Po-Mo Schmoes

A bunch of men in a penthouse up on the cliffs have a little too much fun with themselves.

If anyone’s familiar with that cliffside penthouse setting, or a neon-strewn megalopolis of futuristic taste, take that and combine it with the gay yiff that’s popular in the Furry community, and this story was the result.

And yes, this is another of my firsts, and the last of my originals to be ported over from all my work sites to this blog.

Welcome to Neonopolis: the post-modern city that has navy blue skies by day, and lit by pure neon lights by night. It’s as if you’d walk in complete black, with only neon colors to trace the boundaries of the city’s shapes. The cars look as if they are generations ahead of time, only to match this environment of pure future.

We come to a cliff-side end of the city, with a collection of condos supported by cantilevers jutting from the cliff, to the apartment of five roommates. Meet:

Ronaldo, the raccoon man of pure fanciness and class.

Tedd, the brawniest grizzly bear man with Atlas build.

Hank, the golden-blonde Labrador dog man, less built than Tedd, but with a surfer style.

Jimmy, the black cat man with minute bulk and a playful disposition.

Fenrick, the young and silent fox man with a similar build to Jimmy.

These five gentlemen live together in this luxurious cliff-side apartment, overseeing the rest of Neonopolis. They live together like any happy family of gay bachelors, but things can get out of hand for them. Like one night…

Late one night, as they were sitting on the floor watching a porno flick to masturbate to together (not each other), Tedd jump-started a challenge. He grabbed the remote and turned off the TV.

He exclaimed, “First person to come is the winner for tonight. To add to the challenge, no porn to watch… Think for yourself!”

Jimmy got ahead of everybody seconds before they did, shouting, “I’ll beat you all!”.

He grabbed onto his penis firmly and stroked a little faster than he was with the movie. He sat trying to remember some of the moments in the video, even picturing himself as if he was in it; being held and licked everywhere below his waist, wild and rough.

Everybody here was stroking themselves like a contest. They went faster and faster, breathing heavier and heavier, imagining more and more, glaring at each other competitively.

Fenrick took in a deep breath, knelt over to the middle in front of everyone and ejaculated before them.

“Hah! I won!” He cheered.

Jimmy was jealous, but reminded everyone in a gleeful tone, “In stroking, everyone wins!”

He took in a deep breath and ejaculated too, in the same spot Fenrick leaked. Then followed Hank, Tedd, and Ronaldo. All in one goopy puddle of their mixed sperm. Every time they did this, they called it ‘puddling’, for exactly that reason.

Tedd sighed, “Whew! That was fun! Okay fellas, I’m off to bed.”

Everyone else agreed the same thing for them too. Going up the stairs from the living room floor first was Tedd, then Ronaldo, Hank, and Jimmy. Fenrick stood downstairs for a few more minutes, looking at the white puddle of male spill.

Jimmy asked, “Coming up, Fen?”

Fenrick quickly nodded and said, “Yeah, I’m gonna clean this up. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Jimmy nodded and went upstairs.

Tedd, Hank, and Ronaldo had to sleep in the same room, since there were only two bedrooms in their apartment, but the beds in each room were very large, so the guys slept together in them.

Jimmy got in his and Fenrick’s room, and got into bed. Fenrick on the other hand was still staring at this pearl glop of their orgasms.

He crept down closer to it and sniffed. Salty.

Another sniff. Just the smell from the sweat of the guys that dripped and the hot jizz was hardening. This made his mouth drool, but he tried to hold that back from the thought.

Yet he couldn’t resist. Slowly, he stuck out his tongue and tapped the puddle with it, then lowering more. To think that this was all of their semen and he’s licking it all up sent a pleasant tingle down to his tail. He could already picture the four of them with a domineering appearance, their penises hanging over his face, just about ready to blow their load onto his face.

He let the whole of his tongue lap up their sperm. He loved it and lapped up more. He then cleaned the floor of it, licking it all off. The floor was now as clean as it was before their competition. He swallowed the cum that was left in his mouth.

“Mmm… Delicious…” He whispered. He looked to the stairwell, and went upstairs to go to bed, with a surprise thought in hand…

When he got into his room, he saw a sleeping Jimmy, only wearing boxers, no shirt. The topless image sent another pleasant chill down Fenrick, slightly standing his fur on end. Fenrick got into his boxers, and got into bed. He tried to go to sleep, but he just couldn’t resist recalling the episode he had.

Jimmy rolled over in his sleep, back facing Fenrick. Fenrick looked at Jim. He was closer to the cat than when he saw him in bed. This gave him a starting erection.

He couldn’t stand it anymore. He snuggled closer to Jimmy, spooning him. His boner grew harder, as it fit snug between Jimmy’s crack.

Jimmy woke up with this feel of a rock sitting inside his crack. He reached behind to feel for it, only to feel another person. He looked over and it was Fenrick, smiling with his eyes closed.

Jim rolled over completely to face Fenrick, and Fenrick opened his eyes up to see Jim.

