Elevating the Mood

When the elevator got stuck, this couple stuck themselves.

Just a random love story I came up with, for those who like some tight spaces.

After they had finished their shopping downtown, Marc and Zach brought their bags out of their car and into the apartment building. Living together as a couple, their apartment is in the upper floors, so they usually take the elevator up.

Zach is a wolf man, bigger in size than his mate Marc, a raccoon man. The two of them had been together for a few years, after having first met crossing each other at jobs they previously held in an office not too far. What especially drew them together was their kink for doing each other in environments unusual for lovemaking; though they kept their tact and did it away from prying eyes. They banged everywhere from their old workplace to changing rooms to remote corners of parks and large parking lots.

The elevator bell dinged, and the door opened up for them. With the baggage, they carried it in and set it on the floor to rest their hands a bit from the loads. They pressed the button for their floor together, and the door closed.

Halfway up the building, and a loud grinding noise shook the elevator to a halt, and the interior light dimmed. It scared them for a moment, being the first time it had happened for them. Marc immediately went to hug Zach for comfort.

“Chill, Marc. It’s alright. We’ll just buzz in for help.” Zach assured him.

Before Zach went and pushed for the emergency button, Marc had another idea. He held Zach’s wrist to prevent him from pushing the button.

“Wait…” Marc said. He gazed around the elevator to hint to Zach his idea.

Zach raised his eyebrows and grinned. “Marc, that’s why I love you… Come here…” He pulled Marc in to his embrace, and said, “We can get them later.”

Both Zach and Marc looked into each other’s eyes before they brought a kiss together. Typical with them, they got friskier. Zach helped take off Marc’s shirt, and Marc slipped his hands down the backside of Zach’s pants to grab his butt, and they continued to romance each other’s faces.

Marc grinned at Zach, then trailed his way down below the belt to kneel and undo Zach’s pants. He fished through the pants to pull out Zach’s member, and stroked it until he got hard enough. He smiled up at him and brought the head to his lips, circling it around before taking him in and sucking.

Zach parted his legs a bit, and rested both hands on Marc’s head. “Good boy.” He complimented.

Marc brought his hands around Zach and grabbed his ass tight to hold himself up while he sucked him. The two embraced the moment together; Zach looking down with a warm smile at Marc’s work.

“God, keep sucking. Ahh…” Zach sighed.

Marc looked up at him, shaft still in mouth pushing a smile through, and he resumed, bringing his snout further down to the hilt to suck on the spot. He moaned through his throat to arouse Zach some; to which he responded with a tighter grip around Marc’s head and quickly huffing.

A few minutes of their time, and Zach felt his energy worked up. He nudged Marc to back off a moment, and said to him, “Babe, go to the corner and turn around. I wanna get in that ass…”

Without a word, Marc complied. He got up from his kneel, and held himself in the corner of the elevator, taking his pants down, bending himself over a bit and spreading his legs apart to reveal his rump to Zach.

Zach grinned, and walked up to Marc’s rear. He grabbed his erection, and rubbed it around Marc’s cheeks, before moving his raccoon tail aside to show the hole. He aimed, and slipped his head in, to slowly crawl his way in deeper. When he got in enough, he started pumping his waist into Marc, and he grabbed Marc’s hips. Marc let out a delighted whimper with Zach’s cock going in and out of his hole.

“F-fuck me, Zach. Ahh…” Marc groaned.

To which Zach said nothing but picked up his thrusting speed. He pushed to go deeper in until his hilt was against Marc’s ass. His pushes were short but strong.

“I wanna cum in your ass Marc… Uff…” Zach grunted. He crawled one hand down to reach for Marc’s cock, and fondled along his shaft.

“Ohh, Zach…” Marc moaned softly.

Zach nudged himself a bit, to reach down and handle Marc’s balls. He leaned his head in to gently bite down on Marc’s neck, as if to lock in and work his way to the finish. His breaths poured down Marc’s neck, and Marc cried happily in pleasure. “Zach! Ah! Fill me!”

Zach was approaching his climax. In turn, he bit down a little harder, and moved his hand from Marc’s sack to his shaft, to jack him off. Marc’s moaning grew louder with his own need to cum.

Moments in, Zach hit his peak, and gave a hard push in, to squirt into Marc’s ass a healthy load. “Mrrrhh…” He said through his mouth still clenched onto Marc’s neck. Afterward, Marc also squirted. He had hit the wall, while the rest dribbled down Zach’s knuckles.

The two stood still, enjoying their release. Zach was still spilling inside Marc, and Marc had already finished, with a string of his semen dangling down from the tip before Zach grabbed it up and rubbed into Marc’s shaft.

Then the two dismounted and sat back on the floor to relax a bit, cuddling each other a moment.

“So… Now that that’s done… Um, should we get the help now? Heh.” Marc asked.

“I don’t see why not. We can do Round 2 in bed.” Zach responded.

“Maybe we should clean up first.” Marc pointed to his mess on the wall.


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