This student found a problem in the book, and the teacher offered a way to fix that.

Just another “school-inspired” piece, because everyone loves that kind of action.

“Now remember, whenever you see ‘arc’ before sine, cosine, or tangent, that means ‘an angle whose’. So an arcsine is ‘an angle whose sine’. Keep that in mind as you solve the problems for the test.” Mr. Syle told his class.

Mr. Syle is a possum man, youthful and handsome, though nearing his thirties, making him one of the younger teachers at the college. A lot of the students like him because he clicks as a “cool” math teacher, teaching and talking in hip and humorous ways, being close to their generation in style.


“Wow, that was quick.”

The class bell rang, and the students mumbled about in the classroom, grabbing their book bags and leaving the classroom saying goodbye to Mr. Syle, except for Keith, who wanted to talk to the teacher.

Keith is a brown-furred hamster guy; the youngest of the class. He is a book-smart student, making friends with others of his caliber, and though he has no direct problem with the rest of the school crowds, he feels no reason to interact with them unless they come to him first, as frequently is the case for their homework assignments.

“Hey Mr. Syle? I have a question about my assignment.”

“Yes?” He looked at Keith. At first he thought nothing of it, but looking at Keith and his shapely figure, his imagination worked its way in, though he listened for Keith’s question.

“This problem… It’s not very clear to me… It’s asking for one thing but it only gives information for something else.”

Keith opened up the textbook on Syle’s desk. Syle got up from his seat and hunched over Keith’s shoulder to look at the book… And position himself behind him with subtlety.

At the same time he was observing what Keith was asking, he had pictured Keith bare naked in front of him that way, as if he would coddle him there. He put his hand on his shoulder to further his fantasy, and looked at the book.

“Ah, okay… Looks like a typo…”

Syle looked back behind him, the room and halls empty.

“I’ll tell you what… I can give you the grade on that. I ask just one favor.”

Keith looked up behind him and asked, “What’s that?”

Syle put his other hand on Keith’s other shoulder, and whispered in his ear, “Ever been with another man? I need a break from school myself. Care to join me?”

Syle rubbed Keith’s shoulders a bit, as if gently massaging him. Keith relaxed a bit, and sunk into Syle’s working hands. The two didn’t exchange words, but it was quickly becoming the intent for the two. In moments, Syle’s hands went from Keith’s shoulders to his sides. Gently, he grabbed Keith’s shirt, and ushered him to raise his arms to take it off. Keith followed suit, and was topless.

The teacher then caressed all around Keith’s upper body, and whispered to him, “Hm, beautiful body…”

Keith leaned his head back in to Syle’s chest, agreeing. Afterward, Syle slipped his hand into Keith’s pants to feel around for his member. Both men were getting erect in the moment.

“Ah… Teacher…” Keith whispered.

The teacher found the penis, and groped around with it. He pressed his own member against Keith’s butt, suggesting the next step to be taken. Keith then pulled his own pants down, and as he did that, Syle undid his own pants. The two men stood facing each other, full erections hanging, with Keith fully naked while Syle still had on his shirt.

Syle grabbed his erection and beckoned for Keith to lower down in front of it. Keith looked down at it, knelt down comfortably, and grabbed it from Syle, and slowly masturbated him. Syle smirked down at him.

“And yes, teacher… I go with men…” Kyle looked up with a weak grin, before looking back at the shaft he played with. He used his other hand to rest Syle’s balls in it and caress it.

“Ah…” Syle sighed.

Keith then smiled and licked up along under the head; lapping a little bit with the tip of his tongue before opening up and sucking on just the head; looking back up at the teacher; his eyes already closed and taking in the comfort.

Syle rested his hand on Keith’s head and brushed his hand across his hair. “Thank you, Keith…”

Keith hummed an agreeing “Mhm”, still sucking on the meat in his mouth. He put both his hands on Syle’s thighs, and sunk his head down the shaft slowly to take in as much of the length as he can, and sucked some more. Guided by Syle’s hands, he went back, up and down his cock, humming his own enjoyment of sucking his teacher.

The teacher’s breathing picked up pace. “Ah, Keith… Keep going… Ngh…”

Keith’s hands crawled from the thighs to the butt, and clenched tight, and he picked up his speed going up and down. Syle grunted, craving for more… But he had a better idea…

“Bend over the desk, Keith.” Syle said to him.

Keith did so. He got up from the floor, turned to the desk, and hunched over it. With that, Syle grabbed his member, and rode the tip up and down along Keith’s crack.

“You’re getting an A+ for this, Keith…”

“Thank you, Mr. Syle…”

Syle then positioned himself, and entered Keith slowly. He went all the way in, and started to pump himself into Keith’s ass. Keith propped himself up on his elbows to straighten himself out for Syle’s thrusts. As he fucked Keith, Syle parted Keith’s legs a bit, and reached around his waist to grab hold of his cock again, to stroke him up some.

Keith bit his lip and whined a bit, both pleased at the sensations of his ass being pounded on, and being jacked off by his teacher. “Mmm, more…” He let out.

Syle slowed his thrusting down to focus on masturbating Keith. “Cum for me… I want you to cum nice and hard, alright?”

Keith’s response was his own moaning, wanting to cum too. The feeling of this good-looking teacher rubbing up and down his shaft almost aggressively grew the tension inside Keith to build up and ejaculate.

“I’m gonna cum, teacher…” Keith said, breathing heavier.

Syle stroked him tougher now to get him to cum. In moments, Keith groaned and came in Syle’s still-stroking hand, splattering the side of the desk and some getting on his knuckles. Shortly after, Syle wiped the mess off on Keith’s thigh, and resumed pounding into his butt so he could cum in him.

“My turn now… I wanna cum in your ass, Keith…” Syle winced and clenched his teeth, wrenching his urge to cum hard.

Weak-kneed, Keith rested his weight on his arms and parted his legs some. A little bit of his semen had dripped to the floor beneath them.

Syle paid no mind. He was bent to cum in his ass, his pushing got harder and harder into Keith, and his breaths turned into groans. “I’m gonna cum! Here I come…”

Syle pushed in hard, twitching his tail, and ejaculated. He came into Keith’s butt, in a show of approval with his pupil. “Aaagh! Yeah!”

A moment soon after shooting and sitting inside, Syle gave an affirming rub of Keith’s butt, and dismounted him; his dick still dripping of his own semen. He rubbed it clean and smeared it on his own thigh.

With the two finished, they got dressed again, and Syle grabbed tissues to clean up the mess Keith left. Syle turned to his grade book, and marked down Keith’s new grade.

“There you go, Keith. You earned it.” Syle smirked.

“Thanks, teach.” Keith said with a wink and a point, before leaving the classroom.


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