A student takes his wild imagination from the classroom to the bedroom!

The inspiration for this one is pretty obvious. School is boring, but the “scenery” was always worth it.

For some, college is the place to learn, and for many it captivates the interests of the students. For other students, they wander off in their daydreams, bored out of their minds. And for some others, there is a good number of eye candy to enjoy among your studs and your babes sitting in the same classroom.

This was the case for Nathan, a fox man with an unassuming appearance. In particular, he had his eyes on Stacy, a hyena woman with an adorable face, an hourglass figure, and a habit to sit with her legs spread as she slouched, never caring once for what was going on in class.

While the teacher went on with the lecture, he eyed her up and down. In his head, he muttered to himself, “Man, she is hot…” He entertained the idea of her nudity before him, smiling at him and willing to do him in any way he liked. He smirked to himself, still gazing at her body. It had started to give him an erection; but lucky him to be clothed in loose pants to hide the tent he pitched.

When the bell rang and class was over, everyone went out the door. He purposely moved slower to pack his bag, up until Stacy had passed him. He followed her closely, and could already smell the sweet fragrance coming from her long lightly-curled hair. He pictured himself being behind her in a much more erotic fashion. Soon after, she split away toward her own direction, and he went the other way, toward his dorm.

He got to his dorm and looked around. He thought to himself that he is lucky for now that his roommate was probably elsewhere partying.

“Good, more me time…” He grinned slyly. The image of Stacy, and him doing her, filled his head, and this was his quality time to spend to himself. He locked the door, lobbed his bag onto his desk chair, and he rolled himself onto his cot to sprawl out and unwind a bit from being in classes all day.

The room being super quiet with his dirty thoughts encouraged him to have a little fun with himself. He unzipped his pants, and rolled them down to his ankles, spreading his knees apart to give space for his throbbing erection; already with a drop of pre. He grabbed his cock, closed his eyes, and began to masturbate into his fantasy moments with Stacy.

He pictured her straddling on him and facing him, his length pressed against the front of her own crotch, slowly gyrating her pussy lips around the underneath of his shaft. “Ahh, yeah…” He whispered, stroking himself gently in the same gyrating motion.

He paused a moment, imagining his length now inside her. He used the quiet to “listen” to her moaning softly. He gently bucked his hips to mimic the act of thrusting into her as she rode him, through his hand squeezing enough to feel like a tight vagina.

“Ohh, Stacy… Ah…” He groaned quietly.

He then fantasized her being face-to-face with his dick, first stroking him and telling him, “You like that, baby?” To which he answered to himself, “Yeah…” He pictured her looking hungrily at his meat, playing with it and cupping his balls in her other hand.

“Oh god…” He sighed.

He imagined her opening up her mouth, and sucking on his cock halfway down his shaft, moaning through her throat like she wanted it all. She stood still to slurp it up before bobbing up and down his length. His penis swelled with the sensations faked of it actually being in her mouth, lapped with her tongue and wrapped with her lips, sucking on his head.

“Mmm…” He hummed to himself. To continue this fantasy, he then rolled over and got onto his knees and bent his body face down into his pillow; face-down ass-up. He took one ankle out of his pants, and spread his legs farther, and pictured himself mounting into her ass similarly. He bit down on the pillow to mimic biting onto her shoulder; remembering the smell and look of her hair being next to his face.

He jerked himself off a little faster, bucking as much, visualizing going into her rump. He grunted into his pillow, “That a girl.”

Soon after, he picked his body up a bit, still bent over on his knees, to rest himself on his free hand on the bed. He saw her face underneath his penis, nearly hitting his peak. She opened her mouth with a gorgeous smile, as if looking forward to the mess he’s about to leave on her face. He caught his breath to hold in his penis’s pulsing to finish up.

“Here I come baby… All over your face…” He took in a deep breath, and while still pumping his shaft, came a thick puddle onto his bed sheet, picturing himself leaving each spurt in messy trails all over her craving face.

“Ahh! Ah!” He grunted, shooting his load, before slowing down his stroking. Some of his cum dribbled where he stroked up, and it wet his cock to a nice slippery feel. He eased himself as he finished up, and he rolled over to look at the gobs of his semen.

“Man, what I would do to get some of her…” He chuckled to himself, delighted with his fantasy. He wiped his hand on his thigh, before getting up from his bed, and looked for some paper towels to wipe up himself and what he spilled.


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