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On the Table

This was my attempt at making “a still image from words”. The idea was to use the right amount of words to make a snapshot of something happening… Even at only 3 paragraphs, it still needs description and active imagery to help illustrate the idea through words.

I could jokingly see a piece like this as a small clip. No story and no picture; but instead a segment, which kind of makes sense, because of the linear and narrative nature of writing.

The lovers were copulating in their complete nude; the petite lioness woman
sitting on the side of the dining room table, holding her built elk man to
her body, and he did the same, standing in front of her seat and entering her
just as close.

She arched her neck back with exhilaration, gasping hungrily with each
filling push of his length rubbing the flesh inside her. He planted kisses along
her neck, from the bottom and going up, to under her chin.

To hold his waist tight and close to keep him inside her, she wrapped her
legs around him. From there, he lifted her off the table and continued the
lovemaking, holding her with one arm around her body and another underneath
her rump, still rocking his hips to keep going.