Pleasure Doing Business

A new employee did a job that got her a raise, but only after doing a job that gave something else a raise.

Another one of my first few stories I ever brought to the face of the Internet when I started years ago. It was a nice fix to the one thing I was shooting for in my erotic writing; to make some silly and light-hearted themes, along with my deeper ones.

In a city completely built with monolithic skyscrapers that envelop a bustling capitalistic economy within their walls, our story begins. We go to the top floor of an executive office building and see a CEO working on his papers. He is real busy with the work he has received and has to finish. Frequent phone calls bug him and he responds in the name of his business.

The CEO was an orange tabby cat man. Formally dressed, and nicely groomed. He was organized to such a point that he pretty much functioned like a robot. But don’t take it wrong. Even a busy man as him has personality.

As he filed and sorted through his papers, he raised one eyebrow at a small mistake he caught on the forms. He looked at them and found the signature’s bearer.

He pressed the PA button and asked politely, “Francine, please call Vicky to see me immediately.”

She replied, “Yes, sir.” A pause. “She is on her way from the 3rd floor.” He nods and turns his seat around to face the window.

After a few minutes of waiting to see this worker, the elevator doors open, and out steps an attractive business-suited vixen intern, Vicky. She was more worried than confident in this call. She was just hired a week ago. She saw the back of the CEO’s chair and a hand beckoning from the side of the chair.

“Come, Vicky. I have a small question about a form you signed.” Vicky calmed down a little, relieved she won’t be fired so early, but she still wondered what she did, that made this important call to the CEO.

She sat in one of the chairs in front of his desk. “Yes sir?”

He turned his seat around to face her. He stared at her with an aroused feeling. She looked so sexy to him. But he shook that off for a moment and considered the form she signed.

“I believe you signed this form…” He passed the form to her and she saw her signature.

“Yes sir. I have. Did I do something wrong I can correct for you?”

He slowly grinned at her and said, “Vicky… That is the deal that, in the future, can boost this business so far into prosperity, I am going to give you serious promotions and raises. I called you to personally thank you.”

Her eyes glowed with excitement!

He asked with a grin, “How would you like to be my, shall I say, Second-in-Command, when that time comes?”

Vicky couldn’t take it! Only a week in the business, and she already boosted her rank, right under the CEO, simply by signing an excellent deal for him. She jumped up in the air with joy.

As she was in the air, things went good for the CEO. He caught a glimpse of her body excited from the promotion. He also caught her boobs bounce as she landed. He felt turned on, smiling as he thought more into it.

“Thank you, sir!” She handed out her hand to shake his in thankful honor, but he raised his hand, and insisted.

“I have a better way to initiate, rather than a hand shake. Come to this side of the desk.”

She opened her lovely eyes even wider. She was going on the other side of the CEO’s desk! She got up from her seat and trotted to the other side of the desk. He faced her, and she faced him. She was waiting for what he would do next.

“This is personal; between us two… I will give you a lump sum $5,000 with all of your paychecks everyday as of until I grant you that promotion… If you do me, especially at anytime I ask you.”

Now she was in shock. A weird flustered mix of positive and negative shock. $5,000+ on all of her paychecks, just to have sex with the CEO. But she didn’t want to have sex; until she got someone she truly loved and wanted to procreate with.

“Uh, uh I dunno, sir. That’s a little, uh, overboard, don’t you think?” She asked, still confused.

“I’m telling you now… $5,000 on every paycheck, just to give me some good pleasure.” He answered.

She looked down at his crotch and saw an erection. She thought that this was the kind of moment he had been waiting for. Just looking at this boner even made her feel a little kinky.

“So, Vicky… What do you say?”

She looked at him one more time. He did dress nice. He was finely groomed. He was just good-looking enough to make her feel comfortable to make out with. She even considered his wealthy power, and all she has to do his let him violate her for a good time.

“Yes.” She nodded a little shaky at her decision.

“Look, Vicky, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I’m only asking because… Well… I need a little personal excitement in my life. You are preferable for that, and if you do me, I am forever willing to help you out to return the favor…”

She nodded. He nodded at her, and unzipped his suit trousers. He reached in his fly and pulled out his feline poker. She perked her head up a bit, as she saw how hard it was.

