Truth or Bare

Everyone’s favorite game of embarrassment or courage gets out of hand with this group of friends!

I lost the original text to this story, unfortunately. But to be honest, I actually had a lot of fun rewriting it to this; I feel like this is a massive improvement to the original. In fact, I kind of forgot how I did the original; all I remember was young folks playing the game and being a lot less intensely-written than this.

As with any young and endearing folks who want to push their boundaries to have a good time, most look no further than the game of “Truth or Dare”. With the mere spin of the bottle, someone is coerced to either admitting a difficult truth, or doing a difficult action. These coerced results are what make the game so enthralling for many people.

One such circle of friends is playing the game right now. They sat on the hard floor surrounding a beer bottle, buzzed on their drinks enough for a good laugh.

The first to spin the bottle is Mike, a golden retriever man with a built body and a sly wit. He reached over, grabbed the bottle by the middle, and flung it to spin between his fingers. Him and the others watched closely as it slowed its paced down, settling on its first victim, Stephanie.

Stephanie is a short and slender skunk woman. She dresses brightly colored, and some would swear she’s a hippie or some kind of mall dweller. She suggests it’s to make up for her black-and-white fur; but nonetheless the colors still match her fun-loving personality.

“Alright Stephanie… Truth or dare?” Mike grinned, turning his eyes to her.

She bit her bottom lip. “Truth.”

“Have you sprayed anyone with your musk gland when making love with them?”

She blushed a bit and looked down, trying to figure out how to phrase her answer. “Um… Yeah…”

The circle winced hearing that.

“Man that had to suck to be them…” Mike said, both grossed out and chuckling. “Alright, your turn, Gina.”

Gina is a red-furred squirrel girl from Britain; a slut in soul with a refined voice. She came to this party in jeans ripped to the bottoms of her buttcheeks.

She spun the bottle, and the others watched closely, as it honed in on its next target, slowing down to Vince, a younger skinnier chinchilla guy, biting his finger awaiting the action ahead.

“Hm, Vince… Truth or dare?” Gina asked.

Vince paused a moment to think… “Truth.”

“You have an illness that will end you tomorrow, unless Mike over here pegs you in the arsehole in front of all of us. What’s your choice?” Gina smirked.

Mike laughed, “Oh shut up you.”

The others laughed, but Vince was still a bit embarrassed at the question, unsure of how to answer it without totally embarrassing himself… Accept death to your decision, or take the humiliation for once and live on?

“I… I guess I would rather take it than die, huh?” Vince answered.

Gina laughed and pushed Mike on the shoulder jokingly.

Stephanie’s turn. She spun the bottle, and after a moment, it landed on Gina.

“Gina… Truth or Dare?” Stephanie muttered.

Gina snapped, “Dare.”

“Well then… I dare you to take all of your top off for us.”

“Pfft. Easy enough…” Gina followed suit, and out her supple cleavage hung.

“Well, looks like we will have to be more daring then… Alright Vince, you’re next.” Stephanie concluded.

Vince spun the bottle. When it slowed, it landed on Mike.

“Mike… Truth or dare?” Vince asked.

“Dare me, kid.”

“I dare you to spill your drink all over Stephanie.”

“What? No!” Stephanie protested. Much to her dismay, Mike already flung his drink out at her, and she sat coated in his booze. She growled at Vince, unhappy with it.

“You guys tell me too, it’s just a game.” Vince suggested.

Mike’s turn. He spun the bottle and it landed on Gina.

“Gina… Truth or dare?”


“I dare you…” He got up from his seat and dropped his shorts to his ankles. “… To suck me. And you don’t stop until I’m all finished, if you catch my drift.”

Gina stared at him while the others felt the sting of the humiliation Gina was about to be put through.

“Fffine…” She said.

She propped herself up on her knees, and Mike waddled over to her face. She opened her mouth, and he guided his increasingly-erect member toward it. As it rested on her tongue, she closed her mouth on it, and began to suck him. This brought him to full erection, and he let her work her dare out.

She cupped his balls in her hand and caressed them with a finger to work him up. He bowed his head down taking in the magic of getting sucked by her.

