The Breeding Party

A really horny vixen takes on a different twist of the famed Bukkake orgy.

I got the idea for this one from a piece of yiff art I saw. This one isn’t really shaping a story, as it is telling about the action.

It was bumping loud and hearty at the club the night Lavender went to. Dance floor packed, all three bars almost as jammed, and depending on the different corners of the place, couples making out in the comfier VIP spots.

Lavender is a fox woman with a lean figure and a short height. Wearing nothing more than a lavender T-shirt with some loose-fitting jeans, this allowed her to flow freely to the music and still show off her figure. Her energy and dancing made her a small celebrity for the night, with people crowding around and cheering her moves from time to time.

Of course, being at the kind of venue she was in with the way she looked and danced, this aroused the attention of other, specific party-goers. When the DJ started slowing down the music a bit before bringing in the next set of beats to rock the party, a set of hands, face clouded by the fog and flashing lights, gently grabbed for her arms and ushered her to the backside of the club, up the stairwell and to a VIP area. In her grace, she went along with it, curious to see what’s next.

In the VIP area she went, and now it looked clearer; a whole gang of men dressed fairly for the club, but with smirks on their faces for something beyond it.

“Alright boys, party time…” One voice announced.

When the DJ’s lighting system toned down enough, Lavender saw their faces easier. Behind her was a wolf, the one that dragged her in; and before her were several more men, including a kangaroo, a horse, and a bear, along with others.

The wolf guided her over to a soft velvety seat, where she was knelt down so her body rested on the seat part.

“Ooh! You guys just want to have fun!?” She shouted to them, wiggling her rump.

Already, she began hearing the men rustle at their belt buckles and zippers. The wolf that dragged her in and to the seat had his pants off already, and his member hung hard and long. He knelt down to undo Lavender’s pants and reveal her ass and vagina for all the men to see.

“Ever had a breeding party?” The wolf snickered to her.

“I’m game!” She replied. She turned her head back enough to try and face them, and parted her legs a bit.

Not much sooner, and the wolf began to mount her. As well, all of the other men had taken off their own pants and worked up their erections, eyeing the wolf bucking into the vixen’s vagina.

“Ah, yeah…” The wolf sighed, entering in and out of her.

“Ooh, yeah, hnggh…” Lavender began to whimper cutely with the wolf’s sense of domination over her.

The other men were surrounding the wolf and Lavender, stroking themselves at the sight of Lavender getting pounded to keep themselves hard. Utterances of how tight she looks and her ass being so fuckable heated the air for everyone in the circle, moment by moment the wolf increasing his urge to cum inside her.

Of course, the heat of the action was also gripping Lavender jut as much. She sprawled her arms out on the seat, and gripped tight with her claws. She yipped back, “F-fuck me, fuck me! Agh!”

The wolf threw his head back and cried out a satisfied release, spilling his cum inside her a few shots in before he finished. When he pulled out, he wiped his head around her buttcheeks before backing out for the next man.

“Alright, which one of you is next? Mount me now!” She shouted back.

The horse laughed under his breath, aroused at her proposition. He knelt down, guided his cock to her pussy, and mounted her. He too began to thrust in and out of her. Unlike the wolf, his size really stretched her walls more so; she bit her lip in response to fitting his size.

“Hhh, so tight… God…” He grunted under his breath, as he bucked in and out of her. He grabbed her buttcheeks to pull her in with each of his thrusts into her. “I’m gonna cum so hard in you, girl.” He grumbled beside her ear.

“Ah! Ah! Fuck me!” She cried back.

For a good few minutes of thrusting in and out of her, and every other man watching this, he too approached his climax, and came inside her with a loud groan. His first few shots went in, his cum mixing with the wolf’s, before he pulled out sooner and spilled his last squirt just beside the base of her tail. After the horse dismounted, it was the kangaroo’s turn.

Lavender turned back and said to the men, “Come on guys! I want all of it! Not a drop out of me!”

“Wouldn’t -ave it any other way.” The kangaroo laughed.

He knelt down, pulled the skin of his shaft back, and slid straight in to her pussy. When he was at the hilt, he balanced himself on the balls of his feet, and bucked in and out of her forcibly and fast.

While he was nowhere near as large as the horse, his thrusting speed left Lavender curling from the force of him pushing into her. “Ahh yes! F-fuck!” She cried out.

The kangaroo smiled, and grabbed her hair to pull back with a dominating “I own you” grin on his face. His breaths grew deeper and deeper, as he reached peak. When he did, he pressed very deep into her to release his load, to mix in with the horse’s and the wolf’s.

After he finished ejaculating, he pulled out, and already her vagina was beginning to ooze a lot of their semen. “Now -at’s a good sheila here, mates.” He lauded.

And now, it was the bear’s turn. Two loud grunts before his hands pressed her shoulders down into the chair, and his penis slid into her. The semen from the other three men helped him slide into her rather easily, and effectively put it all back into her.

“God, I feel so full! Cum inside me! More!” She commanded them.

At the same time the bear began to fuck her, the wolf had cleaned up a bit, only to return to Lavender’s face, roaming the head of his penis around her face. She grabbed it with one hand and began to stroke it a bit, before taking in half his length into her mouth for some rigorous sucking; humming at the amount of male domination she’s getting tonight.

The bear hoisted her up by her thighs, so that she wasn’t kneeling anymore, and that the bear could fully pound into her flesh. His grunts and groans sounded the most aggressive with him reaching his ejaculation. He squirt into her hard and thick, his load mixing in with the wolf’s, horse’s, and kangaroo’s. He took a little longer to dismount her, savoring her warmth and holding all that cum inside her, before the next man.

Her vagina having been fucked and cum into four times already left her ignorant of that and focusing on sucking the wolf. Still, the fifth man came along and repeated this “breeding party”. By the sixth “breeder”, the wolf came all over her face, dripping from her muzzle down to her neck. By the seventh, the other men got the same treatment from her, two at a time, each spilling their semen where the others before had spilled onto her face and mouth going into the eighth and ninth breeder.

Ten men in, and she was fully inseminated in the womb from ten complete horny strangers, plus coated all over the face after the fact. A private but solid orgy of one woman to ten men, all of which came inside and on her. Before long, the entire party had cleaned up and got themselves dressed back to normal. As Lavender left, she got a pat on the ass from the wolf that dragged her into the party, and gave her a wink. She smiled, waved back, and left the VIP area.


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