“Go under my desk and give me a hand-job. Give me head, too.”

She crawled under the leg space of his desk and knelt before him. He rolled in his chair, that his hard-on was closer to her snout.

This is it. If she sucks him, she gets an excellent bonus every week. If she doesn’t, it’s okay, but she won’t get the $5,000+ bonus. It did turn her on to see a hard penis on such a rich business cat. She shrugged to herself and grabbed his dick.

He hummed at her soft touch. She was surprised to actually touch his dick like this.

He smiled at her and said, “Go on… Play with me…”

She masturbated him lightly. As her hand went up and down his shaft, she felt every bump of his erection. This turned her on a little bit more. He sighed happily at her stroking rhythm. How soft it felt that her hands went up and down his cock.

She looked at him. He looked so relieved, like he never felt so good in his life. She felt kinkier, and she began to lick upward the underside of his cock. After three licks, she kissed his penis head, and rubbed it between her lips. Then she slid his rock-hard cock into her mouth, and began to suck on it like juicy candy.

He mumbled, “Oh, Vicky… This feels soooo gooood…”

She smiled at him, and continued to suck him hard. She bobbed her head up and down his penis, sucking harder and harder. She saw his hands grab on to the arms of his chair tight. She figured, he just started to build his orgasm.

“Oh… Ooh… Vicky! Ugh! That’s it baby! Ohh…”

She felt weird sucking her own boss and hearing this, but she was happy to turn him on. Suddenly, she tasted his salty pre-cum leaking through. She thought to herself, “This is it. He’s gonna come in my mouth.”

His waist started to nudge into her face very lightly. “Oh! Vicky! I’m coming! I’m coming! I-”

He exploded his kitty spooge into her mouth. She liked the taste of it, squishing its thickness around her mouth and taking in the flavor. She still felt weird for who she’s sucking, but she felt too horny to care. She savored every last drop of his sperm, and soaked the oral slosh around his cock in her mouth.

“Oh, God! Vicky! Oh, I want you! Fuck me now…”

She got up from under his desk, looking a little serious. “I certainly won’t fuck you! That’s for a special someone… Rather, I’ll straddle you and give a little dance. Most I can offer.”

He glowed and nodded. She climbed and sat on his lap, facing him. She rubbed her rump on his teased hard-on, slowly and with a steady rhythm.

“Ooh… Vicky… More…” He thrust his waist a little bit, as if he was dry-humping her, with his cock still hanging out from his fly, rubbing against her skirt by her crack.

She felt how good his dick was rubbing along her rump crack. Now she felt instinctively horny. She lifted the back of her skirt and pulled her panties low enough that they were around her thighs. She climbed on the desk and bent her ass to him.

“Ooh, yes! Give it to me! I’m horny!”

He climbed up on the desk with her, and lifted his cock. He moved her bushy tail aside and plugged his kitty penis into her butthole. She gave a long moan, with the tender sense of his cock up her butt. He began to thrust into her.

“Oh God! Vicky! Take me!”

He fucked Vicky’s hole harder and harder. She felt as if her hole was getting wider with every push he dealt. The CEO began to let out meows as he pushed into her ass. He grabbed both of her rump cheeks and thrust, then hugged her sides from behind, and pressed his cock into her tight rump harder.

“I’m gonna come again!”

She yipped back, “Fuck me harder! Harder!”

He did, and she bucked with every push. He paused and moaned on his last push, spilling some more warm sperm deep into her foxy butt hole. Both of their tails stood straight out as they gasped through their orgasmic relief. The two stood still, as the CEO’s dick dribbled cum in her.

They both let out a relieving sigh of pleasure. The CEO climbed down from the desk back into his chair, and zipped his fly back. Vicky climbed down and pulled up her panties. She then fixed her skirt up.

“Vicky. I am forever counting on you for that. You are so fuckable… Here’s your raise right now, like you ‘raised’ me! Haha!”

He opened a drawer in his desk, and took out a huge wad of cold hard cash and motioned it to her for her to take.

Two things ran through her mind as she went to get the cash. She pretty much played as his prostitute. And, she really wants to do him again another time. He is such a good fucker for a rich business cat, she thought. Maybe she should take him, like he jokingly groaned for. She thought of the following riches…


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