“Remember Gina, all the way he said.” Stephanie reminded.

Vince just smirked laughing and shaking his head.

Gina groaned through her stuffed mouth, and this aroused Mike and his desire to cum. In a matter of time, Mike huffed and panted loudly, before he grunted at his climax. Shaft in her mouth, he clenched his teeth and stood still; a telltale sign to the other two that he had squirted his semen and the dare was done. She swallowed his mess, and let go of his cock, back down to her seat.

“Ah, that was beautiful!” Mike cheered, going back to his seat.

Gina waited for everyone to settle down before her turn to spin the bottle. It landed on Stephanie.

“Steph… Truth or dare?”


“Alright… I dare you to remain completely naked for the rest of the game.”

“Oh, come on…”

“You serious now? I just sucked off Mike in front of everyone, and you’re afraid to show your skin?”

While everyone laughed, she rolled her eyes. “Alright, alright.” She began to undress; her clothes still wet from Mike’s drink. For the rest of the game, she lay there naked before the rest of the crew.

Stephanie’s turn. She spins, and it lands on Vince.

“Truth or dare, Vince?” She asked, suggestively posing her nude self facing him.

“I pick dare.”

“Vince… I dare you to jerk off and finish a nice puddle on the bottle.”

“But I’m spinning it next!”

“That’s the point. Now get to it…”

He sighed, and knelt before the bottle, bringing his shorts down to his knees on the floor. With all the action he had already seen, he was fully erect from the start. He aimed his dick over the bottle, and began to masturbate. He moved his eyes between Stephanie and Gina, fantasizing them being the fodder for his cock.

He pictured in his mind himself fucking Gina in the ass, and shoving Stephanie’s mouth down his shaft. As he approached his own climax, he pictured the two of them opening their mouths hungrily, together in front of him to await his load. When he hit climax, he aimed his penis at the bottle, and out came large shots of his semen, glopped all over the bottle. He sighed in his afterglow relieved.

Only to realize now he has to spin that same bottle. “Ew…” He thought to himself. Using his fingertips, he spun the bottle, and it landed on Stephanie.

“Truth… Or dare?”

“This has to be interesting… Dare.”

“I dare you to scissor Gina.”

Mike cheered, “Nice.” He gave a high-five to Vince.

“This game has gotten out of hand.” Gina said.

“But that’s what makes this shit so funny.” Mike responded.

Gina took off her shorts to reveal her own flesh, so they can scissor each other in full. Stephanie and Gina then intertwined their legs, so both their pussies were up against each other. Surprisingly, Stephanie let out a pleased whimper.

“Well! I didn’t think that of you, lady.” Vince smirked.

The two women took the minute to rub their pussies together, straddling on tight, while the men enjoyed the view. Both ladies had gotten very wet with each other’s juices seeping onto each other. Afterward, they had finished, and went back to their seats.

Mike’s turn… He spins, and it lands on Vince.

“Truth or dare, Vince?”

“I think we need a break… Let’s do truth.”

“Easy… Are you enjoying any of this right now?”

“Well… Yeah. Kind of. Kind of why I’m still in.” Vince didn’t think much of the question.

Gina’s turn. She spun the bottle, and it landed on Mike.

“Truth or dare?”


“Mike, I dare you to ‘play swords’ with Vince. And don’t give me lip, I just did two sex acts in a row. Show the ladies you’re a real man.”

Both Mike and Vince frowned. They then swallowed their pride, and took off their pants to bring out both of their penises. They moved to face each other. From there, they both rubbed their penises along the other’s as if playing a small sword fight with them. As Stephanie whimpered with Gina, so did Vince with Mike.

“I had the feeling Vince would enjoy Mike!” Gina laughed.

“Okay, we’re done.” Mike said, as he separated from Vince.

“But you didn’t ‘finish’ yourselves off.” Gina remarked.

“You didn’t include it in your dare. Hah.” Vince said.

“Fffine…” Gina rolled her eyes.

They had played this game a few more rounds, finding every excuse they could to humiliate or have fun with each other, before they parted ways for the night.


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