Theatrical Performance

A young couple enjoy “their” time at the movies!

I like when a partner rests their head on my lap. I expanded on that here with this story.

“Matinee, all the way!” Tina cheered, walking with her boyfriend Gary. The two went to have a date together on a beautiful day their time off from work.

Tina is a short and spunky lioness woman; though very feminine in figure, she is not so in character. Gary is a taller brown-furred squirrel man, way less energetic than Tina, but still relaxed and pleasurable in demeanor.

When the two had arrived at the booth and paid for their tickets and popcorn, they went for their seats. They took in the bliss of seeing the room so empty, with everyone else in the community buzzing about at work, leaving the theater practically to themselves, even with a few other viewers. They took the backmost seats to get the full view of the picture.

“Beautiful spot, Ti. I like it.” Gary complimented. He picked his spot and sat down, resting the popcorn on his lap. Tina bounced the seat down right next to him, and the two got comfortable, chatting their way across the commercials and previews.

“Oop, let’s not forget… Turn off the phones.” Tina reminded. She and Gary got out their phones and silenced them before putting it away. Shortly after, the lights dimmed, and the movie had started.

With the lights down, Tina leaned onto Gary’s shoulder for comfort, and he hugged around her to cuddle her in, to watch the movie together. With it, he planted a light kiss to her head, and she snuggled in even closer.

Almost half an hour into the film, laughing here and there, munching on their popcorn, Tina got up from her spot and whispered to Gary, “I’ll be right back… Gotta take a quick piss.”

Gary just nodded to her, and resumed the film. When she was out of the room, he looked both ways around him with his eyes with a snicker, and pulled out his pocket knife.

When she returned, she sat down again, cuddled into him again and sat to watch the movie still.

“Did I miss anything big?” She asked.

“Nothing yet. Dragged itself out for a minute.” He replied.

Later, she reached in for some popcorn, deep into the bag… She felt something unusually firm and round in her grip. It startled her and she was curious; grabbing it again, before Gary took in a deep breath and sighed, grinning at her with a wink. He lifted the bag, revealing his penis halfway into the bag.

“Aaaaah… Sneaky sneaky…” She chuckled under her breath. She bit her lip, and reached into the bag again to grab his cock under the pile of popcorn, slowly wriggling her wrist to stroke him, as he laid back enjoying both: the movie, and getting masturbated incognito by Tina.

Though he kept quiet, being in the theater, his breathing and humming to the action was still a little louder for Tina to hear. She wriggled her fingers all along his shaft, gently rolling the skin around in her hand and rubbing her thumb up and down, underneath the head.

“Mhn…” He sighed. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, almost ignoring the movie to Tina’s action.

She had another idea… She paused a minute, looked around herself, and took her hand out of the bag, to take the bag off of him and reveal his throbbing length. She moved the chair’s arm upward, and she cozied herself to rest her head on his lap, staring directly at his member. To cover it up, she took her hand and held it loosely, toward her face. She planted kisses along his length and licking at it cutely. She could already taste the leftover butter and salt from it being inside the bag of popcorn.

“Mmm…” She hummed, delighted at the flavor. She continued licking up his shaft, before finally going over, and down on him. She crept her head low, gently sucking on her way down. He slowly rested his back, enjoying the tender action. Halfway down his shaft, she sucked in the same spot a number of times, before slowly going back up, then down again, trying to take in more of him.

He grazed his hand through her hair around her head, caressing downward to her neck. “Mmm, good…” He hummed. He trailed his fingers down past her shoulders and under her shirt to rub her back. She shifted herself to get a little more comfortable, between sucking him and feeling his caress.

She then gripped him a little tighter and stroked him in short motions to work him up a bit. She licked the head, planted a few kisses around it, and went back down. Subtlely as she could, she bobbed her head up and down. He let out a hoarse whimper of pleasure, urging himself to climb up to climax.

The two were doing these little bits of motion through the movie and no one watching them. Still, his breathing got a little heavier, and she hummed a short moan, also delighted in pleasing her man. Surely enough, his arousal caught up, and he worked up his need to cum. His hand on her back slowly tightened to hold her, signaling his approach.

He rested his other hand on her to gently push her down his length just a little more. She gagged just a little, but still held herself down to help finish him off. With his peak coming, he parted his legs and lifted his waist up.

He whispered to her, “Keep it up… I’m gonna cum…” He looked back down at her and winced his face, holding himself in as long as he can. She hummed again, to arouse him more. Soon after, he pressed his hand on her head a little more, and in a very light and short thrust, pushed his cock into her mouth, and he ejaculated. He kept his releasing cry down to a quiet sigh, and shot into her mouth a few large squirts; some of it spilling out of her mouth and down his shaft and her hand. Audibly, she gulped down his load, staying there and drinking up, before letting go and slurping what was left on her hand and his shaft.

“Ahh, yeah…” He whispered to her, relieved.

Happy with her work, she gave one more kiss to the head, and lifted herself from his lap to sit up on her own seat again. He took his hand from out of her shirt to zip himself back up, and the two cuddled again, watching the rest of the movie together.

“I hope we didn’t miss anything this time.” She said.

“Not a thing. We enjoyed every bit of it.” He replied.


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