Need your car serviced? This lady got herself serviced too!

This is an old piece I had to try and rewrite, due to losing the manuscript long ago. Even with rewriting it to make it sound like a corny porno act, it still seemed very sloppy to read and edit; between informal narrative and language.

For that reason, I heavily edited the story from its original form and the edit I did to it to try and fix it to be a little more comical. At first, the mechanics showed up to the customer’s house, but I found that weird, so I tried rewriting it to make it like the “TV Repairman” pornos where the serviceman showed up; complete with a conclusion of the characters being actors on set. Finally, with this edit, I decided to clean up the language and story entirely and keep the action where it belongs: at the shop and focusing on the action more than the story or my narrative observation of it. And finally, in the spirit of having some kind of humor in my work, I left alone the “porno act” part.

Some of these stories I wrote in my earliest adulthood; this was one of them. In turn, I admit it is not my favorite story, but having done this major edit enforced my decision to make my stories less depth and more sex from there on in.

Mechanics. For a decent pay, they fix your car. Stroll in, let them and their machines do the work, and pay them. Not too shabby a lifestyle. Well, for two workers at a station, it just got a little better.

A cougar man named Greg experienced this “better” day on the job. He looked impressive in size, with the muscle tone from the metal he works with. His partner is a leaner and shorter impala man named Dan.

Today, they were trying to fix a lovely lady jaguar’s coupe. Her name is Trina. She is a formal businesswoman, who looked attractive and classy, dressing clean and sharp as her career demands.

One rainy day before the shop closed, Trina taxied to their shop to pick up her car for tomorrow’s work day. She walked in and asked the mechanics for her car. They brought it down from the lift.

Greg said, “Well, ma’am. You needed a new set of brake calipers, your tie rods were falling apart, and the axle was out of whack. Here’s your car, and here’s the bill.”

She nodded to him, taking the bill from his hand and examining it. “Thank you… But wait, how will I pay this? It’s a lot.”

“We take credit card, but that will include tax, so your call.” Greg addressed.

Trina rolled her eyes aside, thinking of a way to pay. She then turned her face back to Greg and Dan, and started to undo her shirt from the top down to reveal a little more of her bust.

“Will this help?” She snickered to them, biting her lip.

They nodded with wide glowing eyes. She started with her hands gliding down her curved sides, then pulling off her shirt and bra. The boys dropped their drooling tongues. She licked her hand and rubbed one of her boobs. She could see their boners coming through their pants already.

Trina said sexily, “Come on, lover boys. Take it off…”

Greg and Dan both took off their pants and dropped them to the floor. They were completely erect. Trina took off her skirt, and she was partially naked, too. She knelt down and crawled to Greg’s dick.

She asked Dan, “You. Do my ass.”

He got behind her, fast.

She began to kiss Greg’s balls and stroked his dick. She licked along the bottom of his sack, then up along his shaft, then kissed under the tip of his penis. She teethed and suckled on his penis head, then engorged the whole of his dick down her throat and began the up-down along his member, in and out of her throat the whole way. Greg grabbed her head with both hands and helped her, going into her mouth with very little pelvic movement. He liked how it felt like he was fucking her mouth.

Danny spit into his hand and lubed his shaft until it sopped of his spit. He gripped onto her butt cheeks and rubbed his cock on her butthole. He saw how she already began to blow Greg, so he would begin now. He rubbed a little more on her hole. It felt pleasurable to him, how his impala penis caressed it.

He boned her enough to get in her harder; but rather, he reared up and slowly penetrated her ass. He crept his cock deeper and deeper into her butt. When he made it so far in her ass that he couldn’t push any farther, he backed up and went in her a little faster. His speed climbed with each push, and so did her moaning, but Greg’s penis plugged her mouth.

Dan continued ramming himself into Trina’s ass, and Trina continued sucking Greg. And this had gone on for a good two minutes in the bay before Greg and Dan felt their peak coming.

Greg nudged her head off of his penis and masturbated himself, holding her forehead back enough to face up at him.

“Taste me!” He stroked real fast, and he shot a thick puddle of warm sperm all over her face. A lot of it did get in her mouth. She gulped it and wiped off the rest of his semen off her face. She then licked her semen-soaked hand clean.

Dan was thrusting very fast at this point. The spit lube made him able to screw her tight orifice with some speed. He felt his orgasm get stronger, too. He took his dick out and stroked for only mere seconds until he exploded his impala jizz all over her back.

Both boys groaned from the pleasure, and Trina just knelt down on the floor, relieved from getting butt-fucked hard by Dan and sucking Greg.

“The car’s all yours, ma’am.” Greg sighed, smiling.

“Thank you and you’re welcome!” She winked at them.

Off from this scene, a voice goes, “CUT! Okay people, that was a good shot! That’s a wrap guys. Pack it up.”

To the side, the director mumbled, “Maybe we can throw in another four men, make it like an engine thing… V6, like two in the back, two in the hands, the mouth, the cleavage… In, out, in, out; like a piston chamber, right? Hah.”

The actors and crew got their pleasured selves up and cleaned themselves off. Trina went to get the spooge off of her. Greg and Dan went to wash off their cocks. Thus ends another day for our porn stars.

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