopped Andrew from the blowjob and got up from his seat. “Get up and face that wall, boy.” He snickered.

Andrew did just that. From his seat, he got up and walked over to the wall, and rested his hands against it. He leaned inward slightly to protrude his ass out, knowing what’s coming for him.

Rick got behind Andrew, dick still hanging out of his fly, and undid Andrew’s pants, to pull it down just past the thighs to reveal his young fruitful butt. Rick undid his own pants to bring it down the same way he did for Andrew. He then wrapped his arm around Andrew, putting his hand onto his belly, caressing along the top of the fur, and leaning his body up against him.

Andrew felt Rick’s urging length already rubbing near his crack, and his own penis beginning to grow in the position he is in now. Rick pulled Andrew’s shirt up to reveal his toned muscular back.

“Delicious.” Rick muttered at the sight with a lustful grin. He grabbed his penis and made way to begin entering Andrew’s butt, first climbing from the bottom of the crack, upward to the hole.

“See, this is what I mean, we forget we have wives. We’re so stressed here, we do each other. And even then, I don’t have a woman. Do you?” Rick inquired.

Andrew answered, “No, no I don’t.”

“Good, because you’re gonna get used to this. I like you already. Nice, young, and healthy, like I like my women… Are you ready?”

“Mhm.” Andrew nodded.

Rick poked through Andrew’s hole, just the head in, and leaned against him, pressing his chest against the coal-coated soil wall.

“Ahhah!” Andrew cried out pleasured, lowly but with voice.

“Shh, not so loud.” Rick told him quietly.

Slowly, Rick crept his cock further and further, deeper inside Andrew. “Ahh, yes, that’s it… Nice and tight…” Rick sighed.

Andrew’s body weight being against the wall and ass outward to Rick held him open, but he tried to keep it as tight as he could for Rick, considering how much thicker Rick’s dick is.

Then, Rick started to fuck him, slowly in and out. With each push inward, it rubbed the whole front of Andrew’s chest into the dirt wall, and he moaned as each part of his butt filled up with Rick entering him in each thrust.

“That-a-boy. Do me proud.” Rick whispered into Andrew’s ear before gently biting him on the neck to hold tight as he fucked him.

Each push in, Andrew whined with the fullness inside him. His own dick had already grown full and erect, with each of Rick’s thrusts rubbing inside so deep.

“Oh, Rick… Fuck me… Ngh, agh…” Andrew groaned out.

Rick didn’t listen. His orgasm from earlier had already built up on itself enough that his thrusting got faster and harder. All that was on his mind was to fill this young man in the ass with spooge. To feel the ownership for the time spent inside him. The claim would soon be laid, as Rick is nearing climax.

“Come on boy. I’m coming…” Rick grunted.

Andrew just whimpered pleasured in response. His penis already trembled nearing climax, and he gripped what he could of the cavern wall tightly.

With a few more thrusts in, Rick then pressed all of his weight into Andrew’s back to press him harder against the wall, hitting the peak of his climax. With his final pushes, he unloaded his mole cum deep into the gopher’s butt.

“Ahh!” Rick gasped, clenching his face tight as he pumped more seed deep into Andrew’s ass.

Rick then reached around for Andrew’s member to finish him off as well. He jacked him off swiftly to do so, whispering into his ear, “Good boy. Now let’s finish up.”

Just as well, Andrew tensed up at the peak of his orgasm. He held in his load as long as he could before he came, with one expulsion having splat onto the wall, leaving the rest to spill in glops falling to the ground and down Rick’s fingers. “Ahhhh God…” Andrew moaned out as he finished ejaculating.

Both men stopped where they were, panting relaxed as their activity slowed to an end. They then cleaned up what they spilled into their own underwear, and tidied themselves up again, as if nothing had happened, and totally rested on their break.

Rick joked, “I just might want to keep you as my mining partner.”

Andrew laughed. “Gee thanks. Let’s see how I do the rest of the day, hm?” He winked back.

The break bell rang again, and it was time for everyone to go back to work. Not too much longer, and the ant supervisor showed up to see the two at work.

“Mister Rick!” The supervisor exclaimed with a grin.

“Yes, boss?” Rick responded.

“How’s the trainee here?”

The supervisor got a look at Andrew, seeing his face partially coated in dust.

“Rick’s got you working good, huh Andrew? See he’s a good guy, he’ll teach you everything you need to know. Stick around here, and who knows where you’ll go.”

Andrew agreed and gave Rick a friendly pat on the back. “Yup. Thanks a lot, sir.”

The supervisor bid them goodbye to see the next crew.

Rick and Andrew gave each other a buddy handshake before going back to thwacking into the cavern wall for more coal.


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