Perverse with the Nurse

This guy takes a whole new level of how medical staff handle their patients well!

This was the first erotic story I wrote, believe it or not. This is where the silly sides of my erotic works hail from.

Hey there. My name’s Troy. I’m a fox guy, like most other people where I’m from. Me, I think I’m pretty fuckin’ sexy, but everyone else that walks down the street doesn’t raise an eyebrow. I guess I’m not ugly, heh, and that’s all I care for as I’m around people. It’s all in the charisma, you know. It especially kicked into work this one day, and I got lotsa luck out of it, too! Check this out.

So one day, I was bored as hell. I sloshed around the house doing nothing but pace. Once in a bit, I’d do something. I dunno, say, a few minutes of a shooter game, a snack, you name it. One little thing, however, was when I decided to surf the Internet, and I got those damn pop-ups. One of those pop-ups hit me with a spark of interest.

This pop-up was a porno ad. I giggled horny-like at those model babes, the way they tease themselves with dildos and each other. A few men were in the ad, but that caught me no interest. No! I’m not gay! Well, maybe… Just a tad. All right, they look okay, just that they are not my idea of a night together, you know? Other than that, just looking at these animal models turned me on some. The way they screw and all.

Well, I dazed myself into this one ad. Just staring at how these models made contact turned me on. Yeah, and my pants felt tight. I wanted to look further into the site. I clicked the ad, and the website came up on screen. More hot models. I stared with this crazy-ass horny grin, looking at all of the models fucking. They even had a few themes. There was a maritime pic, an Ancient Greek pic, a futuristic pic, and, the one that hit me that one day, a medical pic.

Damn, if I could say anything more, this one pic turned me on so hard. It was a picture of a cute light brown tabby Cat chick dressed in a nurse outfit topless, standing and jacking a horny Squirrel guy patient off, as he sat on the exam bed. It didn’t even look like he was sick, the way his head tilted back with his mouth smiling open. The nurse looked like she was enjoying it too. She looked like she was smiling and licking her lips for the pearly surprise to come.

Well, as you know now, it was this picture that made me all too horny. I wanted to fuckin’ screw with that nurse. I wanted to masturbate to this. But then, it came to me! Why not have it happen for real?!

I smirked so evilly with this sick intention. I ran from the computer desk fondling my crotch, makin’ sure it’s firm. I go and get my keys from the kitchen table and go out the door to my car. It’s not too old; just a yellow sedan from a few years ago.

I got in the car real fast and tripped inside. That’s how I got this bruise on my arm. I got up on the seat then, and I turned on the car to make my fast move from point A, my driveway, to point B, the local infirmary. As I drove there, still fondling myself to keep the boner, I ran a few red lights and went a little too fast. When I got there, I made a sharp turn fast into a parking space.

Oh, and a little lesson for the moment… Never drive horny!

Anyway, so I get outta the car and stop my rushing attitude, just so I can step in more relaxed. Remember, my charisma. I walk in the doors, lookin’ all casual, trying to work me up without going flaccid. I went to the receptionist to set up today’s ‘appointment’. She was a rather rotund beaver lady. With that scratchy smoker’s throat voice, she was like, “Okay, the nurse will see you in five minutes, hon.”

So I says, “Okay,” and I walked to the waiting room and sat. Not too long later, and a young MILF of a mother bear with her sons, twin bear cubs, sit down next to me. She looked new to parenting, like with the child care books and everything. Well that just sucked. Here I am, trying to fondle myself to keep it up, now I got a mother around me. Worse, with cubs.

I did think of a sneaky little trick. I stuck my hand in my pocket, the side away from her, and bent my wrist over, so I can touch my dick with my hand. I fidgeted to do this, and unfortunately, the mother caught sight.

She was like, “Are you okay?”

And I’m like, “Yeah…”

She ‘had’ to ask on… “What’s the matter?”

I had to think of something fast, so I go, “Uh, sudden jock itch. I’m here to fix that. You?”

“My boys need their rabies shot.”

Oh, boy… I’m gonna hear lil’ kids cryin’ while I got this dream appointment comin’. I smiled back at her, still playing along. “Well, best of luck to them. Kids and shots, you know…”

She giggled all cutely, and one of the boys asked, “What are you talking about, mommy?”

“Nothing. Me and this man are only talking.”

“Is he Daddy?”

I was all shocked to hear this. A fatherless pair of boys, but that damn wood I got had to take control. I smiled all sexy and said, “Maybe.”

