Love Byte

A story of online sex.

This one I derived from my small interest in robots and AI. In particular, this was inspired by a lynx character who comes from a certain franchise involving a really fast hedgehog; an incarnated program. So I thought it would be an interesting twist to see happen.

“The thing with digital architecture, is with careful attention to programming, you can very well mimic the analog nature of our world, even if it’s all entirely on and off signals.” Cameron muttered to himself while clacking away at the keyboard on his latest programming experiment.

Cameron is a stocky beagle man with a profound ability to program just about anything through computers and electronics. He may be the kind that’s confined to his basement, but as a former hacker with an elitist attitude, he got bored of that and decided to pursue more unconventional, eccentric projects.

“… And this time around, we’re gonna have a little more fun than the other plebs.”

He clacked his keyboard to the last push, where the computer ran a process that powered up a gizmo wired to the computer. He grinned at the sight of the work in progress.

The gadget ran a few lights and flickered, before two confirming beep noises. Then, from a part of the device, a green projection came out to the wall behind him. It was the silhouette of a woman.

“Alright, right where we want it…” He opened up some more programs in his computer, and duplicated an image he found online, that then projected itself into the silhouette as well. In seconds, the silhouette took on the appearance of a tigress woman.

He nodded at the result, and made a few more tweaks on the program. This shaped the woman along the face, her bust, and her rump. He looked back again, satisfied at his result. He then pressed a button on the device. In a matter of moments, the projection glowed a bright white, before cooling back down; not to a green, but completely disappearing. Before the wall, a physical tigress lady knelt before him.

“Stage one: success.” He gave a thumbs up and got out of his chair to examine the creation.

The lady stood up from the floor, bare naked in front of Cameron, motionless and silent, as if unaware anyone else is in the room. Intermittently, small flickers of data text flashed across parts of her body. Even then, it is as he designed it; she had a gorgeous build with brown flowing hair, a pair of supple breasts, and an eye-popping butt.

He took the device off and mounted it to his wrist like a watch. He turned to the lady and said, “So, this is it… Electronic Interactive Venereal Application… By the coding gods above, I call you, ‘Eiva’, my incarnated sex app.”

Eva slowly turned her head to Cameron, without an emotion showing. “I am Eiva. How may I help you today?”

“Hah… Now for the real test…” Cameron said with a sly grin. He put some settings on his device, and within seconds, Eiva started to show basic emotion, including a smile with bedroom eyes.

“Imagine that… I’m about to have sex with a computer program…” He thought to himself. He then faced Eiva, and said to her, “Eiva. Kneel before me.”

Keeping the warm smile, Eiva trotted over to Cameron, and knelt down in front of him. He pulled down his underwear, and handled his flaccid cock as if to give it to her.

“Eiva, masturbate me.”

“Yes.” The tigress reached for his cock, and started to yank on it; him getting slowly harder and harder.

It was unlike anything he felt before. Rather than the graze of flesh and fur from other animal chicks, he felt gentle electronic warmths and tickles that stimulated him in a cosmic way.

“Aah, oh my god this is nice… Mmm…” He hummed.

“How else can I please you, ‘USER UNIDENTIFIED’?”

“Mnh, call me, ‘Cam”.”

“How else can I please you, Cam?”

“Hm… Suck my penis.”

“Yes, Cam.”

Eiva slowed her stroking down to a stop, before motioning her head over to the tip of his cock. She opened her mouth, inserted him in, and began to suck. The same electronic tingles that he felt when she gripped him, were now even more fluid while inside her mouth, and this gripped his pleasure even more so.

“Nghahh, yeah… Keep sucking, Eiva. You’re doing good.”

She took his dick out for a moment, and replied, “Thank you, Cam.” She then resumed to suck him. Slowly, she dropped her head down his shaft before slurping it on her way back up. She then opened a little wider to take in half his length and sucked there.

“Hhh, I love it… Keep going, baby…” Cam sighed. His increasing urge to cum grew as the forms of her digital mouth all over his penis consumed him in pleasure.

She kept her act going obediently. He rested his hand behind her head and motioned for her to go faster on him. In so doing, he took faster breaths to hold in the energy for his coming release. He winced, holding himself in as long as he could, but his breaths gave way.

“H-here I come, ngh, NGH!”

While still inside her head, he came, shooting plenty into her mouth. He heard her gulp his load twice.

“Ah, yeah…” He said, finishing himself off. He let go of her, and she got her mouth off of him.

“I am happy to please, Cam.” Eiva replied.

“Now, for the other side… Eiva, on all fours.”

Eiva responded, by going from her kneel to her hands. Cam walked behind her, and moved her tail aside to reveal her butt.

“That’s what I’m talking about.” He grinned, as he grabbed his cock, knelt down behind her on one leg, and rubbed his head up and down her crack. He aimed for her vagina, and slipped himself in gently. Then, he grabbed her hips, and started bucking into her.

For a few seconds, the enjoyment of banging this hologram kept him hard and wanting more, but there was something missing…

“Eiva, please moan.”

Within the first few thrusts, Eiva replicated the moans and groans of a woman taking it in on each pound. The sound alone played delight to Cam’s ears, and it worked him up to try and cum a second time into her.

“Ah, good girl.” He smiled and gave her a pat on the ass.

“Ooh!” Eiva whimpered, per her program to.

Cam then got up on both his feet, still low enough to keep penetrating her in and out. “I wanna cum in you babe…”

“Yes, Cam. Please cum in me.” Eiva said.

His climax neared as he thrust into her, slower yet harder. He reached over for her head and curled her up to gently bite down on her neck to assert his way to the end; to which she also moaned.

He had hit climax again, and with one final push, he dribbled his load into her depth, grunting through his teeth. He stood still as he squirt into her. A moment later, he finally dismounted her and sat down relaxed.

“I say the program worked out, huh?” He chuckled to himself. “Wow…”

A voice from upstairs shouted down to him, “Cameron! Lunch is ready!”

Bug-eyed, he clamored to get his clothes back on, and he pushed the button to turn Eiva off. “Okay mom, I’m coming!” And he thought to himself the pun of ‘coming’.

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