Pompous Pompon

Things get hot behind the scenes for these two cheerleaders at school.

This one’s inspired by how cheerleaders make fun sex icons, and I always did like some decent lesbian action. So I made this piece up to suit that.

For someone who’s a real cunt, she sure had something deeper for me. And damn, does she know how to please a woman like me. You figure most dogs and cats like us would never get along.

I’m talking about Kylie over there, that Border Collie chick in the cheerleader outfit. Slender and juicy in her cheerleader figure; just the thing to get every football-fucking jock and their dad worked up and ogling over homecoming and pep rally here at the college.

Normally, she’s such a pompous bitch, high on her horse because she can get men like it’s nothing special. It’s what gets her ego stroked. I mean, just look at her… The cleavage is supple, that ass is just worth grabbing, her body type is a pristine lean figure, like she’d be on all the porn mags in no time…

Seriously, I’d imagine any self-respecting man would want to cram their dick down her throat with that manicured complexion and rub her face while they were at it. Hell, I wouldn’t mind fucking her myself, whether with a strap-on or just rubbing lips. But she can be such a bitch, and that turns me away from it all; never mind that she gets all men anyway.

One day, things were thrown way the hell overboard with her. All because of a dark and dirty secret no one, not even me, ever knew about her. Surely enough, it involved me.

So there I am, taking off my uniform. I slide the skirt down my legs and the top off of my sweaty worked body until I’m down to my lingerie. I bend down to pick up the clothing and my pompons to put back in the locker for my regular clothing.

First thing I know that hits me getting back up? Both of her hands hold my shoulders from behind me. I was startled, yes. I look back at her, and there’s her face, not with a snarling attitude to put me down again, but one to talk to me.

“Jennifer…” She started. “We need to talk.”

“Can I at least get my clothing on first?” I asked her with a sneer, expecting she had some snotty remark coming my way.

“You won’t need it.” She hasted.

“What’s going on? I know you’re gonna pull some shit on me if I don’t.”

“It’s not that; it’s… Ugh, here…”

Not a second sooner, and already, her face met mine. Our lips came together with her ardent move to kiss me so unexpectedly.

Well, there I was, getting kissed, on the lips, by the hottest snob of a cheerleader in the college team. I didn’t know what to think. She’s so fucking hot and there she was making out with me, but after all that she does, I didn’t know what to say.

The minute she brought her arms around my body, my mind changed and followed suit. My hormones craved for her sexy body to be engulfed by what emotions were growing from me. I responded back with hugs of my own. My hands roamed and explored the curves of her back, all the way down to the top of her shapely rump. Suddenly, I could feel how deep into the lovemaking she was getting, with her sticking her tongue into my mouth and holding my head tight.

I thought to myself, “Why the fuck not? Enjoy it while it’s here.” I pulled out of her kiss and licked upward her neck. She whined a wordless breath as I did so. After all, I do know how to handle a woman right.

I decided to toy around with her and see how far she would go. I let my hands roll downward under the band of her skirt to grab her ass, and holy smokes did she cry for more. Such a total closet case.

I took my hand out and reached for her thigh, picking it up so both of our mounds would press against each other, and with the other hand, I held her close to me, so our breasts would touch. Her nipples, the firmness of her cleavage… To die for.

“Oh, Jennifer, I’m so sorry about this. Just something about you, I-” She said in a shaky voice, though noticeably overwhelmed by the pleasure I gave her.

“Our little secret, alright? Now shush and go with it.” I told her.

Who knows? I might be able to pull some revenge on her with this little secret, but I didn’t even want to think about that. All that was on my mind was fucking her. We both locked lips together for one more long kiss, before I directed her to the bench.

She sat down and straddled herself on the bench. As I sat down in front of her and facing her, I nudged her to spread her legs out enough so I could fit myself with her too. She and I wrapped our legs closed so we were close together. Between both of us, our pussies mushed together with our panties in between.

I could already feel her seeping juices and the noticeable heat from her pussy, and her breasts nestling into mine. Her hum of comfort laid the way for what a woman like me has to do with an amateur like her. I motioned my hips to press up against her mound, and as close as I could get my clitoris, rub it near and on hers.

“Jennifer! Ah, it feels so good!” She winced, gasping with the air of her secret little pleasantry making way into her reality.

“Mmm, good…” I told her. Oh, that lovely cry for more is all it takes for me to keep me going.

Slowly, I motioned for the two of us to lean over, her on her back to the bench, and me on top of her. I took off her panties and revealed her red, urging vulva. I smirked, and took off mine. Not much longer, and we scissored each other; flesh to flesh in the thrilling feel of ourselves slipping against each other.

Her wetness meeting mine, her heat building on mine, and her succumbing appearance brought up my own urges. After rubbing her enough, I moved her top leg up to get close enough to straddle her pussy with my own and brush my goods along hers with an intention to fuck her. And what did I hear?

“Ah! Ah, Jenny! Fu-uck!” She whined submissively, craving more.

Beautiful… The bitch of the team became mine, but that didn’t matter. I was enjoying every minute of it too. Again, our secret, right?

Grunting as hard as I did, her screams kept getting louder. She blushed, both on her face and on her mound.

“That a girl! Ah-hah!” I grunted, wincing at my own share of the passion.

“Y-yes, hngh…” She moaned back.

She bit her lip, holding tight to the gripping pleasure I laid out with her. I could feel her pressing herself more against myself. I let a hand slip in between, rubbing us both together, in and out of our holes and along our clits.

I felt myself trembling to cum all over our pussies, but I held it in as long as I could. She, on the other hand, got there pretty quickly. My fingers were well-drenched in her nectar.

“AHHH!” She gasped, delighted at her release, throwing her head back.

I ended up releasing myself; I couldn’t hold in the beautiful surge of the orgasm, and leaked as well. I slowed my pace down a bit until we both stopped ourselves, and looked into each other’s eyes. I leaned in to lower myself to her face, and smiled at her warmly before giving her the final touch between ourselves: a good lick along the neck, and a gentle kiss to her lips.

“Hngh… Th-thanks Jenny… I loved it.” Kylie mumbled in her afterglow.

I felt the same. I guess the hard feelings could be cast aside. She was genuine in her way with me. “Mhm, thanks. I enjoyed it too…” I replied.

“Our secret, right?” She asked.

“Definitely…” I answered.

“Y-you think we might be on to something here? You know, us two…” She asked, implying something special with the easy smile on her face.

“Hm… Perhaps…” I grinned once more before continuing a much longer, passionate kiss.

From there on, you can imagine how well we got off from there together, again and again…


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