Not a pleasant surprise, I’ll tell you that. She glared and smacked me. I moaned from that stinging hot feel from her bear hand bitch-slapping me.

Then the PA called, “Troy Tusa to room 9, please. Mr. Troy, Tusa, to room 9 please.”

I got up from my seat rubbing my face, looking back at that ursine bitch. She glared back, and I gave her the finger. She gasped with anger and shielded her kids’ eyes as I went to my given room. She probably did something back, but I didn’t see and I didn’t care.

I went in the room. A quaint little room, with only a desk and a exam bench. I hopped my fox butt on the bench, and masturbated a little more fiery, of course still in my pants. Oh did it feel good to fuck my own hand. I can’t wait.

Then, the nurse came in and I jumped my hand out of my pants. Forget stroking with my hand! Damn, she was fuckable! I tell you, the hottest fuckin’ panda girl! I wanted to shove my cock so far up her round tight panda ass, her mouth would dribble my dick dribble, first push!

“Hello, Mr. Troy Tusa.”

I smiled and said, “Hello, nurse.”

She walked closer to me with a clipboard writing, and asked “Okay. So what’s the problem? How can I help?”

I look down one second thinking of how to continue this little ditty, and when I did, I saw her big titties. They looked like they wanted to spill out from her chest, how they bulged through her cute tight uniform.

I stuttered, “Uh, uh, my, uh… Thing…”

She interrupted me and said, “Don’t be embarrassed, sir. You can talk dirty or science with me. I’m supposed to know what’s wrong, so I can help you out. Now what is it? Relax…”

I nod and tell her, “Okay… I feel a little somethin’ on my crotch. Can you tell me what’s going on?”

She nodded and asked me to pull down my pants. Feels just like she wants me to take it off for foreplay!

I unzip and unbutton my pants, and pull it down to my knees. Then I pull down my underwear to my knees too. I am pretty much crotch-naked and erect in front of this fuckin’ hot panda nurse chick. She puts on her rubber gloves and grabs my dick.

“Troy, is it around the top, bottom, maybe your testicles?”

That clicked an idea… “Eh, testes…”

She felt around my scrotum, searching for the problem, and I took it as a sexual favor. It felt great! A hot panda nurse bitch jingling my fox balls with her rubber gloves!

She asked, “Sir, I don’t really feel anything. What do you feel? A lump? A sore?”

I take another minute to think. Yeah it’s hard to get the hottest people to masturbate you without them knowing. I gotta remember! The charisma!

“Once in a bit, it’s a weird sensation. It also climbs my penis, too.”

Her hand went straight from my balls to grasping my erect cock like a handle. On my cock! Damn, this was gettin’ better! I would have already fucked her twice if I was allowed to.

“Okay Troy. Now where on your penis is it?”

I beckoned slowly, “Up… No a little lower… No, up…”

I repeated up and down, and her hand followed my every word. Of course she found it weird she still couldn’t find the imaginary spot on my phallus, but I just found it all too great. I’m being masturbated, with verbal trickery.

As I repeated up and down, and so did her hand, I began to fantasize to this, like my poker just felt ready. I was imagining all sorts of stuff. I ass-fucked her, rammed her pussy, raped her mouth, humped between her boobs, made her masturbate me with raunch, any kind of fuckin’ thing you wanna do to a hot panda bitch! Damn, was my dick freakin’ teased! Well, despite all this good feel… It happened! I felt a strong climaxing orgasm quake my cock!

She looked at me and said, “Sir, can you point it for me? I’m beginning to think you have no problem.”

To put it short… Well… I ran out of time.

Yes. I came.

It shot pretty freakin’ strong, too! Like a huge thick glop landed on her cheek, and the rest leaked from the hole down her rubber glove.

I groaned and said, “Oh God! I don’t feel the pain anymore! Thank you!”

She didn’t take it calmly, however. She ripped off the cum-coated glove and gasped out of the room. She might’a thought my fake cock-in-pain might be diseased. She went to the bathroom and soaped her face clean of my fox spooge.

She walked back in all angry. “You brought yourself here to fix your fuck problem with me!? Get out! Now!”

I got off the bench fast, putting on my pants, and out the door I go. She slammed it hard! Looking back, I leave the infirmary back to my car, and back home. Half-frightened, half-horny. I’ll tell you what though, her masturbating is awesome!

Oh, shit! The 5-0! She must’ve phoned them! Alright, I gotta run!


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