Jim put his hand on Fenrick’s head, and lowered him closer to his cock. Fenrick quickly put Jimmy’s cock into his mouth, using only his lips and tongue, and began the oral pleasure, under the sheets. Jimmy’s eyes rolled up with a pleasant sensation rushing from his dick, throughout his body. He let out a deep sigh of relaxation as Fenrick licked upward his shaft and kissed his scrotum.

Hank heard that sigh from across the hall. He tapped both Tedd and Ronaldo from his middle spot in bed.

“Dudes… Listen…” He pointed to the door. They both heard another of Jimmy’s deep relaxing sighs, then heard him loudly whisper, “Suck me, Fenny.”

All three of them giggled quietly. Hank brought up, “Hey, we can do it, too… What do you say, dudes?”

Tedd and Ronaldo contemplated. Tedd agreed before Ronaldo. They all undressed each other slowly, as foreplay, leaving them strip naked. Tedd became a little more active and horny.

He whispered, “Ronnie, stroke us both.”

Ronaldo grabbed Tedd’s and Hank’s cocks, and stroked both of them. He tilted his head over to Tedd’s cock and rubbed the member around his lips before blowing him.

By this time, Jimmy was on all fours over Fenrick, groin hanging over his face. Fenrick milked Jimmy for the ejaculate, rolling the penis in and out of his hand, tightening his grip, and speeding up the strokes.

“Fenny, I- I’m coming… Ngh…” Jimmy gasped under his breath.

Fenrick glowed even brighter. He opened his mouth, awaiting the surprise.

Jimmy took a long breath, and then came all over Fenrick’s face, most of which landed on his tongue. Jimmy groaned quietly to that orgasm, clenching his teeth tight as he kept spilling. Fenrick swallowed Jim’s spooge with a loud gulp and a satisfied smile.

Jim whispered to Fenrick, “Oh God, Fen. That felt good. Hm, lemme get you from behind?”

Fenrick immediately accepted. Jimmy sat back down and Fenrick climbed up onto his lap to sit down and get Jimmy’s pole in his ass. Fenrick loved the filling feeling of his meat taking up his tailhole. Jimmy then reached for Fenrick’s boner and masturbated him, as he made slight pelvic movement.

As for the other three…

Hank’s masturbated boner was ready for more. He stopped Ronaldo’s stroking, and went behind Ronaldo to bang him from behind. He pushed in through his tight hole, one moment at a time, and once he was inside, he made slow, steady thrusts as deep as he could. While he thrust, he reached-around for Ronaldo’s penis, and masturbated him.

Ronaldo felt overwhelmed from the pleasuring multiple actions. He shot his raccoon cum all on the comforter, moaning tensely as he did so. Hank pushed in him a little faster, feeling his own orgasm coming. After a few more, Hank came. He stuffed the raccoon’s butt with his thick cock deep in, unloading his canine sperm, a shot at a time.

As for Tedd, he was ready to climax. He nodded to Ronaldo, and Ronaldo opened his mouth, awaiting the pearly surprise.

Ronaldo felt the pulsing inside Tedd’s dick, and moved closer to the head. Tedd breathed heavier and heavier, and then let out a full tongue-coating spread of ursine man-juice. Ronaldo swallowed the big puddle of the love liquid with a loud gulp. The three then halted their sexing to finally rest from the exhilarating activity.

Hank found Ronaldo’s spooge, and licked it off to keep the comforters clean. The three then got under the sheets. Tedd spooned Ronaldo, and Hank snuggled closer to Ronaldo’s front, with both of their penises hugging in frottage.

And the other two…

Fenrick helped Jimmy’s thrusting up and down, by sliding up and down Jimmy’s pole on and off his lap. Jimmy kept masturbating Fenrick, running his hand over Fenrick’s penis head, and rubbing its corona, giving Fenrick a searing-hot fresh sensation shooting across his groin. Fenrick groaned almost too audibly, that the other guys heard it clearly.

Hank shouted from across the hall, “It’s all right, dudes! We did it too!”

Following that loud groan, Fenrick’s penis started to drool a lot of pre-cum, dripping and running all down Jimmy’s hand.

“Do you want?” Jimmy asked.

Fenrick shook his head. “For you, man.”

Jimmy lapped up Fenrick’s pre puddle from his palm, and Fenrick started to slow down, since he was already pleasured.

Jimmy continued to the last of his thrusts. When he ejaculated, it spilled from out of Fenrick’s hole, seeping down along his shaft.

Jimmy whispered hotly in Fenrick’s ear. “Mmm, thank you baby…”

Fenrick got off of Jimmy’s wet rock-hard to face him, and wiped off the sperm from Jim’s phallus with his hand to clean him up.

Fenrick exclaimed, “Damn, we gotsta do this again! This time, with everyone! WHAT DO YOU GUYS OVER THERE SAY?!”

They all shouted back agreeing.

Jimmy and Fenrick nodded and got back under the sheets. Fenrick kissed Jimmy good-night, and Jimmy responded, with a good-night spoon, the same way Fenrick started this whole business.


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