Wander Lust

The solitude of nature when camping is a beautiful time for this camper to please himself.

This is one of my original pieces of erotica, written back in 2005. It’s one of my personal favorites as one of the first pieces.

In the middle of a mountain forest, Jack, a young, rugged rabbit man with brown fur, takes a solo hike. He is fully prepared, from the clothes he wore, like boots, khaki shorts, a T-Shirt, and a bandana, to the equipment he brought, such as a tent, a backpack, a canteen, and a map.

On the way to his destination, he pulls out the map of the mountain and his compass, trying to locate the creek he wanted to find by himself and camp at for a while. He points to the direction, and mumbles to himself about the direction. He continues towards this route.

After some meters ahead, he finds the creek. It glows a beautiful Atlantic blue, running with a gorgeous creek waterfall behind it. The grass shimmers an emerald green sheen. The birch trees around this creek are fully healthy. Hardly a dead plant in sight. To Jack, this is the most beautiful craft of Mother Nature he has ever seen.

He decides to set up camp here, by this beautiful clean fruit of nature’s artwork. He drops his backpack, and takes out his tent to pitch. After he sets up the tent, he grabs the backpack and the gear into the tent. He steps out of the tent, and stands upright, breathing in a huge gulp of the fresh misty mountain air. He exhales the relaxing clean air with gratitude. He is completely alone in a beautiful spot, camping.

He walks around the place, looking for more of the best in the camp spot. He walks along the creek, until he found a fairly sized boulder. He turned around and sat on it, facing the creek. He sat watching the creek peacefully dribbling its way. He looked at a twig, and picked it up to play with the creek. He smiled, and dropped the twig into the running creek. He has never been so happy and relaxed.

After all of the hiking he has done to find this awe-inspiring spot, he lowered himself to ground and lay down to relax. He used the boulder as his pillow. He put his arms behind his head and closed his eyes to rest. One of his long ears bent down with his relaxation. He slowly drifted off to sleep and began to dream…

In his dream, he wakes up in the same place he hiked to, in autumn. The tree barks were white as snowfall, and the leaves had golden illumination. As he looked into the nearby waterfall of the creek, he saw the back of a rabbit lady in a toga bathing herself peacefully.

He walked over to her and she turned around to face him. He saw her goddess-beautiful face, as she smiled at him.

“Hello, Jack.” She said with a romantic voice.

Involuntarily, Jack threw himself onto her. She caught him and started to hug and kiss him passionately.

Jack woke up in gasping pleasure. He felt his pants feel a little tighter. He looked down, and he found that his wood was urging to get out. He perked up and looked around.

“Hm, no one is around here…” He snickered to himself.

He bent over and pulled down his pants to his ankles while still laying down. His towering boner stood straight up, as he bent his knees and spread his legs open. He pulled up his shirt a little bit, and then reached for his penis. He leaned his head back, closed his eyes as he gripped his member, and began to masturbate.

When he began to slide his hand up his shaft, he took out his leg from his pants, leaving the pants still wrapped around his other ankle. He straightened his unwrapped leg and began to explore into his thoughts for a pleasing orgasm. He began to think of the beautiful rabbit girl in his dream grabbing his crotch. This let a tingle up his shaft.

He continued to think further into his fantasy. He thought of the rabbit girl kneeling down and unzipping his fly with her teeth. Then her snout reached into his fly, gently nibble-pulling his dick out with her lips, and letting it into her mouth to suckle on. This brought a much stronger, pleasurable sensation all over his member.

To add a little bit of variety to the feel of his hand going up and down his shaft, he used his stroking hand to rub the corona, thinking that this was the rabbit girl’s lips gently suckling on his penis tip. He used his other hand to caress the bottom of his scrotum, as if she was licking there with a warm, soothing tongue.

He fantasized one more act, which he bent her over, and mounted her as if he was overly horny and just wanted to enter her immediately. He stroked a little faster, and even gave pelvic movement into his hand to make it feel like the same motion.

He felt the sudden rush of his orgasm wrenching his body, and his penis even more so. He opened his eyes and got up from laying down fast, only to kneel with his legs spread wide to leave an isolating, vulnerable feeling in his sack.

He imagined that as he stroked, his cock hole was just over her head, and her mouth was wide open with an aroused, lustful look in her eyes. He stroked faster and faster, gasping for air in his rushing, building climax. He felt his phallic shaft quaking to let it all out.

He moaned loudly in orgasm, and shot a thick load of his heated sperm onto the grass. He arched backward slightly to push his waist out further, and blew out more cum before it started to seep out and straight downward.

“Ngh…” He groaned, relieved.

He finished off the lesser traces still coming out, leaving on the grass a milk-white puddle of his spooge that his fantasy brought forth for him.

“Oh my God! That felt GOOD!” He sighed deeply and happily, then lay back down, toying with his teased rod and balls.

He relaxed again, looking at his relieved cock, and slowly playing with it, rubbing it and wiggling it side to side; worry-free of anything else and completely at peace.

Suddenly, a noise came from the bushes nearby the waterfall. He got up hurriedly, embarrassed that someone saw him ejaculate, let alone heard his horny scream.

He quickly put his pants back on to cover it up. But when he looked in the direction he heard the noise from, there was a rabbit girl in a toga, washing herself under the waterfall.

She smiled to him and said, “Hello, Jack.”


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