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Spill on the Face

Another shot at making a very short “illustration with words”.

The skunk man kneeled over the face of his twink fox partner laying down underneath him. The fox grabbed his partner’s ass and opened his mouth wide to await the treat to come. After enough pace, the skunk took in a deep breath.

Finally, he stopped jerking, and he squirt his load all over the fox’s face, dribbling some of it into his mouth. A shot had trailed a long gob from the forehead down the muzzle, and another trailed down the cheek after hitting the corner of the mouth.

The skunk then wiped his mess around the lips of the fox, who puckered up and sucked up what was on the tip of the skunk’s cock. He slid his hands down from the skunk’s ass to his calves, relaxing after the delivery.